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Chapter 60

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Xiao Luo and Zhang Dashan were eating hot pot . Sometimes Zhang Dashan talked dirty jokes . The two talked and laughed, and the scene seemed to mention how harmonious it was . But in Huang Ruoran's view, all of this was Xiao Luo making fun of her, this kind of feeling is like a person always suspects that another person whispers or speaks ill of him .

"When Xiao Luo returns, he will definitely tell everyone in his entourage about me being a waitress here . "

Huang Ruoran's eyebrows almost twisted together, her personality is stronger . She don't want anyone to see her servile waitress side, but the weather is not beautiful, it happened that she met Xiao Luo . At the latest, the day after tomorrow, everyone will know that she worked as a waitress in a hotpot restaurant . She will lose all the dignity of a monitor .

Xiao Luo will not think much of her .

Eating meat and drinking soup, life is very beautiful for him .

"Come on, you say why Luo Mei didn't have a crush on me at the beginning? Is it unfair to deny everything I have just because of my big face? "

After a half-full meal, Zhang Dashan started complaining . When he said Luo Mei, he was referring to Xiao Luo's sister Xiao Ruyi, or Luo Mei for short, "Tang Ren, who is better than me, is a fine-boned and fair-skinned . You have no sense of security with him . Why does Luo Mei have a crush on him? I really can't imagine this . "

"Who can blame this? I created opportunities for you . As a result, you just dragged me to fight with her all night . My younger sister complained to me that you were a fool x" Xiao Luo put down his chopsticks to scold, don't say this topic is ok, when it comes to this topic, he is full of anger .

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Zhang Dashan's face turned green: "Can you not have such a good memory? Besides, you didn't give me the a heads up of fighting the landlord . You didn't know it . I couldn't stop when I touched the playing cards . "

Xiao Luo was too lazy to care, he directly poured a large plate of beef balls into the pot .

At this time, a group of people sat down at the table behind them, four men and two women, with tattoos on their bodies, men with exposed arms and golden chains, and the bandits were angry . The woman's clothes were exposed, smeared with black nail polish and smelled of perfume . As soon as they finished ordering the dishes, they talked loudly in their seats as if they had contracted out the whole hotpot restaurant .

Of course, Zhang Dashan wouldn't mind if they spoke loudly, but what Zhang Dashan couldn't stand was that the man behind him, the stool sitting under his farts and stocks, seriously encroached on his space, not to mention standing up, even turning around was very difficult . When the man was having a good chat, he would shake the stool back and forth, and the back of the stool would constantly jostle against Zhang Dashan .

At the end of the day, Zhang Dashan couldn't bear it any more . He patted the man on the shoulder and said, "Hey, buddy, can you move your stool back a bit? It's very uncomfortable for me to be squeezed by you like this . Thank you!"

The man turned his head and glanced at him scornfully . Then he turned his head and talked with others as if he had not heard Zhang Dashan's words .


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Zhang Dashan's heart was depressed, he scolded .

"What's the matter?" Xiao Luo stopped and asked .

"What's the matter, Old Xiao, don't you see I'm going to be squeezed into a lump here?"

Zhang Dashan was extremely upset when he saw Huang Ruoran filling water for customers at another table . He immediately beckoned and shouted, "Beauty, this way, please come here . "

Huang Ruoran came up reluctantly and as she did not want go to see Xiao Luo . She asked, "Do you want water too?"

"Beauty, look at the water in our pan . Are we like someone who needs water?"

Zhang Dashan pointed to the boiling hot pot, and then pointed to the space around him . "Your hotpot restaurant should leave more than this little space for guests . I am very uncomfortable sitting here now, and I don't even feel like eating hot pot . What do you say?"

Huang Ruoran saw that because the man behind him moved the stool, he occupied the space originally belonging to Zhang Dashan, leaving only enough space for Zhang Dashan to accommodate little for Zhang Dashan, not to mention eating . Sitting there alone was already very uncomfortable .

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She nodded slightly, then walked over to the man and asked politely, "Sir, would you please move the stool forward a little?"

The man raised his head and said with a bad face, "Why do I move the stool forward? I like to sit like this . It's comfortable . What's the matter?"

Huang Ruoran said: "I'm sorry sir, you violated the space of other guests and let other guests . . . "

"Here draw a good line? Or does it stipulate that my position is only a little bit, and I am not allowed to move the stool back? " The man's temper is quite hot .

Huang Ruoran never expected this man to be so unreasonable, but she was also a proud person . The guests were so rude, and she immediately stiffened and hardened her tone: "Excuse me, sir, please move the stool forward!"

This words, the man's companions all laughed, a pair of watching eyes were not afraid of seeing big things .

"Yamako, since the beauty in have said so, move it . "

"Ha ha . . . yes, give beauty a face . "

"Isn't that b*tch going to break up with you? This beautiful woman is good . Don't be too hard on her . "

A few people spoke with a smile . One of them while in front of so many people, to the woman next to him, touching everywhere, and the woman did not only not mind, but she also has a face of enjoyment . With intimacy, she nestled in him .

The man named Yamako, who was has a grim face, laughed at his companion's remark, and his eyes became obscene . He said to Huang Ruoran, "If you want me to move the stool, come on, give me a kiss on my face, let alone move forward, that is, there is no problem in asking me to get out of the way . "

His companions burst out laughing and booed, "Beauty, kiss him one, kiss him one, ha, ha, ha . . . "

He's obviously a hooligan!

Huang Ruoran bit her teeth in anger . Although she has been working as a waitress here for almost a year, she has never encountered such a situation and at that time she did not know how to deal with it .

"Brother, I told her to ask you to move the stool . She has the right to scold you . What kind of ability are you capable of flirting with a woman?" Zhang Dashan tucked a piece of meat into his mouth and chewed it with relish, tilting his head .

Xiao Luo also sat on the seat slowly eating, his face was with a faint smile .

The man named Yamako put down his glass with force, stood up, turned around and looked at Zhang Dashan with a fierce face . "You didn't want to take a reason with you just now, did you?"

The stool was moved to the direction of Zhang Dashan by more than 10 centimeters . The back of the stool directly squeezed Zhang Dashan's arm . Then he stepped on the stool with his foot and pointed to the ground . He said angrily, "I'll put the stool here . Can you ask me to move it again?"

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