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Published at 21st of March 2020 11:18:01 AM
Chapter 67

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"What, Xiao is making trouble in our Sanda club now?"

Song Jian 'an had already returned to the dormitory, when he had a phone call . His face changed greatly, he threw the backpack to Suguan there and ran to the Sanda club .

When he arrived at that time, he only saw his Sanda club members lying on the ground groaning in pain, no one was standing, while Xiao Luo was sitting cross-legged on their Sanda club's special challenge ring, holding his chin in his right hand, leisurely sweeping around . As he saw him coming, he stood up .

"Song Jian 'an, you are a little late . " Xiao Luo lightly .

"Xiao, you are dying tonight!"

A loud and complete roar swept through the training ground . The angry Song Jian 'an tore off his black vest, revealing his strong upper body with massive muscles . Explosive power seemed ready to surge out at any time .

"Er ah ~"

He sprinted to the challenge arena at the speed of a 100-meter race, shaking the whole arena . As he approached the challenge arena, his feet stomped fiercely, his body turned upside down and whirled in the air . A sharp and magnificent 360-degree sprint passed over the guard rope of the challenge arena . His strafe's right leg fell diagonally with unparalleled momentum, rolling with evil spirit and strong strength like a huge wave that turned towards Xiao Luo with anger .

No reservations, no mercy!

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Song Jian 'an's martial arts skills, which he had worked hard for 20 years, exploded in a flash . Such moves, gorgeous and fierce, shocked everyone's eyes and everyone present was horrified .

Xiao Luo's body became slightly heavy, his hands rotating to counter attack . With accurate interception, a depressing crash suddenly issued, Xiao Luo felt the power of Song Jian and he was backed against the ring ground after sliding out two or three meters of distance . He almost slipped out of the ring from under the guard rope .

God, is this . . . is this the strength of Song Jian' an?

The other members of the club subconsciously held their breath, the fierce Xiao Luo that has always been in an invincible state, this is the first time to see him flying out, in a disadvantage .

The Sanda club members seemed to have injected a stimulant, and their spirits lifted . The stud boy shouted loudly for Song Jian 'an: "Good for Boss, kill that bastard, kill him!"

Song Jian 'an's anger flared up, and his whole person seemed to be enveloped by a wave of anger . He pointed at Xiao Luo and said fiercely, "Xiao, if you can walk out of here today intact, I'll take your surname!"

His tone was arrogant and showed strong confidence .

Xiao Luo slowly got up from the ground and smiled gently: "If you put your words so absolutely, aren't you afraid of the wind flashing your tongue?"

"Flash your grandmother!"

With a sharp and complete roar from the tip of the tongue exploding, Song Jian exploded like a bull impact .

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Iron fist like wind, crazy fierce offensive, as if his whole strength are condensed on his hands and feet . With terrible power in every impact without reservation toward Xiao Luo .

With a body rotation along with the sharp and just fierce attacks, it forced Xiao Luo back . A pair of iron fist like flurry is constantly pouring out . Like a strong black bear's body containing a burst of strength . His attack is not only manic and fierce, but also extremely aggressive . His moves are sharp and cruel, bringing unparalleled visual impact to outsiders .

All the people present stared big eyed, looking at the two men fighting in the ring, but almost all of their attention was focused on Song Jian 'an's two flying iron fists and leg shadows .

"I thought you were an opponent worthy of all my efforts . But that's all you can do!"

After 40 or 50 times of fierce attacks in a row, Song Jian 'an stamped his feet on the ground and leapt onto a pillar at the corner of the challenge arena . Soon there was no stagnation and he shot up again . An elbow hit Xiao Luo's head from a height of 3 meters .

His pumping power and aggressiveness reached their peak at this moment . If a person lay on the ground and suffered such an elbow, he would be crippled even if he did not die .

Xiao Luo's arms were crossed over his head, completely defending .

"Boom ~"

Song Jian 'an fell like a mountain landslide, like a meteorite falling to the ground . Terrible forces surged like angry waves . The flow of air accelerated in a flash, forming a roaring strong wind .

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Xiao Luo's body flew back rapidly like a shell, because the speed was too fast, his now "C" shaped body flew out from the middle of the two ring guard ropes, and then crashed on the ground two or three meters away from the ring like a speeding car out of control .

All the members of the society present were shocked at the scene . They have always heard that Song Jian 'an has real skills and is as strong as a black bear . But they have never seen him fight with their own eyes . Now they have seen it with their own eyes, and they have truly realized the horror of Song Jian 'an .

This is really a black bear!

The members of Sanda only felt extremely happy in their hearts and even forgot their injuries for a while, while Xiao Luo, lying motionless on the ground, made them feel worried and thought: this guy should not have been killed by Boss did he?

"Hit my friend, rob my woman, Xiao Luo, with these two, today's fate has been doomed, I heard that a few days ago you also brazenly said to scrap my hand, but look at you now, you have become a dead dog, how can you scrap me?" Song Jian 'an laughed coldly, his face mocking .

"Hum, hum, hum . . . "

Xiao Luo shoulders suddenly stirred up slightly, a kind of cold, sharp laughter came from him, as if the devil "jie jie" sneered, the temperature of the entire training ground in a flash fell to a freezing point, everyone present, sincerely feel a shiver from their soul .

Song Jian 'an also felt a quiver, the expression on his face froze .

At this time, Xiao Luo' s body moved, he slowly climb from the ground up, at this moment, he's like a bloodthirsty evil shura that rushed out from hell . Cold, cold, unbelievably cold breath instantly filled every corner .

"Well, come again!"

Cracking his neck, Xiao Luo stepped towards the challenge arena .

His every step increased the momentum of his body as his pressure skyrocketed . Everyone felt a great deal of suffocation on the scene, with their eyes wide open they looked at him .

Pulling off the guard rope, stretching his feet across the inside, Xiao Luo stood on the ring again .

His hair was black and bright, his knife-shaped eyebrows were pretty, his black eyes were sharp, his body was slender and tall, and he was not rough at all . He was like a cold, proud and lonely eagle that looked down upon the world and looked down upon all the others .

"Are you . . . are you not hurt?"

Song Jian 'an's face turned pale, he suffered a full blow from him so how? It was already a miracle that he didn't faint . However, Xiao Luo just walked and jumped onto the challenge arena with ease . It seems that there is no discomfort at all .

The others are also shocked, Song Jian just elbowed him . Xiao Luo only abruptly blocked down with his arms and it dealt nothing, how is that possible?

Is this guy really a monster?

Every one of them is scared .

[I swear if his points did not skyrocket I'll be 😶]

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