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Chapter 5

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Xiao Luo’s right foot firmly bombarded Hua Haifeng’s chest, and the huge impact force surged around with the intersection point as the center .
“Ah ~”
Shrill screams rang out, and Hua Haifeng’s 130-kilogram body, as if hit by a locomotive, flew upside down and landed on a solid ground four or five meters away .
His teeth bit his tongue, blood poured wildly, and the corners of the mouth of Hua Haifeng overflowed . His five zang-organs and six fu-organs seemed to be being pricked by needles . Hua Haifeng lay on the ground groaning and crying in pain .
Xiao Luo’s foot was like a dragon attacking, like a whirlwind sweeping through it with one breath . It was steady and agile!
Zhao Mengqi completely stayed rooted on the spot, with her eyes wide open . Xiao Luo’s body right now has a certain atmosphere around it that is oppressing . She also can’t believe how Xiao Luo’s kick made a grown person fly for four or five meters away .
“Ding, congratulations to the host for winning 50 points!” The system prompt sounded .
“Fifty? How can it be fifty? ”
Xiao Luo looked around, only to find that there were four other security guards at the gate who also saw what was happening here .
Soon, the four security guards ran up .
“Hua Shao!”

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The four men, together with the returning Zhao Mengqi, helped Hua Haifeng up .
Hua Haifeng was furious . Pointing to Xiao Luo, he roared: “Hit him, hit him to death . I want him to not be able to walk out of the gate of Huahai Group!”
The four security guards dared not to disobey, besides, this is a chance for them to perform meritorious service . Although they saw Xiao Luo kicking Hua Shao badly, they still pulled out their batons hanging on their waist . They rushed towards Xiao Luo with a fierce jump .
As for Xiao Luo, how could he be afraid of the four guards? A series of kicks flew out, each kick accurately hit a security guard in the chest . They can only hear the four’s screams . Their batons fell to the ground as they were sent to thrash town .
Hua Haifeng who was standing aside looked at Xiao Luo in horror . As if he was seeing a ghost in broad daylight . When Xiao Luo’s eyes looked at him, he shuddered even more . Cold sweat broke out in his body instantly . He can’t believe Xiao Luo to have known such abnormal and terrific skill .
Zhao Mengqi isn’t much better than him . She felt strange looking at Xiao Luo before her right now . He’s not the Xiao Luo she used to know, as if he was a stranger to her .
When Xiao Luo stepped towards Hua Haifeng, she stood in front of Hua Haifeng subconsciously and stared nervously at Xiao Luo: “Xiao Luo, what do you … what do you want to do?”
Xiao Luo ignored her, he only smiled at Hua Haifeng, who was greatly frightened, and said in a preaching tone: “You, Hua Shao, is just great! Don’t always pull other people’s collars . It’s very impolite . I warned you, yet you won’t let go . You shouldn’t be unconvinced if you get a kick from me . ” His look then fell upon Zhao Mengqi, “I wonder who wants to be a princess, but how long can you hold that facade? Three months or six months? ”

Zhao Mengqi’s body quivered . Xiao Luo’s words suddenly struck her worried .
Yes, although she became Hua Haifeng’s girlfriend as she wished, she did not feel any sense of security . She always felt that she would be abandoned by Hua Haifeng at any time . This is also the main reason why she came to Xiao Luo today . Deep down, she still hopes to have Xiao Luo as a spare tire to give her a sense of security .
“Of course, this is just a piece of advice, you can also choose to just let it pass through your ears!”

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Finished saying his sentence, Xiao Luo turned back to leave .
Zhao Mengqi seems to have lost her soul at one fell swoop and just stood stupidly . She thought it was the right thing to break up with Xiao Luo, but when the man really turned and left, she only felt endless loss, sadness and loneliness in her heart .
The four-year dribs and drabs of life with the man are constantly emerging in her mind at the moment, scene by scene, ordinary among ordinary, yet it is incomparable as a souvenir .
She remembered Xiao Luo’s fried rice with eggs, Xiao Luo’s care when she was ill, and Xiao Luo’s unkindly but warm chest … she had to admit that her four years of love with Xiao Lou was her best times since she was born .
At the moment, looking at the back of Xiao Luo’s departure, her sight was slowly blurred by tears, and her mood was so complicated that she couldn’t say anything . It was like she was losing a very important thing!

Walking in the bustling streets, Xiao Luo felt relaxed as he’d never before . Why did he have such a mood, he could not tell at the moment . Maybe it was because he saw Zhao Mengqi’s true face, or he had finally left the shackles that is, Huahai Group .
A little while later, he came to the door of a shopping mall, and his eyes strayed in a corner of the square .
There, a little girl in rags, about seven or eight years old, was begging from the tourists .

The little girl was unkempt, her long black hair was dirty and messy, and was knotted all over . Her legs were sickly bent, and the muscles in her legs were severely atrophied . She could not walk upright, and she could only rely on her two young little hands, like a poor little seal, pushing a tattered small bowl forward slowly .

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Her long trousers were dragging around on the ground, covered with dust, and looked like two dirty rags . A little while later, the little beggar girl climbed to her feet, the shabby little bowl gently waved and there was ringing sounds of coins hitting the bowls rim .
Xiao Luo lowered his head and looked at the little girl . Although the little girl was dirty all over and even had a pungent smell on her body, her eyes were as bright as stars in the night sky .
“Big brother, please be kind and lend me a few dollars!” The little girl sounded expectant .

Xiao Luo saw her state, he then put down the box he’s carrying, he took out a twenty from his pocket and put it in the bowl .

“Thank you big brother, Buddha will bless you!” The little girl kowtowed and folded her small hands .
Jiang people believe in Buddhism, and there is nothing wrong with the little girl’s words of thanks .
Xiao Luo thought she was very clever and intelligent, so he took out a two hundred dollar bill and stuffed them into the little girl’s pocket . “Go home quickly and let your family buy you some delicious food . ”
He really felt that the little girl was pitiful whilst being still so young, yet she was suffering like this .
The little girl’s petite body quivered slightly, and her bright eyes fell into brief dullness . She was mumbling to herself before telling him, “I have no home . ”
At an early age, she showed great sadness and silence, and her eyes were red . Her experience in life is equivalent already to that of greenhouse teens .
Xiao Luo was puzzled: “Everyone has a family and parents . Why don’t you have a family?”
The little girl shook her head, then she smiled strongly and changed the subject: “This elder brother is a good man, thank you . ”
Finishing saying that, with great difficultly she began to move petite body, and struggled into the distance .
Xiao Luo thought that the little girl is very strange, he felt like there’s a story that needs to be heard, after contemplating, he then quietly followed up …
At last, the little girl stumbled into a dark alley where a man with a cold face was waiting .
When he saw her coming back, the man put the folding knife in his pocket, then he went to the little girl and looked down at the broken bowl where the little girl was begging . He was furious and kicked the little girl aside . “Motherf*cker, you are only going to work for this much after asking so much money? You don’t want to eat today, do you?”
“If you dare not ask for money from those tourists, I will teach you a lesson today!”
The angry man with a ferocious face rolled up his sleeves and rushed up, grabbed the little girl by the hair and lifted her up in mid-air .
“Pain … pain …”
The little girl’s feet were lifted off the ground, and the severe pain made her cry bitterly .
“Cry! Whats the use, cry again, let me teach you lesson!”
The man slapped the girl down with a big “pa” before sending another slap . One slap after another bombarded the little girl in the face without scruple .
The little girl only endured the pain and gritted her teeth to prevent herself from crying aloud, but her tears kept pouring down and her face swelled up at the speed visible to the naked eye .

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