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Chapter 61

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Xiao Luo's face suddenly darkened down . Eating hot pot and meeting this person, how bad is his luck .

Zhang Darshan suddenly waved his hand embarrassed to the man named Yamako to compromise .

"Beauty, it's all right, you go and do your job . " Zhang Dashan said to Huang Ruoran .

"But you . . . "

"It doesn't matter, there is still enough room . Besides, we are almost ready to eat . I just have to endure . " Zhang Dashan interrupted with a smile .

Huang Ruoran just nodded, she turned and left, her mind is a little upset .

As soon as she left, the matter came to an end . The man named Yamako saw that Zhang Dashan recognized him as unintelligent . His attitude was even more arrogant . He vomited a mouthful of thick phlegm into the ground in front of Zhang Dashan . After sitting down, he shouted to his companion, "It's just an unintelligent egg . Ignore him and we will continue to talk about us . "

"Yamako, how overbearing are you!" A woman flattering him laughed .

The man squeezed hard on her glistening thigh and smiled, "oh? Is it? "

"Yes, but I like your bullying . " The woman smiled obsequiously and approached him .

"You little brat, wait till I get you back, and then you'll die of pleasure . " The man laughed, laughing very comfortably, and pinched the pointed chin of the woman .


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The woman symbolically patted off the man's hand .

"Ha, ha, ha, ha . . . "

The other three men and one woman at the same table echoed with laughter .

Compared with them, the table between Xiao Luo and Zhang Dashan is much quieter .

Xiao Luo quite understand Zhang Dashan, he is by no means will recognize as an unintelligent Lord, being bullied to this top . Moreover he it can't let go, and sure enough, Zhang Dashan after eating all the meat made "dry" eyes toward him .

Zhang Dashan gulped down the cup of wine, then he suddenly stood up, picked up the boiling hot pot water, turned around and poured "hua" on the head of the man named Yamako .

"Ah ~"

Pig shrieks sounded, the man only felt his scalp was abruptly torn down, unspeakable pain suddenly swept through his whole body .

The other three men were deeply shocked . They never expected that Zhang Dashan, who they had just recognized as unintelligent, would suddenly launch an attack . Without further ado, he started work . Such a vicious person shocked them on the spot . The two women screamed hysterically .

"F*ck you!"

Zhang Dashan's face was ferocious . He kicked the screaming man to the ground with one foot . Then he lifted the stool and threw it at him . While throwing it at him, he scolded, "Lao Zi was in a good mood . You bastard stirred him up . Believe it or not, Lao Zi will not let you see the sun tomorrow!"

When the stool was smashed, he kicked and punched it with his fists . The man just lay on the ground and howled like a pig .

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Xiao Luo raised his eyebrows, casually drinking orange juice, this is what he is familiar with Zhang Dashan, put on a suit as a good citizen, but take off the suit, he is a rogue rascal .

When he was in college, the goods didn't fight with people less . But it was all because of some trivial matters . When he was a freshman, they had a fight . Just because Zhang Dashan liked smoking in the dormitory, but he couldn't stand second-hand smoke and said a few words . As a result, the two got into a fight .

However, after the two men had a fight, the relationship not only didn't become estranged, but instead got closer . It was really a good interpretation of the words "no fight, no acquaintance" .

"Crack ~"

A crisp crack brought Xiao Luo back to reality .

Looking intently, it was Zhang Dashan who knocked the man's nose out of shape . The man let out a scream that did not sound like a human voice . His body twitched, his head tilted, and he fainted .

It was not until this time that the three men who came with him came to their senses and were preparing to rush up . Xiao Luo rushed out with a snort of light and kicked their table hard . His foot seemed to have a force of one thousand catties, and the heavy square table was like a bull in collision, severely squeezing the three men against the wall and could not move .

The two women shouted louder and their shrill voice immediately attracted the attention of all the guests in the hotpot restaurant .

"Call your mother you f*cker, this Lao tze wants you to shut up!"

Zhang Dashan pointed to the two women's bold roar .

Frightened by his words they immediately stopped and looked at Zhang Dashan in horror .

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What happened here was clearly seen by Huang Ruoran in the distance . She just thought that Zhang Dashan had really compromised . Unexpectedly, it was not the case at all . It turned out that birds of the same feather, flock together . People fall into groups . Those who have a good relationship with Xiao Luo are not good people by all means .

Zhang Dashan was still unsatisfied and wanted to beat the man on the ground a few more times . Xiao Luo frowned and stopped him: "All right, stop fighting, this guy must be sent to the hospital for rescue!"

"Damn it, I just feel uncomfortable . I haven't had this kind of atmosphere in many years . This bastard is doomed to be severely beaten by me . " Zhang Dashan shouted, the veins stood out on his forehead, his anger is really not light .

Out of the corner of his eye, Xiao Luo caught a glimpse of the staff of the hotpot restaurant looking at this place making a phone call . Nine times out of ten, they were calling the police . He took off Zhang Dashan's clothes hanging on the stool and threw them into Zhang Dashan's hands: "It's time to go . "

Zhang Dashan is not a fool, of course, he is not silly to continue to stay here waiting for the police .

At once, he put his clothes on his body and, like Zhou Xingchi, left with Xiao Luo in a majestic manner . Before leaving, he waved to the stunned guests in the hotpot restaurant: "Don't worship this elder brother too much . elder brother only exists in legends . Don't just stand still . keep eating while it is hot!"

What kind of person is this guy?

Beating others to death, yet is incredibly still so calm, Gamblers should learn from this guy!

Only then did the guests in the hotpot restaurant return to their absolute being, and the whole hall was plunged into uproar .

While Huang Ruoran was dazed in a situ, for a long time she flew into her thoughts .


After leaving the hotpot restaurant, Zhang Dashan drove to the outskirts of the city, put down the window, opened the skylight, and put dj music to the maximum, driving the car all the way .

"Slow down, you son of a b*tch!"

Xiao Luo sitting on the co-pilot seat have no sense of security, feeling as if they will overturn at any time .

"What did you say? I can't hear you! " Zhang Dashan asked loudly .

"I told you to drive slowly!"

Xiao Luo is flaming . They're flying at 130 miles, this is clearly fatal .

"I . . . listen . . . no . . . see, ha, ha, ha . . . " Zhang Dashan's excited laughter sounded instead .

The music was deafening and it echoed in his ear . Zhang Dashan followed and shouted, "If I were the dj, would you love me . . . would you love me . . . "

It's all roar, it's all a vent .

Xiao Luo also has a resonance, feeling that there are too many repressions in his heart that need to be vented urgently . He simply shakes his body parts with the dj music, regardless of whether there will be a car accident or not .

The deafening music and the air shook as if they were in a ballroom . In this environment, every cell in their body could not help dancing to the music .

What you want is this excitement, what you want is this madness!

Xiao Luo finally joined the dj singing, the two people than who sing 'well,' and is in a high voice . There is a kind of if it doesn't break his throat, he will never stop .

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