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Chapter 64

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Because Xiao Luo was always against herself, Huang Ruoran has always hated this boy . Although he is always bad in the school but in her most desperate time he's the one who appeared . He's like a savior here save her . Huang Ruoran's dislike of Xiao Luo in that moment fell apart .

White skin color, delicate facial features, slender yet containing sharp knife-shaped eyebrows, cynical black eyes . . .

Huang Ruoran sat in the back seat, stupefied, looking at the man sitting on the passenger seat . Her heart can't seem to settle down .

"Beauty, what's your name?" Zhang Dashan looked with the inside rearview mirror at Huang Ruoran as he asked with a smile .

"Huang Ruoran . "

"It turns out that this sister is Huang Ruoran, my name is Zhang Dashan, and I am a good friend of Xiao Luo, nicknamed Shan Bao . You can call me Zhang Ge or Bao Ge . " Zhang Dashan laughed and tried to liven up the atmosphere .

Huang Ruoran could not understand this Zhang's humor and did not make any response . She just sat in her seat and did not say a word . She was still concerned about what she had just experienced and the car was suddenly cold .

Zhang Dashan did not give up . He did not believe that he could not brighten up this atmosphere . He gave a dry cough and said, "Right sister, let me tell you a joke . A monkey was sitting in a tree, and a big truck stopped when it passed underneath . Guess why?"

How can you use of such an old joke?

Xiao Luo couldn't help but shook his head . He didn't believe Huang Ruoran would not have heard of the joke . He glanced at the back seat out of the corner of his eye . Indeed as expected, he found Huang Ruoran unmoved, and her eyes only stared at somewhere .

Zhang Dashan went on to say: "It is because the truck driver regards monkey farts and stocks as red lights . Do you think he is stupid or not, stupid or not, ha, ha, ha, ha . . . "

Finished saying that, he one-way laughed, tears flowed as he tried so hard .

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He laughed for about four or five seconds, only to find that Huang Ruoran didn't respond at all, next to Xiao Luo that also looked at him with a straight face .

"No . . . isn't it funny?" Zhang Dashan asked .

"It's not funny at all . " Xiao Luo straightforwardly answered .

Zhang Dashan spread out his hands and drew back his neck . "What an embarrassment!"

"Drive your car well and don't go the wrong way again . " Xiao Luo told him .

Zhang Dashan was worried and raised his voice: "Come on, if I go wrong again, I will never touch a sister again in my life!"

After half an hour, they finally returned to Hua Ye .

Although Huang Ruoran was in shock, she refused Zhang Dashan's offer to escort her downstairs to the dormitory . She got out of the car and bowed deeply to Xiao Luo and Zhang Dashan: "Thank you . "

Then she turned around and returned to school .

Xiao Luo is very understanding to her, after all, her personality is very strong, not like other girls that can accept the care and help of boys .

"This sister is good . Look at how small the gap between her legs is . She should still be a baby, Lao Xiao . You should take her off quickly . " Zhang Dashan looked at Huang Ruoran's leaving figure with a smile .

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"Is there nothing else in your mind other than this?" Xiao Luo didn't sound good .

"I said the old Xiao, the ancients said, food and sex are also, let's be honest, ok? In today's society where there are more wolves and less meat, you will sooner or later run out of beautiful women . It is better to be cheap than others . Life should be indulgent, or else you will have a trip to the afterlife . " Zhang Dashan's earnest preaching .

"It's all some absurd theories . "

Xiao Luo scoffed and turned away from the topic . "By the way, do you really want to go whoring or prostitution later?"

Whoring, prostitution?

Zhang Dashan immediately changed his color: "I lie in the gutter and you say these two words so openly . Do you still have any sense of shame?"

"Don't you go to nightclubs to find women and go whoring or prostitution?" Xiao Luo gave him a look .

"Depends, can you stop using these two words? They are not elegant at all . "

With a straight face, Xiao Luo said solemnly, "So, didn't you eat a bunch of pineapples outside when you went last time, then can we call this noble and elegant behavior 'eating pineapples' . "

Xiao Luo's face was black as he does not find appeal to this act at all .


Back to the dormitory, Xiao Luo haven't even opened the bedroom door, when he heard the sound of pain in the bedroom .

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A look behind the door, the dormitory is a mess, cups, books, boxes . . . Scattered all over the floor, especially this position, is a mess, like they're looted by bandits .

Xiao-fei zhu and Ding Kai lie on their respective beds, black and blue, their clothes torn, especially Xiao-fei Zhu, with red corners on his mouth and swollen eyes that narrowed them into two slits .

"Elder brother . . . " The two people cried out to him .

"What happened?" Asked Xiao Luo .

"It's from Sanda Club . They beat us up when they came to the dormitory and didn't find Luo Ge . " Ding Kai gnashed his teeth and said that even if he had no courage, he would be extremely angry after being beaten .

Zhu Xiaofei took a mouthful of blood and gnashed his teeth . "Those bastards, even if I'm expelled from school after their injury, I will make them pay for what happened today . "

"You don't need to wait for you to get well, I will let them pay the price now . "

Xiao Luo's face was cold . He was patient again and again, while Song Jian 'an and his gang repeatedly challenged him . This has already touched his bottom line, "Where is Sanda Club?"

Xiao-fei zhu had a tight heart: "Elder brother, you . . . what do you want to do? Don't behave in such a way! "

"You and Kai Zi have a good rest in the dormitory . Just tell me where Sanda Club is . " Xiao Luo said in a calm way but deep in his eyes, there were beating up bursts of cold mountain .

Xiao-Fei Zhu paused and said: "The indoor basketball court next to the swimming pool is not only the training place of Sanda club, but also the training place of taekwondo association, karate association and martial arts club . It is the special site granted to them by the school . "

"Alright . "

Xiao Luo got up, opened the bedroom door and went out .

Xiao-fei zhu and Ding Kai looked at each other and saw a strong concern from each other's eyes .

"Kai Zi, do you think anything will happen?"

"I don't know, if Luo Ge doesn't return in half an hour, let's call the counselor . " Ding Kai replied worried .

Xiao-fei zhu agreed with a nod, just now Xiao Luo's eyes were so cold that it let him involuntarily shudder . Xiao Luo certainly won't let it go, but the Sanda club has more than one hundred people, and Xiao Luo is one person . No matter how good he is, they're still one hundred enemies, it's looking bleak . If Song Jian and those people hurt Xiao Luo, he will be upset for life .


Although it is almost eleven o'clock now, the Sanda club is still brightly lit with students practicing Sanda .

In addition to Sanda club members, there are also many other members of the community . After all, this evening is the day when Song Jian challenged Xiao Luo, a fierce student in the school . Although Xiao Luo didn't come, everyone came with great interest to see if Xiao Luo is really as fierce as the legend .

"It's a waste of expression . The man named Xiao did not dare to show up as a grandson . "

"Who said no, frightened and did not even dare to go back to the dormitory, saying he was a grandson is flattering him . "

"I really don't know how garbage like that became a celebrity on our school forum . They say he's fierce but he's just a little puss-head . "

There are two Sanda club members at the door drinking water to rest while whispering .

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