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Chapter 65

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During the conversation between the two Sanda club members, a big hand suddenly reached up quietly and laid it on the shoulder of the boy with yellow hair . The boy with yellow hair only felt his whole shoulder sink, like a mountain pressing down, and his body tilted to one side uncontrollably . Turning his head, he saw a gloomy side face like frost .

"Xiao . . . Xiao Luo?"

The two people's face have discoloration at the same time, they can't believe Xiao Luo will appear here at the moment .

Xiao Luo said lightly: "Who went to seven dormitory buildings and beat my two roommates tonight, please let them out . "

Hearing this, the yellow-haired boy just came to their senses, but when they thought that this was their Sanda club's territory, surrounded by all their own people, they could not help but feel very confident and shouted, "Who the f*ck are you, why should I listen to you, and get your hands off my shoulder!"

He shouted loudly at the top of his voice in order to make everyone pay attention to this side . Sure enough, the Sanda club members who were originally practicing, as well as the members of other clubs who were still stranded here, looked up one after another .

"Fierce Xiao Luo?"

"Why did he come, not to say that he was too scared to take up the battle and did not even dare to live in the dormitory tonight?"

"Song Jian 'an seems to have just left . If he gets the news, he will certainly come soon . It seems that the two can fight . "

The men and women members of other societies were shocked at the scene .

While the Sanda club members are poor eyes, as they slowly surrounded .

Xiao Luo pulled down his face and regarded the hostile Sanda members around him as air . He replied to the yellow-haired boys, "Answer my question . "

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"Are you f*cking sick, don't you understand? Need me to . . . Ah . . . "

His normal voice came to an abrupt end, and at the moment it turned into a cry of pain, the yellow hair boy felt his shoulder is going to be crushed by Xiao Luo's fingers . The pain made the muscles on his face twist .

"Let me ask again, who beat my two roommates in the seven dormitory buildings tonight?" Xiao Luo asked again in a cold way, his fingers increased their strength .

"I don't know, let me go . . . "

The yellow-haired boy's cry became more shrill . He struggled for his mission and wanted to break away from the control of Xiao Luo, but Xiao Luo controlled him with a special capture method, much like the police when capturing prisoners . Even if he struggled, it was in vain .

"Let him go!"

The boy next to the yellow hair yelled and clenched his fist and punched .

Xiao Luo snorted contemptuously, and then allowed the fist to hit his head . The fist and his forehead collided and generated a "crack" crunchy sound . The boy screamed back, just that one punch felt like he hit on a hard rock, he now had three finger fractures, enormous pain, his right hand could not help but violently shake .

Simple and crude, but very effective!

This made all the members of Sanda clubs around feel an evil cold .

"Xiao's bastard, you dare to make trouble here . Believe it or not, I will beat you here black and blue . "

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At this time, a boy with an earring on his ear came up and said, nine times out of ten he was an older member of Sanda club, because he was accompanied by Zhao Xinghe and Du Pengfei .

Compared with the stud earrings boy, Zhao Xing and the line of people seem not to be very confident . They dare not to be too arrogant in front of Xiao Luo . Just with Xiao Luo's eyes, made them dodge him, they fear Xiao Luo from the bottom of their hearts .

Xiao Luo pushed aside the yellow-haired boy, walked to the front of the stud-eared boy and confronted him for a moment, then sank his voice: "You seem to have some status in Sanda club . You should know who went to seven dormitory buildings and beat my two roommates tonight?"

He was standing with the boy with the earring . He had a sense of sight with a bamboo pole and a big tree . The body of the boy with the earring was no less strong than Zhao Xinghe .

"Of course I know, because it was this boss who brought people to fight . "

The earring boy pointed to himself in an arrogant way with his thumb, then poohed a mouthful of saliva on one side of the ground and disdained to say, "I don't like looking at those two trash . I respect them when I beat them . "

"Ha ha . . . so it was you!"

Xiao Luo smiled, the next second, the other directly took a forehead collision .

"Peng ~"

A muffled sound knocked the stud boy dizzy and fell back to the ground .

"Brother Ze!"

The footman of three to five of the stud earrings boy gave a cry of worry, and then they suddenly surrounded Xiao Luo, fiercely gnashing their teeth . They are ready to beat people .

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Xiao Luo's face was with indifference, without a word, he kicked over one of them, and then stretched out a slap . He gave the other four a slap in the face, straight out smoking their tinnitus buzzing, they felt very dizzy .

Five people fell in a flash, Xiao Luo sent a foot across, and to the stud boy .

Du Pengfei and Zhao Xinghe got out of the way subconsciously, completely awed by Xiao Luo .

Xiao Luo grabbed the earring boy by the collar and pulled him up from the ground . "Who else is involved except you?"

"Your mother!"

The stud boy roared, he immediately waved his fist toward Xiao Luo .

Xiao Luo bumped it with his head, thus the earring boy's forehead was immediately hit raw . Blood spattered, and his whole forehead became bloodied .

Hiss . . .

Everyone subconsciously breathed heavily, especially the other community girls, at the moment of seeing blood spatter, they can't help but hysterically exclaim .

The Sanda club members shivered, but they are not all unintelligent soft bags as after seeing the earring boy like this . They immediately had someone shouting rushing up .

"F*ck him!"

The other people were also the same, they were angry and shouted at Xiao Luo, a group of wolves prey were painted on the picture .

Zhao Xing and Du Pengfei hesitated for a moment, then since they can't lose to young members, they but their teeth and grinded their teeth, and rushed .

"Very well, come on, let's have a good time!"

Xiao Luo said without a trace of panic . His eyes instead emerged unspeakable irritability, the corners of his mouth hooked up . He let out a cruel grimace of a grin, and then his hands grabbed the earring boy by the collar, lifted him from the ground up, toward the front of those that rushed up and thrown him out .

"Peng Peng ~"

The stud boy that was one hundred and sixty pounds flew out, directly to the seven or eight Sanda club members as they fell to the ground . The seven or eight Sanda club members like a bowling ball on collision and the bottles, got littered .

Lie in the trough, this . . . this is a person?

Members of other societies were so shocked to see this scene that their eyeballs almost fell out . Throwing people away like toys . This is simply unthinkable .

However, at the moment when Xiao Luo threw the earring boy away, the scene lit the horn of scuffle .

Xiao Luo's strength of forbearance broke out at this moment, but he still kept some discretion when he thought that the other party was a student . If not, his full blow could directly maim or even kill people .

The Sanda club members anywhere they are, were met by his fist, elbow, joints and other places to touch, they felt a strong sense of pain, and to their great shock, so many of them, just can't break into the two meter range of Xiao Luo, as if the two meters range area is a restricted area, even if someone broke into it and get to meet Xiao Luo, their attacks are useless to Xiao Luo .

Is this guy's body made of iron?

A group of people can't do anything to him . It is hard to imagine that the ordinary looks of Xiao Luo, had so much physical strength just like a steel casting .

Who know besides Xiao Luo that he got the constitution of the king of mercenaries, his physical strength is surely not comparable to that of ordinary people, it takes at least 500-600 kg of strength to do harm to him, and the members of these Sanda clubs are all students, and their strength is far from reaching 500-600 kg, that is to say, Xiao Luo is now completely in an invincible state .

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