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Chapter 6

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“Let her go!”

Suddenly a cold and hard voice sounded in the empty alley .

The man turned his head and saw only a face with regular facial features but with a heroic spirit in his brow . Then he angrily said, “It’s none of your business for me to discipline my daughter . Go mind your own business, get out of here!”

“I told you to let her go!”

Xiao Luo coldly pursued, his momentum going on a sudden rise .

The man suddenly felt a freezing chill, a chill that ran through his spine . He was feeling like a frog being watched by a poisonous snake . He was on the edge of an extremely dangerous situation and took a step back uncontrollably .

The man was tounge-tied, but Xiao Luo has lost his patience .

His body turned into a black flash of lightning and rushed at the man, blinking at a distance of seven or eight meters in only a moments time .

The panic-stricken man only saw a flash in front of his eyes . Before he could make any effective response, a clenched fist greeted his face . Then, a sharp pain welled up in his brain . His body was thrown back, out of control, and flew out with a bloody tooth soaring out of his mouth .

The little girl fell from the man’s grasp and was firmly caught by Xiao Luo .

When she found out that it was the elder brother who had just given her a lot of money, the little girl was stunned before bursting into tears .

“Is he your father?” Xiao Luo pointed to the man and asked .

The little girl shook her head quickly and sobbed, “No, he is a big bad egg . He broke my leg and forced me to ask for money . Big brother, you call the police and Uncle Cha . Would you please call the police and Uncle Cha to take him away? I want to go home . I miss my parents…”

Crying out her sadness, her young body was shaking .

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Xiao Luo immediately understood that the little girl was abducted by traffickers, and then these people brutally broke her legs, abruptly turning a healthy person into a miserable disabled person and throwing her into the street begging as a cash cow .

At this point, the man has climbed up from the ground, spit out the blood in his mouth, pulled out the folding knife from his pocket, and glared at Xiao Luo maliciously: “Boy, you give her to me now, everything can be discussed, otherwise this father here will kill you with this knife of mine!”

“I’d like to know, how would you kill me?”

When Xiao Luo stepped out, the man only heard a “bang” . The solid ground was split below Xiao Luo’s feet, and countless cracks spread from his feet to all sides like spider webs .

“Gu Dong ~”

The man swallowed hard and thought: Where did this monster come from? For a foot to had cracked the concrete pavement?

“You … you wait for me!”

The man threw down a vicious remark and fled . He didn’t think his body would be stronger than the concrete pavement .

Xiao Luo gave chase and swept the man up directly . Giving the man a hard blow, the guy flew out . Two more teeth flew out covered with blood from the man’s mouth .

“Ding, congratulations to the host for winning 10 points!” The system prompt sounded .

Xiao Luo had no time to pay any attention to the man who had already fainted . He withdrew his eyes from him and his gaze fell on the little girl, comforting her: “Don’t be afraid, it’s all right now…”

“Mmm!” The little girl kept wiping away her tears that’s flowing uncontrollably .

Half an hour later, Xiao Luo appeared at the public security bureau with the little girl .

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“You stay here, and the police and your Uncle Cha will take you home and take you to your parents . ” Xiao Luo already did what he could and it was time to leave .

“Big brother, thank you!” The little girl is very sensible . She knows that she has met a good person, otherwise she would still be suffering at the hands of the traffickers .

Xiao Luo smiled at her and then walked out of the police station accompanied by an older policeman and police officer .

“Mr . Xiao Luo, please rest assured that we will definitely send her back to her biological parents . ”


“This is our duty and responsibility as a police officer and inspector . There is no trouble . ”

The police officer who greeted Xiao Luo with a full face of smiles solemnly took his hand . “Now, this society needs more people like Mr . Xiao Luo . In this way, there will be fewer crimes!”

Xiao Luo didn’t speak, he just nodded, then got up and left .

At the gate of the police station, a policewoman approached .

The policewoman must have something urgent to do . She left in a hurry . If it weren’t for Xiao Luo’s quick reaction, the two would have bumped . However, despite that the two still grazed each other on the shoulder .

The policewoman turned back, so did Xiao Luo .

The eyes of the two met . The former’s body quivered, while the latter responded calmly with an apologetic smile and then left without looking back .

“Senior Officer!” The policeman and police officer who greeted Xiao Luo came up at this moment and greeted the policewoman .

The policewoman pointed to Xiao Luo’s back and asked, “Who is that guy?”

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“He is a good man,” The male police officer said with a smile .

“A good man?”

Policewoman Zheng, when their gazes met clearly felt a suffocating coldness from Xiao Luo . Her whole body was covered with a layer of goose bumps . The other side’s eyes, she saw that coldness only once and it was from a drug lord . No, she was wrong it was more terrifying than the drug lord’s, that gaze .

The male policeman nodded and smiled, “He saved a little girl from a black gang member that specializes in controlling children into begging . He is a good man . ”

“I see!”

The policewoman’s alertness to Xiao Luo suddenly vanished and she withdrew her eyes from Xiao Luo’s back . “By the way, where is the little girl?”

“She’s in our bureau . ”

“Very well, this should be a cut from their organizations . As long as we carefully tear it apart, we can catch all the black and social gangs that control children into begging in River City . ” The policewoman’s eyes flashed a glint of justice, she then quickly walked into the police station building .


Back in his rented house, Xiao Luo browsed through the system’s shopping mall . He now has a total of 200 points . After exchanging it for foreign language mastery, he has yet another ability but it emptied his points more or less .

Fortunately, this foreign language ability does not only refer to English alone, but also includes Russian, French, German, etc . It is actually more than a dozen of foreign languages .

Xiao Luo personally found more than a dozen movies in corresponding languages to watch and test his ability, and found that he could not only fully understand them, but he can also fluently repeat the characters’ lines in the movie .

“This ability should be very helpful in finding a job!” Xiao Luo was quite satisfied .

“Ding Rinrin ~”

At this moment, his phone rang .

Xiao Luo saw that it was his sister Xiao Ruyi, who was a nurse .

No sooner had the answer key been pressed, Xiao Ruyi’s voice came from the other end of the phone: “Brother, I heard from Zhang Dashan, did you break up with Zhao Mengqi?”

Xiao Luo frowned at what greeted him . This Zhang Dashan and his big mouth really can’t hide any secrets!

“Mmm!” He has no choice but to answer .

“I got a good gut feeling about her . The first time I saw Zhao Mengqi, I really felt that she was not a good woman . Her bag was of a famous brand, and her clothes were worth thousands of dollars . Her body smelled of perfume and her face looked sharp . If you got married with her, you will definitely have a hard time and your family will never have a good life . ” Xiao Ruyi said .

Xiao Luo was speechless and raised his voice: “Xiao Ruyi, I just broke up with her yet here you are without a word of comfort, and instead talked about your feelings . Now, I seriously doubt whether you are my sister . ”

“Brother, I’m two hundred percent your sister, because as your sister, I am just caring about your future life and blurted that out, hee hee …”

Xiao Ruyi chuckled, “By the way, we have recently recruited several young and beautiful nurses here . When you have time, I’ll introduce you to them . They are definitely better than Zhao Mengqi . ”

Xiao Luo almost threw up the tea he had just drunk in his mouth: “Just live a good life with Tang Ren and be a good couple . Don’t worry about your brother . ”

“Come on, I only have you as a brother, your life is bigger than the sky, I don’t care, when we have a holiday, I will bring a girl I like to see you, it’s already settled, I’m working now, bye!”

Before Xiao Luo could refuse, Xiao Ruyi already hung up the phone .


Xiao Luo threw the phone aside, his face full of helplessness .

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