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Chapter 50

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Xiao Luo was motionless towering from the ground, looking at the people that are sprawled on the ground with his unparalleled power .

Quiet as mountain water, moving like a tiger released out of a cage!

All the students in the canteen were stunned at this moment . They opened their eyes wide and looked at him unblinkingly with Zhao Xing and a line of people lying on the ground . Some kept the posture of their holding spoons for soup, some were still holding chopsticks for food to be delivered to their mouths, and some were holding large bowls of soup to drink . . . Time seemed to freeze .

After about 0 . 03 seconds, the whole canteen was in shock and fell in uproar!

"Oh my god, how can this guy be so fierce to kick a person four or five meters away!"

"He must had practiced, he's definitely a practicioner . "

"I didn't think there was such a fierce person in our school . What is his major?"

All the students talked about it one after another . The shutter sound of "beep" and "beep" of the cell phones was continuously ringing . The circle of friends, the microbloggers were so busy that they even forgot to eat for a while .

"Luo Shen is really fierce!"

The English major girls looked at each other . If they hadn't witnessed it with their own eyes, they would never have believed that Xiao Luo could kick a boy weighing 160-70 kg flying out . At the same time, they felt that Xiao Luo just had a very elegant, natural and neat demeanor, and summed up one word: cool .

Huang Ruoran was also startled for a moment, then lowered her head and continued to eat, as if nothing had happened .

"I'm really worried about Song Jian'an's IQ . I know that even Xiao Luo can play pretend so well, yet he still need to send these little shrimps . " Chu Yue pouted .

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Bai Xeiwen didn't answer her words, she's only stupidly looking at Xiao Luo .

Until Chu Yue waved her hand in front of Bai Xeiwen and asking, "What are you doing?"

Before Bai Xeiwen then returned to her absolute being . She turned her head, the young girl smiled like spring, then her eyes narrowed into crescent shape, she said in an excited way: "Queen Chu, do you see, Xiao Luo is so handsome now!"


Chu Yue was caught off guard and was surprised, her mouth open . An Huan already said so but she did not understand and thought it was dumb . But now even her good friend was also possessed and followed An Huans footsteps .


Zhao Xing felt ashamed . There were so many mobile phones around him taking photos and taking videos . The information about their beating would only take half a day to spread throughout Hua Ye . At that time, they would become a laughingstock of Hua Ye and become the talk of everyone after dinner .

The thought of this, made his tooth itch, but he did not dare to take any action . With Xiao Luo's one foot, it already let him know what fear is, at that moment, he thought he was going to die soon .

"Don't try to lie on the ground and pretend . The ground is dirty, so get up quickly!" Xiao Luo shrugged lightly .

Hearing this, Zhao Xing was so ashamed and angry that he covered his aching abdomen and got up from the ground . The others followed him slowly .

"Xiao Luo, this kick of yours, sooner or later I will double it back to you . " Zhao Xing grinded his teeth .

"I'll wait . "

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Xiao Luo couldn't help but want to laugh, and he wondered in his heart, what's wrong with college students now . They're not good at reading and were falling in love so fast, they also like fighting?

Zhao Xing's anger was so high that he could not contain it anymore, but when he heard the click of the camera shutter, he found a way to vent it . Pointing at the students around him, he shouted angrily: "Don't photograph anything, don't photograph it, or I'll kill you!"

Seeing his fierce face, all the students were shocked and subconsciously put down their cell phones .

Zhao Xing waved his hand and called "Go" . A line of people left the canteen in a hurry .

Arrogant to come, despondently leaving!

An Huan is now worshipping and liked Xiao Luo more and more: "Luo Shen, you are my male god, I will make your handsome photos into posters and stick them on the wall of the dormitory . "

"What are you doing by putting it on the walls, to ward off evil spirits?" Xiao Luo replied .

An Huan pouted and blushed . "No, I'll stick it on the wall so I can see you all the time . "

"No, if you want to do this, I will sue you for violating my image rights . I am serious . " Xiao Luo threatened .

He came to the school to protect someone . God knows he will cause so much trouble . Compared with Song Jian 'an, this An Huan is a bigger trouble . He reached out his hand to take the photos . This girl who has always said that he likes him is such a big pain but he can't give her even a kick as it would be f*cked up .

"Oh, Luo Shen, you . . . how could you do this!" Anhuan said coquetishly .

"Hey hey . . . Luo Ge said his picture is not good, so you can take mine and Kai Zi's instead . A little P . S, We're definitely handsome and cool, just like little fresh stars . " Xiao-fei Zhu interjected at this moment .

"Who wants you two, a fat pig and a pencil necked monkey, have no sense of beauty at all and cannot compare with Luo Shen . " An huan's hands were on her waist .

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Xiao-Fei Zhu covered his chest and wanted to cry: "It's too shocking!"

Ding Kai nudged him: "If you say your picture, just you say your picture . Why do you take me with you?"

"I, in the end of the day, we're brothers, together be humiliated and die right?" Xiao-fei Zhu justified .

Ding Kai looked at him seriously for a while, then scolded: "What the f*ck?! Idiot!"

"Your sister!"

Xiao-fei Zhu thought Ding Kai would say something full of philosophy, but he never thought it would be these words . His face was green .


Chu Yue is very upset these days, because no matter where she goes, she meets Xiao Luo every time .

Returning to the dormitory, she angrily threw her bag into the bed: "I'm so angry!"

"Master Chu, what's the matter?" Bai Xeiwen was using the computer, she turned around and asked curiously .

"What else can I do? I met that fake and forced offender again . " Chu Yue said gnashing .

"Hey, you are so predestined together . " Bai Xeiwen said surprised .

"Smelly Xeiwen, believe it or not, I'll take all your clothes off . " Chu Yue sipped her lips, her eyes radiant like a small demon .

"Don't, Queen Chu, it's daylight now . It's embarrassing to be stripped naked in the dormitory . "

"Then why did you dare to make fun of me?"

Bai Xeiwen smiled: "I am telling the truth, you see, you have complained to me six times, plus this moment this, it's seven times . It seems that as long as you go down to pick up the parcel express or something, you will meet Xiao Luo, isn't this fate?"

"Who wants to be together with a pretentious prick?"

Chu Yue pursed her lips in a very careless way . Then she thought of some possibility . A trace of panic appeared on her face . "Bai Xeiwen, do you think he wanted revenge from last time?"

"You think too much, Xiao Luo is not that kind of person . " Bai Xeiwen really admired Chu Yue's imagination .

"Why is he not that kind of person? I think he is . He even looks at me with gloomy eyes . " The more Chu Yue think, the more she became afraid, her body also can't help but feel cold .

Bai Xeiwen helplessly shook her head: "You're just frightening yourself . Also, we are in the same school, so meeting him, is it not very normal?"

"It may be true or not but I've already met him seven times . How could this be a coincidence? He must be following me . " Chu Yue still thinks there is a problem .

"If you don't believe it, then check it out this afternoon . Let's go to the back mountain together and see if we can meet Xiao Luo again . The back mountain is a bit biased . If we can meet him again, it shows that he is following you on purpose . If not, you just think too much . " Bai Xeiwen suggested .

"Well, that's a good idea!"

Chu Yue nodded, if she can't get to the bottom of this, her heart will always be uneasy .

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