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Chapter 66

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Xiao Luo twist step rushed, such as a humanoid beast that made a member of Sanda club directly fly out, the man only felt like a speeding car severely impacted him, slamming in front of Zhao Xing and Du Pengfe . Their belly churning, mouth vomiting .

Zhao Xing and Du Pengfei were so shocked that they couldn't even speak . Their palms were sweating . They thought that more than one hundred people could beat Xiao Luo black and blue . But now, Xiao Luo, who was so fierce, let them see no hope of victory .

Xiao Luo stood erect like an evil spirit, full of wild spirit, with 20 or 30 people standing upside down on the surrounding ground .

"I treat you like human beings, but you act like dogs . I say that I would only beat a biting dog severely until it was afraid of me and tremble at the sight of me!"

With eyes full of provocation and contempt, the evil spirit on his body wafted into the air .

The surrounding Sanda club members were sweating and knew what fear was, for the first time .

The earring boy lying on the ground bit and gnashed his teeth, shouting, "What are you afraid of, kill him!"

Several of his loyal followers picked up long sticks from the taekwondo association and shouted at Xiao Luo .

Others followed suit and used props from other societies as weapons in succession, flooding in . After all, they are all young people . They are full of youthful spirit . Under the action of anger, their attack is still totally insignificant however .

"Xiao Luo, die!"

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Rushing in front were two men holding sticks, they brandished them toward Xiao Luo's head slamming .

Before their poles could be smashed, Xiao Luo snorted softly, like a phantom passing through the gap between the two of them in a flash, deceiving stretching out his arms like steel casting, striking the two men in the chest with the force of a mountain high tsunami .

"Ah ~"

Accompanied by two shrieks, the two flew back like broken kites, knocking down four or five Sanda club members behind them .

"Come again!"

Xiao Luo's excited smile on his face, such as a tiger breaking into a flock of sheeps, set off a huge wave among these Sanda club members .

Although the Sanda club members have wooden sticks, boards and nunchakus in their hands, they do not pose any threat to Xiao Luo at all .

When Xiao Luo breaks the stick with one punch, his fist can still strike the chest of the person thereafter with great ferocity . When Xiao Luo kicked a board three or four centimeters, kicking people, with countless sawdust flying out . When Xiao Luo reached for the nunchakus and grabbed it, he greeted them mercilessly . . .

All the members of Sanda club who are young and full of vigor and walk sideways like crabs in Hua Ye in peacetime now felt frightened, and Xiao Luo was ruthlessly destroying their superiority .

Both Zhao Xing and Du Pengfei have fallen to the ground . The former was beaten on the back by Xiao Luo with nunchakus, just like suffering from a whipping, he felt burning pain . The latter was kicked in the thigh, and his whole thigh suddenly lost any feeling, it only kept shaking, and had the painful feeling of spasm and convulsion .

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A little while later, 80 or 90 Sanda club members fell to the ground and wailed in pain . The remaining 10 or so members contracted their front lines, their faces clearly showing fear . Although their sticks were still aimed at Xiao Luo, they're obviously trembling as evidence of their hands shaking .

Xiao Luo is really terrifying and overbearing . He beat more than 100 people to the ground to their teeth . How powerful is this?

The other members of the community around gaped, they only felt thirsty and throats dry, they swallowed saliva several times in a row, no matter what, they did not expect this situation .

"Come again!"

Xiao Luo's defiant eyes swept over the remaining dozen Sanda club members . Although he had controlled his strength, some Sanda club members were still beaten to pieces and blood spattered on their clothes . He also had some mottled blood on his own clothes, which made him look evil and awe-inspiring . "The Sanda club formed by more than one hundred, people thinks they're so great . But you can only dominate in school as you can't even fight hard with hooligans and ruffians out there in the society . Whoever is not pleasing to the eye will be taught a lesson . I'm telling you now, you are just a bunch of rubbish, a bunch of scums wearing college student titles! "

Every word of his is sonorous, echoing in the large training ground .

The remaining dozen members of Sanda club subconsciously threw away their weapons, their bodies stiff and their eyes looked at Xiao Luo with horror .

"Don't strike, we . . . we throw in the towel . . . "

These people, like what is often shown in TV plays, raised their hands to surrender . They felt fear and trembling in their hearts against the monster-like Xiao Luo . [more points horaay🎉]

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Xiao Luo laughed scornfully: "You said fight till I'm killed didn't you? And now you suddenly say you throw in the towel, why?"

With a roar, Xiao Luo's hand equipped with nunchakus struck out . It hit the wall, connecting the two sticks of the chain then "pa cha," it broke apart, the nunchakus fell to the ground in two parts .

This deterrent force made everyone in the place shudder!

More than a dozen Sanda club members "jellied" and collapsed kneeling on the ground, pale . They are really afraid, this Xiao Luo is their worst nightmare at the moment .

"Xiao Luo, enough is enough . They have already conceded . Don't go too far!" A boy in a white training suit stood up and pointed at Xiao Luo and said .

Xiao Luo gave him a light glance: "Are you from Sanda club too?"

"I am Wu Yunlong, president of Taekwondo Association, and you today . . . " The white training suit boy showed his identity .

"Since you are not from Sanda club, then you are not qualified to speak . Just stay aside and leave me alone!" Xiao Luo waved his hand to interrupt, and then he walked step by step and frightened and broke the bravery of the dozen more Sanda club members .

Wu Yunlong was very angry and thought that he was the president of the Taekwondo Association . Even his mentor would give him some meager sensibilities in Hua Ye, but Xiao Luo did not give him any face, which made him hate his roots .

"Then I'll fight you!"

A loud explosion sounded, with a four or five steps rush . When there are only three or four meters away from Xiao Luo and Wu Yunlong, Yunlong gave a flying kick to Xiao Luo's forehead .

His jumping ability is amazing, and his speed is fast, it actually brings up a roaring strong wind!

"Another dog!"

Xiao Luo's face was suddenly cold and his body tilted back to avoid Wu Yunlong's kick . Then he turned left with his body as the axis and swung his right palm against Wu Yunlong's chest with crazy and fierce power .

Wu Yunlong was immediately thrown back mercilessly and fell to the ground with a "poof" and a spate of blood spilled from the corners of his mouth .

One move, just one move, and he defeated the president of the taekwondo association!

Members of other societies felt that their hair were sticking up . They had expressed their doubts about Xiao Luo on the forum before, but at this moment they were undoubtedly hit in the face in a subversive way .


Several taekwondo association members rushed up to help Wu Yunlong .

"Who else wants to play with me? Stand up and I will satisfy you! "

Xiao Luo's sharp eyes swept away the other members of the community around . As his eyes swept over them, all of them bowed their head down .

Wu Yunlong was still clutching his aching chest, the boldness he showed just now was already gone . He only feel humiliated, and speechless shame .

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