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Chapter 71

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The other party's monitor Zhao Shijie said earnestly: "You know, I was kind enough to persuade for the sake of your understanding . You girls are really not suitable for singing the Yellow River . No matter how hard you practice, you can't sing the momentum of the song . "

"What do you mean? You came here on purpose to find fault . "

"The competition hasn't even started yet, isn't it too early for you to put your tail up to the sky . "

"That is to say, we may not know who is in the front rank and who will laugh when the time comes . "

The girls were fuming . Hearing Zhao Shijie's remarks, the English majors all fired at Zhao Shijie .

Zhao Shijie's situation is very awkward . Although he thinks English Majors are somewhat jokes, he can't be too mean and unreasonable . After all, they are all boys majoring in Monitor and control . They are going to become monk temples if their situation continues . If they can get along well with English majors, many of them will definitely get rid of the single tag, including him .

The school flower Chu Yue did not dare to entertain wild hopes at all, but he still had answers to the monitor Huang Ruoran .

"Ladies, I really want to help you, but, since you insist on choosing this song" Yellow River ",I'll let our class art committee member Qiu Liang teach you how? He is a genius in music singing . He set up a Huaer Orchestra in high school . He is the lead singer . If he teaches you, I promise you will soon be able to sing the song Yellow River well . "

The English major girls are full of doubts . They are rivals with the Monitor and control major . Their rivals suddenly came up and said they wanted to help them . Isn't this unusual?

"Zhao Shijie, right? What medicine do you sell in the gourd?" Chu Yue could not help but ask .

Today, she is wearing a white short-sleeved T-shirt and a pair of light blue jeans tightly wrapped around her hips, revealing a pair of long white and fine legs, a clear and refined face, with curved eyelashes, an exquisite small nose, a lovely small mouth, and an unspeakably pure and beautiful demeanor .

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"Princess Yue, trust me I am not selling medicine, I just want to help you, that's all," Zhao Shijie said in distress .

As for Chu Yue, there is not a student in Hua Ye who doesn't know her, as they all even call her "Moon Princess . "

[changing queen to princess henceforth]

"Are you so kind?" Chu Yue's almond eyes stared at him .

"The conscience of the world is that it is normal for a boy to help a girl . Besides, if we are friends, helping you is also helping her . " Zhao Shijie waved his hand in an innocent way .

Huang Ruoran thought for a moment and said, "All right, please call Qiu Liang . If you can really help our class solve the chorus problem, then I owe you one . "

"Okay, hey hey . . . "

Zhao Shijie was ecstatic . This opportunity was finally won by himself . When he thought that the whole English major was made up of delicate girls, his blood was boiling . Oh no, his blood was actually boiling . He waved to his class and cried, "Qiu Liang, come here!"

A rather handsome boy came along, looking comfortable on the whole, except that his nostrils were turned upside down (arrogant) and he showed no regard for anyone .

As soon as Qiu Liang came to the English major, he coughed and shouldered his hands like a senior teacher . "I've heard you sing Yellow River many times over there . The singing is really bad . Sometimes the tone is high, sometimes the tone is low, and there is no overall awareness . To put it bluntly, you are a group of muggles without any talent in singing . "

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These remarks made the English major girls feel uncomfortable, but they managed to keep it down . After all, they sang really badly and needed this person to help them improve their singing skills .

"Now I will help you correct your singing one by one, starting with you . "

Qiu Liang pointed to An Huan, who was standing at the far right of the queue, "Sing the song" yellow river "from beginning to end . "

"Cantata?" An Huan was somewhat embarrassed .

"Yes, it is a cantata . " Qiu Liang replied . [no idea]

An Huan didn't want to hold the class back, so she had to bite the bullet and sing: "The wind is howling, the horse is howling, Huang . . . "

"Stop, your voice is out of pitch . " Qiu Liang interrupted .

An Huan had to adjust the tone and sing again: "The wind is . . . "

"Still high, sing again!" Qiu Liang again ruthlessly interrupted .

An Huan was a little angry, but for the honor of the class, she endured, she cleared her throat and sang again .

It took a total of six times to sing the beginning, to meet the requirements of Qiu Liang .

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"There are music lessons from primary school to high school . Are all your music lessons taught by physical education teachers?" Qiu Liang commented on An Huan .

"You . . . "

An Huan flushed with anger, she had a gnashing stare at Qiu Liang .

"Huan Huan!"

Huang Rukran made a noise at this moment and told An Huan not to oppose Qiu Liang . Although An Huan was very angry, she also endured it .

"Too low, are you a subwoofer?"

"What is it, is it like this?"

"You are the least musical girl I have ever met . No one is comparable to you . Are you singing or reading the lyrics?"

Qiu Liang blushed as he rebuke all the English major girls, and everyone began to wonder if they were really so miserable in singing .

Zhao Shijie looked at Qiu Liang, who was full of superiority, and his brow wrinkled deeply . He scolded in his heart: Qiu Liang, do you still want to find a girlfriend in English major? You can show your superiority properly, but you show your superiority too much . You have offended all the girls, didn't you?

So he dry coughed several times, reminding Qiu Liang .

However, Qiu Liang did not notice as he was immersed in his full sense of superiority and felt that he was now particularly handsome . He must have become the male god in the eyes of these girls . He suddenly found three vacancies in the queue of English majors and pointed to the vacant positions and shouted righteously, "What is that?"

"That is the position of the three boys in our class . "

Huang Ruoran explained that in order to improve the level of the chorus in her class, she was patient with this Qiu Liang over and over again .

"Why didn't they come?" Qiu Liang loudly questioned .

"You don't know that the boys' dormitory is far from here? They certainly need more time to get here . " An Huan, hand on her waist, said .

Qiu Liang snorted softly: "Is this the reason? No wonder your chorus is so low and even the people can't get here in time . How can you sing well? "

Seeing the English major girls staring at himself with hatred, he finally felt that he had reprimanded them too much and should pat them on the ass . So he said with a sense of justice: "You girls are actually singing well . It is these three mouse excrement that have spoiled a pot of soup . They are unorganized, undisciplined and lack any sense of class honor . I think these three people are rubbish . Wouldn't you agree?"

Even if he dare not offend a girl too much, it doesn't matter if it's a boy, he will offend him to death .

Hearing this, the English major girls' faces all showed horrified expressions, and their hearts said: Is this Qiu Liang from Mars? He actually don't know that it was Luo Shen he's talking to . He actually said Luo Shen was rubbish and mouse excrement . Does this guy want a free ticket to hell?

"Monitor, here we are!"

Just then, Xiao-Fei Zhu's voice rang out in the distance .

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