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Published at 21st of March 2020 11:17:59 AM
Chapter 68

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"Your strength is fine, but it is still too light for me . If you want to hurt me, you need more strength . "

Xiao Luo shook his head and said, his strength is enough to crush Song Jianan . He simply did not fight back, his purpose is only one, that is to see how strong is he and how much damage can he now bear . This is in order to have a more accurate understanding of his body .

Song Jian 'an's mouth twitched and his fist rattled as he grasped it . Xiao Luo's so light-hearted attitude was a great insult to him .

"You shut up! ! !”

The momentum of his whole body exploded after compression to perfection, accompanied by a loud roar, his body is like a bull, rushing towards Xiao Luo .

In a blink of an eye he covered a distance of two or three meters, his left foot crashing and stamping . It was extremely quiet as its the moment before an unimaginable impact . His body rotating while shaking his right leg carrying fierce inertia that is whistling straight to sweep at Xiao Luo's neck .

The people around had their eyes wide open . Even watching from a distance, they can clearly feel Song Jian 'an's foot carrying crazy fierce power . If this sweep hit Xiao Luo, then Xiao Luo will fall out again .

To their horror, Xiao Luo seemed to move for a moment, but seemed to stand still, but for Song Jian' an, he was like being hit by a truck . His advancing body stopped, and his whole person flew back rapidly, slamming into the ring's guard rope . He staggered a few times before stabilizing himself with the help of the guard rope .

What happened?

What the hell just happened?

There is no exception in the hearts of the people in the place . Xiao Luo should've definitely flew out, but why didn't they see him flying nor counter attacking? Is this a deuce, or is Xiao Luo's attack too fast?

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Song Jian 'an also broke out in a cold sweat, because he also didn't see how Xiao Luo struck him, but his chest clearly suffered a blow . His whole chest was burning with pain . His qi and blood was churning, letting him have a strong sense of discomfort .

Breathing heavily, he asked, "What did you do just now?"

"I didn't do anything . I just kicked you . " Xiao Luo mouth draw a smile .

"Impossible, a kicking's action is so obvious, I can't not see clearly, You are lying, you are lying, uh ah ~"

Song Jian 'an has always been confident of his own force, when he came to the citt from his hometown, he felt that he was a tiger released fro a cage, let alone Hua Ye University . Even looking across the city, he never had a rival to him . He felt angry and ashamed . He even lost his mind, like a mad black bear, staring round at latosolic red eyes and growling at Xiao Luo again .

At a distance of more than one meter near Xiao Luo, his right foot slammed on the ground . The ground of the challenge arena was creaking with his foot, like it was about to crack . His whole body's strength poured onto his clenched right fist . His shaking right fist was like a meteorite cutting through the void, carrying a force of surging waves and roaring toward Xiao Luo .


As if suddenly, the huge training ground rang with a roar of wild animals .

All the people present widened their eyes in horror, and the girls subconsciously closed their eyes and dared not to look, because in their imagination, the next picture must be a splash of blood .

The Sanda club members were also stunned .

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Is this their boss' strength?

Their inner emotions are so complicated, are they frank? Is it excitement? Is it panic? Or is it shock?

Maybe there is not only one kind, maybe there are all kinds .

Song Jian 'an's fist growled like a wild animal, bared its teeth and claws, he swooped down wildly, and brought up a roaring strong wind wherever it passed .

A big hand suddenly leaned up, silent but as fast as electricity . Five fingers accurately intercepted this one punch, the strong wind and surging power flew into nothingness . It's like this hand was without any offensive power in the first place . In an instant Song Jian's fist was suppressed down .

Song Jian 'an looked horrified at Xiao Luo, the owner of this five fingers . He increased his strength again, but Xiao Luo's hand was like a mechanical arm . He grasped his fist desperately . But, no matter how hard he tried, his fist just couldn't move forward .

"Song Jian 'an, I will fulfill my promise now!"

Xiao Luo's eyes are anew and his fangs are looking out like a furious wolf king, ferocious and fanatical .

The next second, he exerted force on his wrist and with a 90 degrees flip .

"Crack ~"

They only heard the crisp sound of bone splitting, Song Jian 'an's right wrist immediately turned back into a "V" shape, a harsh bone stubble penetrated his flesh and protruded out . Blood splattered all over . The bloody images made the girls present scream in horror .

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Song Jianan stupidly looked at his broken right hand, his brain blank . His whole world sank in a moment of silence . He even temporarily forgot the feeling of pain .


Is this his hand?

After a brief stupidity, severe pain and unspeakable panic swept through his body .

"Ah ~"

A shrill shriek suddenly sounded, after Xiao Luo released him, he laid down on the ground while his left hand grabbed his right hand . In his eyes, there's only thick panic, his magnificent body was shaking violently on the ground .

The whole crowd's face was filled with awe . Who can believe that Xiao Luo actually took away Song Jian 'an's hand? How could he? How dare he?

The members of Sanda Club were all white and bloodless, their bodies trembling . Xiao Luo was a devil . Why did they provoke such a terrible devil?

Xiao Luo's fierce breath made the whole training ground feel a chill . No one dared to speak and no one dared to breathe vigorously . He shocked all the organizations by himself .

"The devil . . . "

Wu Yunlong, president of the Taekwondo Association, broke out in a cold sweat and his face was already pale .

At this time, a burst of noisy footsteps sounded .

Qin Nanyu, an English instructor, along with seven or eight security guards from the school's security department arrived there . When they saw the scene in the training ground, especially Song Jian 'an, who was lying on the challenge ring howling in pain, they all stood at the same time as stiff as statues .

"Miss Qin, you are here . "

Xiao Luo stride down from the ring with great aplomb, like he was doing a trivial thing .

At this moment, Qin Nanyu came to her senses and almost shouted in a loud voice: "Send Song Jian'an to the hospital, quick!"

Two security guards from the school's security department also recovered from the shock and were quick to carry Song Jian 'an away, leaving several to check the injuries on Sanda club members lying on the ground .

"Xiao Luo, this . . . did you do all this?" Qin Nanyu was livid looking at this guy .

"If I say I didn't would you believe me as if I wasn't caught by you? " Xiao Luo laughed .

After hearing this, the security guards of several famous universities all gasped . Beating over 100 Sanda clubs to the ground alonw . Where on earth did this guy come from?

And they knew about Song Jian early on, although he is a student, he can force value to compete with their school security department of five people . He's a real humanoid beast, but now, the humanoid beast had his one hand broken . They're afraid this will leave serious sequelae .

Terrible, really terrible!

They looked in horror at Xiao Luo, who stood upright like a pine tree, and their hearts were filled with horror .

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