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Chapter 69

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"Eldest brother, I say you are really my boss, you put Xiao Luo as a transfer to my school to protect your daughter or to beat my students? One hundred and twenty-three minor injuries, one serious injury, and even ones hand was broken . Now the whole Hua Ye knows about this matter, which has had a great influence . The leadership of the Education Bureau called to ask me if I didn't want to do the principal's job anymore . If I didn't want to do it, I should leave as soon as possible . How do you think I should answer and how do 'you' answer?"

In the principal's office, a man in his fifties was on the phone . he was very agitated . He knocked on the table while making the phone call . He knocked the table loudly and spat at it .

"Hhha . . . Don't get agitated, Old Dong . Didn't things get too bad in the end? Besides, I investigated for you . The student named Song Jian 'an was a thorn in your side, ganging up and bullying his classmates all day . It was very hateful . When I heard that Song Jian 'an was beaten, the students in Hua Ye should had felt relieved . " Chu YunXiong laughed at the other end of the phone .

"Calm down you *ss, you are standing and talking without pain . Come on, let's change our position . You will be the principal of Hua Ye and I will be the boss of your Chongshan Pavilion . How about that?" Principal Dong scolded .

Chu Yunxiong was in distress: "I don't have the ability to be the principal without your old director . "

"You can pull it!"

President Dong hung up angrily and sat back on the soft chair, pinching his nose with a headache .

"Headmaster, how to deal with this matter? The parents of the injured students have demanded that we severely punish the perpetrators . " The male secretary asked carefully .

"What else can I do? What should I do? What should I do? What should I do? What should I do? I will reimburse with Chu Yun Xiong . " Principal Dong said .

The male secretary was worried: "If parents are dissatisfied and direct the matter to the media, we may find it difficult to do it . "

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"Difficult to do a fart, there's no video evidence, can their red mouth and white teeth smear our Hua Ye? It's just a big joke . I'll say it's because their son trained too hard and see who the public believes more . " President Dong was already burned out, and his temper was at its worst .

The male secretary couldn't help wiping his sweat . He now seriously doubts whether the headmaster had been in a black society before . He is so overbearing and also says that other people have red mouth and white teeth . To think he would just call being beaten as training injury .

"By the way, how is the student named Song Jian 'an?" Dong headmaster suddenly raised his head and asked .

"Because the patient was sent in time, his hand has been taken back, and it should be healed in two or three months . The hand will be enough to meet his usual needs, but training is not very good . " The male secretary replied .

"That's good . "

Principal Dong breathed a sigh of relief . "Where are his parents?"

"Song Jian 'an was very stubborn and refused to notify his parents . Moreover, his parents' numbers in the school files were all empty . "

"Ah . . . this boy is still a bit of a man . I'll take a moment to see him!"

Principal Dong's face showed a little appreciation . All the members of Sanda Club are adults . He felt that adults should be responsible for their own actions . Other people who always call their parents are to be despised and those who man up are to be respected by him from the bottom of his heart .

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"Headmaster, Xiao Luo . . . "

"Call him here, I'll see if this beast has three heads and six arms . " Principal Dong said angryly .


The male secretary agreed and stepped down .

A little while later, Xiao Luo came in accompanied by counselor Qin Nanyu .

Qin Nanyu was very nervous . She lowered her head and did not dare to look directly into President Dong's eyes . She looked guilty: "President, it's all my fault . I didn't discipline my students well . I am to blame for such a thing . I . . . "

Principal Dong waved and interrupted: "All right, you are not to be blamed for this . If you one someone to blame, then blame Xiao Luo next to you . "

He said so as he picked up a cup and drank hot tea .

"Yes, it's none of Ms . Qin's business . I worked alone . " Xiao Luo patted his chest .

"So, what do you have to say for yourself?"

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President Dong was immediately angry and clapped his hands on the table shouting, "The leadership of the education bureau, the major media and the parents of the students all stared at this matter that you handed over . Within a short time, you will have to be divided up by them . If it weren't for Chu …" Having said that, realizing that there was another person here, Qin Nanyu, he immediately stopped . He didn't give a name out, he coughed a few times and continued, " . . . I won't care about you boy, and hand you over to the police . "

Xiao Luo understood, this Chu YunXiong relationship is not known by Qin Nanyu, but in front of Hua Ye principal Dong that actually knows, no wonder he can easily get into Hua Ye . Hua Ye's principal can do it, so how is it possible for a small counselor to do it .

"I reviewed that my temper was a little rough when I was in the army, so I will pay attention to it later . I will accept whatever punishment the headmaster wants, whether it is warning or staying out of school . "

Xiao Luo was naturally very accommodating . With his own student set up and talk nonsense, it's giving Pricipal Dong a ladder to climb . But is he . . . ?

Warning? Stay on probation?

Is your question worth the punishment?

Principal Dong was feeling his mind exploding . This kind of fight can let the police, examine and get involved . But this boy, directly put things within the scope of the school, the school's punishment is nothing more than this a few, moreover Xiao Luo was not a real student, the school's punishment for Xiao Luo will be equivalent to nothing?

Qin Nanyu echoed aloud: "Yes, principal, Xiao Luo is just a little rough, or . . . "

"He this is a little rough, so simple? He one-on-all hit more than one hundred people . This is what you call a bit rough?"

Dong Zhenwu grunted and turned to Xiao Luo . "You boy is very bullish . Thanks to your 'blessing,' my old bones has succeeded in making a 'good' impression in front of the leaders of the Education Bureau . I really want to thank you very much . "

"The headmaster is welcome . I should do it . " Xiao Luo smiled back .

Dong Zhenwu suddenly stood up and glared angrily: "You rotten son, do you really think I'm praising you?"

"Aren't you?"

Xiao Luo was innocent . . . He could just ask Chu YunXiong to behest and press down on this matter, so he can just rest easy .

You ~! @#¥%……&

Dong Zhenwu almost swore foul language, but finally swallowed it back and waved impatiently: "Go on, write a profound review to me in three days . If it is less than 5,000 words, I will expel you!"

He was afraid that if Xiao Luo stayed here, he would suffer a heart attack .

Xiao Luo turned and left, Qin Nanyu also like amnesty, got out of the office .

"Principal, do you just let him go?" The male secretary was very puzzled .

"Every student in Hua Ye is like my child . I treat them equally . I hope that they will shine and become pillars of the country in the future . Things have come out . No matter how we punish Xiao Luo, it will not help . It is better to do a good job in the aftermath . "

Dong Zhenwu said these words righteously with conscience, but in his heart he was scolding: if Xiao Luo hadn't been Chu Yunxiong's fellow, This father would have stripped him of his skin .

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