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Chapter 59

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After parking the car, Xiao Luo and Zhang Dashan walked into a hotpot restaurant .

"Welcome, gentlemen, please!"

A waitress enthusiastically led the two to a window seat on the second floor .

Seeing that the waiter was beautiful, Zhang Dashan immediately became interested in making fun of her . He raised his voice and said excitedly, "Oh, is that you? So you work here . "

With this remark, the waitress was stunned and looked at Zhang Dashan carefully, thinking: This person seems to know me .

"May I know who you are?" She asked cautiously .

"You have forgotten me, my dear sister . We just met recently and you called me brother . "

Zhang Dashan assumed a lost expression . From excitement to depression, his expression changed very quickly .

The waitress was embarrassed . She thought she was really careless and forgot an acquaintance, but she tossed and turned in her mind and couldn't find any information about the person in front of her . She was even more alarmed . She smiled apologetically and said, "I'm sorry, I . . . I forgot where I met you . . . "

Zhang Dashan covered the part of his heart and said with a sad face: "I have pierced my heart . I really have pierced my heart . Forget it . You'd better put down the menu and let's order slowly . "

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"I'm sorry . I'm usually careless . I really don't remember where I met you . Can you remind me?"

The waitress was completely panicked and was almost crying . At present, this person doesn't seem to be joking at all . In other words, she really knew this person, but she forgot all about him . What to do?

Zhang Dashan waved his hand directly and took a deep breath: "I'm very sad now and don't want to talk . Sister, you'd better think about it slowly . You'll always think about me . "

"Oh . . . "

The waitress replied weakly and walked away with a very uneasy mood . She looked back three times and tried hard to remember where she had seen Zhang Dashan .

Xiao Luo gave Zhang Dashan a thumbs-up sign: "Best Actor, you are really a best actor!"

A few words and expressions have made a waitress doubt her life . This is what an actor is .

"What best actor? This is called chatting . Learn more from me in the future . " Zhang Dashan was lecturing Xiao Luo while hooking various ingredients on the menu .

Xiao Luo took a sip of warm tea from his teacup and joked, "Striking up a conversation is usually not a familiar one, did you see someone doing it somewhere? How do you play with words? "

"Lao Xiao, it seems that you really don't know how to strike up a conversation . Women nowadays are very smart . If you ask them if they have seen each other before, they can immediately confirm that you are coming to strike up a conversation . Birds don't even bother you . However, if I use this method, I can 100% guarantee that the girl will ask for your information in turn . This is all I have tested on micro-letters and try every means . " Zhang Dashan threw the menu in front of Xiao Luo and asked him to continue to choose some hotpot ingredients .

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Xiao Luo is too lazy to actually take Dashan's words seriously . Besides, he has no interest in such chatting up knowledge .

"Do you know why women want to get married?" Zhang Dashan suddenly asked in a low voice .

Xiao Luo glanced at him: "When fate comes, we will naturally get married . "

"Wrong . " Zhang Dashan clapped the desktop .

"Why is that?" Xiao Luo said .

Zhang Dashan said solemnly, "It is because marriage has a bird's use . "

Is there a bird?

Huh? There is a . . . bird . . . used?

Xiao Luo soon understood, he scolded: Shit!

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Soon, the hot pot ingredients ordered were brought up and filled the entire table top . There were few vegetables, the rest were all meat, beef, mutton, pork, shrimps, crabs, etc . Zhang Dashan was the host of all kinds of meat, while Xiao Luo was the same . If it weren't for a few vegetables to balance the grease, they wouldn't want to order those dishes of vegetables .

When another waitress brought a mandarin duck pot and the hot pot seasoning, Xiao Luo couldn't help but be shocked . "Is that you?"

Zhang Dashan almost sprayed the drink from his mouth: "Old Xiao, do you really want to do this? I've just used this trick . Even if you want to plagiarize, you have to go to another place and try this trick again . "

"I really know her!" Xiao Luo looked at him and said in a serious way .

"Oh come on, just now you said that I was the best actor . But clearly, you are the 'real' best actor here . "

Zhang Dashan couldn't take it anymore . He immediately decided to tear down Xiao Lul's 'facade' and looked up at the waitress and said, "Beauty, don't pay attention to him . He just wants to talk to you . It's nonsense . "

But the waitress did not pay attention to him, her round eyes, just looked at Xiao Luo .

A head of short hair, dressed in the right way, melon-shaped face, her eyes are not small, her facial features delicate, her body appearing dignified and solemn . The red waitress clothes on her body, give a perfect outline of her curve figure . It turns out to be the English Major class monitor Huang Ruoran .

Huang Reran never expected to meet Xiao Luo here . Her family condition is not very good, so she found a part-time job outside school . In order to prevent meeting her classmates, she also specially chose this hotpot restaurant, which is almost a city away from Hua Ye University, but she didn't calculate it through thousands of calculations and she actually met familiar people here, and he was a classmate too . Plus it's Xiao Luo, who was always against her . [blackmail?😋]

At this moment, she only felt dizzy, and two words came to her mind: She's finished!

"Oh my God, why is he here?"

Huang Ruoran is going to collapse . Whoever caught her working part-time here is ten times or one hundred times better than being caught by this bastard, but it happened to be Xiao Luo . Xiao Luo severely humiliated her, she really hope now there is a rift on the ground, so that she can get in .

"Beautiful woman, beautiful woman?"

Zhang Dashan called a few times and pulled her back from her contradictory and embarrassing thoughts .

"Sir, this is your order and this is the receipt . Please check and see if the above dishes are complete . " Huang Ruoran forced herself to calm down, she added water to the pot, and did not dare to look straight into the eyes of Xiao Luo .

XiaoLuo was also startled, is this still the class monitor, the strong and spirited Huang Rukran? The contrast is too great .

Of course, he knows that this is the rule set by hotpot restaurants . When waiters are in the restaurant, they must address male guests as gentlemen in harmony and good manners . Otherwise, the boss will not want such employees .

Xiao Luo also knew that Huang Ruoran was even extremely embarrassed now . He didn't want to make her more embarrassed, so he said, "We can do it ourselves . You go and do something else . "

He is not the one who would humiliate people as Huang Euoran thought . Moreover, he does not think that there is any shame in college students taking part-time jobs . At least he is self-reliant and knows the society better than others . He only respects Huang Ruoran and has no intention of despising her .

However, Huang Ruoran did not think so . In her imagination, Xiao Luo had a mocking smile on his face .

She didn't continue to stay here, after receiving Xiao Luo's instructions, she hurried away .

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