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Chapter 52

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Since Anhuan never encountered this kind of situation, being swung by Ma Zhengfeng, she was so dizzy that she just screamed .

Xiao Luo's eyebrows furrowed, he stretched out his hand and embrace An Huan as if they were dancing, in a situ rotation . An Huan then quieted down .

" Luo Shen . . . "

An Huan looked at the man in close proximity with blurred eyes, as her heart kept jumping around "plop plop" . She did not know whether she was frightened or because she was held in the arms by the man he liked .

"It's not safe here, get out of here!"

Xiao Luo coldly dropped a word, he let go of An Huan . His body slightly curled, like cheetah lunged towards the fleeing Ma Zhengfeng's direction and shot away .

An huan's trembling body was fixed in place . After a long time, her dilated pupil slowly contracted and she swallowed hard: "light . . . lightness skill?" [left it at that, for now]


"This is the tenth move . See how long you can hold up . "

Deep in the forest, Xiao Luo was fiercely punching and mercilessly bombarding Ma Zhengfeng, there is no suspense, the opponent Ma Zhengfeng was vomiting blood again and again, helplessly .

"Come again!"

Xiao Luo's eyes were full of evil intent, and with a combination of two consecutive strokes it had an accurate and biting effect on Ma Zhengfeng's chest .

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Ma Zhengfeng, who had no strength to fight back, stuck to a tree . It lasted for a few seconds before he slowly slipped like mud and fell to his knees with a thud . Blood poured out of his mouth, his chest weaving up and down breathing heavily . His eyes looked at Xiao Luo with horror .

He has carried out hundreds of missions, but he has never encountered such a situation, let alone such a terrifying opponent .

He originally thought that the five million reward is easy, but he did not think that in Chu Yue's side, unexpectedly there was hiding such a terrible monster . He didn't even have a little room for resistance .

Xiao Luo slowly came to him and looked at him from a high position: "Let me ask you a question . Besides you, are there any other assassins targeting Chu Yue?"

Ma Zhengfeng was stunned, then snorted softly: "No comment!"

He thought Xiao Luo was very funny . The question was asked when obviously he was one of the assassins . Wouldn't he contradict himself .

"If I were you, I wouldn't have answered like this . " Xiao Luo lightly said with a smile .

The next second, his face became cold, his right foot was raised, and then he brazenly stepped on the palm of Ma Zhengfeng's hand that was supporting him from the ground .

"Crack ~ Crack ~"

In a series of crisp broken bones, shrill screams also resounded through the forest .

Finger to finger, intense pain swept his whole body, Ma Zhengfeng vigorously struggled, but Xiao Luo grabbed his neck with great power enough to make his face purple, he almost fainted .

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"If you continue to struggle, I'll break the other five fingers together!" Xiao Luo's voice sounded in Ma Zhengfeng ear, it let him slightly stop, he nearly collapsed brimming with fear and pain, in the end he stopped struggling .

"Yes, that's right!"

Xiao Luo let out a satisfied smile, and loosened his neck .

"You . . . who are you? There is absolutely none of you among Chu YunXiong's bodyguards! "

Ma Zhengfeng's voice trembled a little . In front of him, this man's skill was completely beyond his comprehension . He was simply better than God . He was also a cruel evil spirit . He did not even blink his eyes when he break off his fingers . This shows to what extent this man can do .

"It seems that you haven't understood the situation . I am the one asking you the questions, not the other way around . "

Xiao Luo removed his foot from the back of Ma Zhengfeng's hand . Ma Zhengfeng's five fingers had been completely broken, lying on the ground irregularly . The broken phalanges punctured the flesh . Ma Zhengfeng's left hand looked bloody .

"Let me ask again, are there any other assassins besides you?"

"This . . . . . . I . . . "

Ma Zhengfeng is very embarrassed . Although no one else will know about it, he has his own dignity and pride as an assassin . If he is captured and honestly answers the other person's question, he will be shadowed for the rest of his life .

Xiao Luo was impatient, there was a trace of displeasure on his face, his left foot unceremoniously stepped on Ma Zhengfeng's right hand .


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The shrieking cries resounded through the dense forest . Ma Zhengfeng was like a dehydrated live fish . The unspeakable pain raised his eyes and even twitched his bones .

"If you don't want to become a basket case completely, you'd better answer my question before I lose my patience . " Xiao Luo said lightly .

"I said . . . I said . . . " Ma Zhengfeng roared, horrified .

Xiao Luo's smile is like the devil's grimace of a grin, it completely defeated his psychological fortress, his fingers were already broken, the severe pain let his tears pouring out .

Xiao Luo leaned against a nearby tree, reached for a green leaf and played with it in his hand .

Ma Zhengfeng's face was pale and his body trembled uncontrollably . He dared not neglect any more . In front of him, this guy was a devil with a smile and was extremely vicious .

"I . . . I don't know if there are any other assassins . The employer has a one-line connection with us, or . . . maybe when the news of my failure reaches the employer, he will send someone else . "

"What you said seems to be nonsense . It is of no practical use!" Xiao Luo's waved as he frowned .

Ma Zhengfeng was so scared that his whole body was quivering . Afraid that Xiao Luo will start to work on him again, his brain immediately and quickly recalled, seeing what useful information can let this person give him mercy, under the action of fear, he really remembered one thing .

"Yes . . . Yes, I remember, when I left the employer's office, I heard that he seemed to be contacting Blackwater . "


Xiao Luo's brows knit even tighter . "What's that?"

"An organization specialized in training and coordinating mercenaries to carry out tasks,' One Wang Heishui can swallow heaven and earth', this is the slogan of their company . " Ma Zhengfeng truthfully answered .

"A Wang Heishui(blackwater) , can swallow heaven and earth? What a nonsense slogan . " Xiao Luo spat .

Ma Zhengfeng squeezed out a wry smile on his face, blackwater is the world's largest mercenary company, the people inside are all in abnormal condition . Only this monster, will dare to look down on blackwater .

At this moment, Gao Yang came and called Xiao Luo, "Mr . Xiao!"

Xiao Luo recovered from his meditation and left the trunk with his back: "You came at the right time, and I will leave him to you . "

This sentence sounded to Ma Zhengfeng, definitely the world's best and most comfortable words, if he continues to stay with Xiao Luo, he doesn't know what kind of abuse he will be subjected to . He is really afraid of Xiao Luo, deeply afraid from the depths of his soul .


Nodded Gao Yang, when he turned to see Ma Zhengfeng's situation, he can't help but consternate .

His face was covered with blood, his fingers were broken, there was a clear scratch on his neck, his ribs seemed to be broken numbering one or two, and his chest was slightly sunken in . . . Such a miserable Ma Zhengfeng made him, a specially trained professional bodyguard, feel a terrible cold and a layer of goose bumps all over his body .

Looking at the back of Xiao Luo as he left, he murmured an evaluation in his heart: "How cruel!"

And Xiao Luo is also wondering, when he became so cruel, you know, before he saw others shed a lot of blood he would be horrified . But now he even beat a person till he's vomiting blood, he also stepped on the others ten fingers, with no discomfort, instead there is a special kind of excitement .

What's the matter with him?

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