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Published at 21st of March 2020 11:18:21 AM
Chapter 51

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The sky is clear and blue, the clouds are spotless, the mountains are covered with indigo, and the wind blew gently . . .

"Comfortable, I just found out now that the scenery in the back mountain of our school is so good . "

Chu Yue and Bai Xeiwen strolled along the golf course-like back mountain in Hua Ye, feeling extremely comfortable, with a broad view, green grass and the lake surrounded by rush woods in the middle . From a distance, the lake was as smooth as a mirror and spotless . Such a beautiful picture made them feel very happy .

"Yes, it's beautiful and the air is fresh . "

Bai Xeiwen took a deep breath, she looked around, suddenly her gaze fixed at somewhere as she cried out, "Hey, Xiao Luo!"

"Where, where is he?"

Chu Yue turned pale, immediately she looked in the direction, she did see a boy, but not Xiao Luo, Immediately she irritatedly stared at Bai Xeiwen, "Smelly Xeiwen, you beg to play?"

"Who makes you too nervous, you deserve it, hee hee . . . "

Bai Xeiwen laughed, with a look she stared at Chu Yue's full chest, suddenly she stretched out her hand and grabbed hard . Then immediately jumped with laughter .

"Good, Xeiwen, you dare do that to me, don't run!"

Chu Yue's face was flaming red at the moment, chasing Bai Xeiwen frolicking in the broad back mountain, and they soon ran into the woods . Fortunately, there were very few people here now, otherwise, the frolicking of the two would have captured many of the boy's soul .

"Ahem . . . "

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While the two women were frolicking and chasing, a man with a bunch of red roses in his hand suddenly jumped out of the thick forest .

He was wearing a blue hat and a casual sports suit . Although he was very young, he looked very old . He had three obvious forehead lines, and his facial features were not particularly straight . The distance between his eyes was wider than that of ordinary people .

"Who are you?" Chu Yue asked .

The man looked a little flustered: "My name is Ma Zhengfeng, and I am . . . your suitor . "

His eyes, anxiously watching the surrounding, he has been lurking for three days, until now, he couldn't wait for a perfect opportunity, Chu month's two bodyguards are standing in the small crossing into the hills, there is still a lot of distance from here, he is sure before they react, he will grab Chu Yue away, and his only worry, is the guy last time .

Chu Yue looked up and down at Ma Zhengfeng and said bluntly: "Sorry, you are not my dish . Go after someone else . "

As the campus flower elected by the public at the Hua Ye Forum, her suitors can queue up from the front door of Hua Ye to houménn . No matter who he is, she directly refuses, not because there are no outstanding and handsome boys, but because she thinks that dating in university is a waste of time and feelings will not have any good results .

Bai Xeiwen chuckled aside: "Yes, Queen Chu will not fall in love in college . Besides, is it still popular to send roses now, its old-fashioned . "

"Ha ha ha . . . is it? Then I'll send something else . "

Ma Zhengfeng was about to drug the two girls, but at this moment, suddenly there was a cold hum in the forest .

"Ma Zhengfeng you owe me money . It's time to pay it back!"

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A ready-to-go figure shot out of the dense canopy, and rushed to the front of Ma Zhengfeng, his left foot stomped on the ground with its axis, his body twisted, and his right leg swept out with a terrible force of forward rush .

"Peng ~"

Caught off guard, he was hit by the right leg severely hitting the lower abdomen of Ma Zhengfeng . The huge impact force made his body quiver, blanched, saliva mixed with blood bubbled up in his mouth . His tall body was directly thrown out .

"Xiao Luo! ?”

Bai Xeiwen's big eyes looked at Xiao Luo suddenly appearing .

Chu Yue felt even more chills: "What are you doing here? You . . . are you really following me? "

"Who followed you? I'm here to collect debts . "

Xiao Luo turned and paid them no more attention, and then he immediately rushed toward Ma Zhengfeng . His hands became claws, a strong breeze whistling out layers of cold meaning .

Ma Zhengfeng's face was with horror, at this moment he didn't think further and fleed for his life . He turned to flee to the depths of the forest . Xiao Luo followed closely, increasing in speed .

"Big Miss, what happened?"

Gao Yang and Gao Jian heard the noise and rushed at the fastest speed .

"Go and get that pretentious pr*ck . He has been following me . I suspect he is going to hurt me . "

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Chu Yue unavoidably nervous, and uneasy these days . Plus meeting Xiao Luo again at the moment, she decided that Xiao Luo is tracking herself .


Gao Yang and to Gao Jian looked at each other, they don't know who Chu Yue was referring to .

"It's Xiao Luo from our class, the guy who chased a man into the woods just now . " Chu Yue pointed to the distant woods .

Gao Yang and Gao Jian immediately became enlighted, but they could not say a thing about Xiao Luo to their Big Miss, that is absolutely impossible . But since Xiao Luo acted, it must be the "evil spirit" Ma Zhengfeng that appeared again .

"You protect Big Miss, I'll go to the woods and have a look!" Gao Yang decided, and rushed to chase . He turned and ran to the woods .

In the forest . . .

Ma Zhengfeng takes his footwork to its fullest, using both hands and feet, twisting his body like a crazy monkey, with fast speed, like a ghost . However, no matter how he moved through the thick forest, Xiao Luo behind him was still fast approaching him .

"Leave me alone!"

Xiao Luo's body sprang up fiercely . Like a falcon that pounded forward like a predator . His feet were as sharp as drill bits . He took Ma Zhengfeng's back straight .

The roaring strong wind behind him made Ma Zhengfeng's face change greatly . His footsteps twisted wildly and he twisted his body . However, Xiao Luo came too fast and too fiercely . Although he tried his best to avoid it, Xiao Luo's tiptoe still fell on his shoulder .

"Crack ~"

With a few crisp bone fracture, Ma Zhengfeng rushing body suddenly went out of control, he's almost spinning as he was blown out . Like a ball hitting the ground, he bounced more than ten times .

"Ah ~"

A loud scream came from Ma Zhengfeng . A petite and lovely girl, holding a paintbrush, stood in front of the drawing board and looked horrified at him with blood all over his face .

Ma Zhengfeng sprang to his feet with a ferocious look, grabbed the girl by the throat, held her in his hand, and hissed at Xiao Luo: "Don't come here, or I'll kill her!"

The girl was completely stunned . At that time, she didn't respond to what had happened . She was painting here perfectly . What happened? Who the hell is this guy with blood all over his face? How can there be such a person in the school?

Her eyes darted forward, then fixed on a figure, her body trembling violently: "Luo . . . Luo Shen?"

She saw Xiao Luo .

Xiao Luo also saw her appearance, immediately he frowned, and a headache came . Because this girl is none other than AnHuan .

But as much as he was surprised, his footsteps still did not stop, his sharp claws were whistling .

"Sorry, I don't accept threats . "

"F*ck you!"

The urgent Ma Zhengfeng growled, he grabbed AnHuan's arm and threw her to Xiao Luo .

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