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Chapter 7

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Xiao Luo did not tell his family about his resignation and the accident . As a man and a 26-year-old man at that, he would try to hide anything that would worry his family .

Moreover, he still has more than 30,000 deposits, which can last for a while even if he has no source of income as of yet, not to mention he now integrated with the Peerless Genius System, he can get the work done in minutes without any worries .

He stretched himself and yawned .

He have worked in Huahai Group for three years . In these three years, he have to take shifts every month (day shift and night shift) . There are also various kinds of overtime work . The work and rest time is seriously irregular . In addition, he had an accident yesterday . Although he was saved by the system, he didn’t seem to be completely fit and agile . At the moment, he was a little tired and sleepy .

When he fell on the bed he got drowsy right away, he then slept with his head covered . He slept soundly and carefree, which was the best sleep quality he had in the past three years .

When he woke up, it was already over 9 o’clock in the evening .

After taking a bath, he went out for a midnight snack to solve his problem of hunger .

His black shirt is matched with black slim trousers, making him dark looking from head to toe, giving people a mysterious feeling .

The place he chose for his midnight snack was at a small stall . The stall owner was a middle-aged couple . The husband barbecued while the wife cooked some flour products, noodles, served beer and drinks . The business was quite good .

Xiao Luo often comes here to eat . As time gone by, he has now become familiar with the middle-aged couple .


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The husband greeted him warmly, “Same old?”

“Yes please . ”

Xiao Luo nodded and found a table to sit down .

At this time, Zhang Dashan called .

Xiao Luo really wants to give him a good scolding . He’s such a big mouth that really can’t hide any secrets .

“It’s okay to always call . It’s not like it doesn’t cost money anyway . ” Pressing the answer key, Xiao Luo voiced his complaint right away in a sarcastic way .

Zhang Dashan got a fright: “Come on . Did I step on your tail? Why are you so angry . All right, I’ll use WeChat to detain you . WeChat will detain you!”

At this time, a bowl of three fresh noodles was served .

Xiao Luo coughed and said seriously, “Well, I’m not going to talk nonsense with you . I’m going to eat . ”

“You’re going to eat? Why did you not invite me? Am I not your brother?” Zhang Dashan immediately complained .

A black line spread across Xiao Luo’s face: “You are more than 40 kilometers away, and you say you will come when you are called? The gas money is enough for you to eat several bowls . ”

“Old Xiao, the account cannot be calculated like this . Compared with our brothers’ friendship, that little gas money is nothing . ” Zhang Dashan earnestly said .

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Xiao Luo was too lazy to reason with him, he’s hungry, so he picked up the chopsticks and began to eat .

Zhang Dashan also got down to business and said, “By the way, Lao Xiao, did you really resign today?”

“Yeah . ”

Xiao Luo answered truthfully, and then hurriedly urged, “Don’t tell my younger sister about this, or our ties with each other will be cut from henceforth . ”

His sister Xiao Ruyi is as big-mouthed as Zhang Dashan . If Xiao Ruyi knows about his resignation, he and his phone will be guaranteed the next day to be ringing off the hook .

“You still don’t trust me, any secret in me is absolutely safe, plus I’m reliable . ” Zhang Dashan promised .

Xiao Luo rolled his eyes and asked with profound meaning, “Is it?”

“Of course! Forget it, let’s stop here, let’s get down to business, I asked my personnel department colleagues today, our bank is hiring people, do you want to come over and try applying? When the time comes, us brothers will combine our two swords, and our monthly performance will be guaranteed . ” Zhang Dashan righteously said .

“No, I’m not particularly interested in banking . ” Xiao Luo refused .

“Old Xiao, you look down on our rural credit union, right? Just apply here, what do you say? Mosquito meat is still meat no matter how small it is . Our credit union has a formal establishment . Even if we get laid off when we get old, we will still get paid every month . ”

“That’s not what I meant . Anyways, I’ll take care of finding work myself . ” Xiao Luo said .

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Zhang Dashan knew that it could not be forced, and his tone slowed down: “All right, call me after you think it through . Even if you sell farts and stocks, I’ll find a way to get you in . ”

Xiao Luo felt warm in his heart and knew that Zhang Dashan was sincere in his interest: “Thanks, Dashan!”

“No problem, aren’t you my brother? Let’s do this first . You continue to eat . A female client asked me to meet her at her house . It looks like she has to sacrifice her body to me again tonight . I tell you, she is still a delicate young woman . ”

“Be moderate . ” Xiao Luo helplessly shook his head .

“Oh, come on . The woman asked me to bring a box of Red Bull with me when I go to her house . Eldest brother, I’d like not to be temperamental, but you can see this situation clearly is not allowing me . ”

“Why do I feel that you are showing me off?”

“Ha, ha, ha … you’ve discovered it?! Ok, I’ll hang up now . The female customer is calling . Talk to you later!” Zhang Dashan hung up the phone .

Xiao Luo put his cell phone back into his pocket and continued to eat his remaining three fresh bowls of goodness .

In a corner he caught a glimpse of, not far from him sat a middle-aged man in a suit and tie, the middle-aged man was dignified, his body is with a superior breath, his face is serious, he’s also wearing bodyguard sunglasses at night .

Obviously, he is a man of great status!

Xiao Luo thought it was really incredible that such a person with status would eat at such a stall, and it seemed that he felt familiar to that face, as if he had seen them somewhere .

At this time, however, there was a commotion in the street . Dozens of people gathered around the stall . All of them were ferocious, just like wild animals coming out of the mountain . They were all holding shiny machetes and steel pipes in their hands .

Headed by a tiger-backed, bear-waisted baldheaded man with no eyebrows and a tiger leopard print on his body, with eyes that were fierce and face full of arrogance .

“Eldest brother, that’s him, it’s him who saved the little b*tch!”

A man with a full face stood up and pointed to Xiao Luo, who was eating noodles, he was the guy who controlled the little girl to beg during the day .

The bald man glanced viciously at Xiao Luo, then looked up at the other stall guests and shouted coldly, “Everyone but this boy, get out of here!”

A line of people who just had a snack in front of the stall soon left the dangerous place .

“Eldest brother, can we discuss this, let’s discuss this, please don’t drive away my customers!”

The vendor rushed forward, pulled out 200 or 300 yuan and stuffed it into the baldheaded man’s pocket .

This area is only a part of River City, and it is also a remote area away from the city center . Here, because factories are in the majority, the dragons and fishes are mixed, and people from all over the world are gathered here . The public security is not very good . Gangsters and hooligans often make trouble . He thought that this time the balheaded man came to collect protection fees .

The bald man kicked him as he fell to the ground and pointed at him: “It’s none of your business, just stay there, or I’ll cut you off . ”

The money was not returned to the vendor though .

The woman rushed up to help her husband down and shook her head to signal her husband not to provoke these local strongmen .

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