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Chapter 443

Chapter 443: Depending On My Mood .


Everyone in the Sales Department felt their heart being suspended . They got up from their seats and turned their eyes toward the scene . If Xiao Luo ‘took’ Vice president Shen’s hand, then Team Leader Xu would also need to ‘give’ one of his .

For the first time, Guan Tong felt that Xiao Luo was so ‘strange’, not himself . He didn’t find Xiao Luo to be like this when they were in school . In fact, Xiao Luo didn’t leave any impression on him . To his knowledge, Guan Tong only knew of a person named Xiao Luo in his class… Who would have thought that Xiao Luo turned out to be so strong and overbearing after entering society . This was simply frightening .

“Group leader Xu, where are you going in such a hurry? Rushing to the hospital to treat the wound on your head?”

“I… I…”

Xu Le was absolutely terrified .   Right now, Xiao Luo was like the devil for him .

“Oh, yes, we had a bet . We gambled on one of your hands . I think you should know by now that I won right? So, you have to ‘give’ me one . Tell me, which hand do you want to ‘give’?” Xiao Luo asked with a smile .

As soon as Xiao Luo asked this question, Xu Le fell limply to the ground . In split seconds, he immediately kneeled and kept kowtowing to Xiao Luo while begging for mercy, “I lost, I gave up Xiao Luo, please don’t break my hand, I will never fight against you again, please…”

His voice turned hoarse while tears were streaming down his face due to fear .

A pungent smell suddenly permeated through the air, making Xiao Luo, Si Yueting and Liu Yiyao scrunched up their eyebrows . They hurriedly covered their noses, this Xu Le had become so afraid that he actually p*issed himself .

“Get out of here!”

Xiao Luo lost the desire to break Xu Le’s hand…

“Thank you, thank you …”

Xu Le, who was granted amnesty, hastily rolled and climbed to his feet, he scurried in a hurry to get out of the sales department without any regards to his image . He would never show his face at Huayao Group again .

Xiao Luo then calmly walked to his area . The entire office was awashed in silence . Everyone pretended to be busy, but their attention was always on him .

“Luo Ge, water!”

Si Yueting poured a cup of hot water and put it in front of Xiao Luo with a smile .

“Thank you . ” Xiao Luo nodded .

“Brother Luo, let me help massage your shoulders . ” Liu Yiyao also wanted some attention .

“No, just do your own thing . ”

“Ok, Luo Ge, but we are hugging your thighs . ”

“Yeah, Brother Luo must call us if you need anything, such as ‘warming the bed,’ hee hee …”

The two women didn’t forget to flirt with their young and powerful team leader .

Xiao Luo, “…”

At this moment, Guan Tong walked over and took a seat next to him .

“Xiao Luo are you still the same guy that I knew when I was in school?”

Guan Tong looked at Xiao Luo contemplatively . It was too difficult to believe that Xiao Luo would possess such superb skills . He not only won the order of the Municipal Women’s Insurance Institute, he also had the guts to break Vice President Shen’s hand .

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“Do I look like someone else?”

“No, no, no, you are still you… Ahhh forget it, nevermind . By the way, have you heard that Guo Qinghe was arrested for engaging in pyramid scheming? He’ll soon face trial . ”  Guan Tong suddenly shifted the topic to Guo Qinghe .

“Oh, when?”

Xiao Luo pretended not to know, he couldn’t help but ‘take a sip of tea’ (figuratively), feeling a little guilty . After all, he was the one who was most clearned on Guo Qinghe being captured .

Guan Tong shook his head and said, “It was quite recent, about four to five days ago . I also heard that he tricked your… ahem… Zhao Mengqi into the MLM organization . He really deserves to be jailed . ”

There was a tint of hatred in between the lines .

“Un, he really deserves it!” Xiao Luo nodded in agreement .

“Yes, this is indeed great . It seems that the police will finally take down the MLM organization in Xia Hai . ”

Guan Tong didn’t mention Zhao Mengqi again… He suddenly saw Ling Fei walking toward him, he quickly said, “Ok, I can’t talk anymore, I still have things to do . ”

He got up and returned to his area .

Ling Fei walked over, her beautiful eyes were filled with complex emotions as she looked at Xiao Luo .

She didn’t speak, and Xiao Luo didn’t bother to speak first either . Of course he didn’t back down and stared straight back at her .

The two just stared at each other .

The people in the office couldn’t help but look and whisper among themselves .

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“Ling Fie used to be the champion of our sales department . But when Xiao Luo came, he grabbed the position . Ling Fie must be very uncomfortable . ”

“They won’t fight, will they?”

“Your guess is not superfluous… If they keep staring down at each other like this, something will definitely happen . ”

Everyone could feel the tension in the room .

However, at this time, Ling Fei spoke, “Xiao Luo, congratulations, I shouldn’t have underestimated you . ”

“Thank you . ”

Xiao Luo nodded and accepted the greetings like a gentleman .

“I will take back the position of champion next month!” Ling Fei’s eyes were firm .

“Hehe… I’ll be waiting . ”

In fact, Xiao Luo was actually not interested in this victor position at all . If not for Mao Jianyi and Shen Xingqing making him angry, he wouldn’t have offered to take up the order of the Municipal Women’s Insurance Institute, despite the high remuneration .

Ling Fei didn’t speak again and turned to leave .

Xiao Luo also continued to play games and didn’t clock out until it was time . Now that he was already here, he could just wait until it was time to get off work . He could kill time by playing games .

“Luo Ge, Minister Mao seems to be resigning, and the position of the minister is yours . ” Si Yueting walked up in a low voice . She just saw Mao Jianyi sorting things in the Minister’s office .

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“Wow, Brother Luo, the two of us really didn’t follow the wrong person . You really are a sturdy thigh to hold on to . Tonight I will certainly open a good room and wash myself and cover myself in sweet fragrance and wait for you . Hee hee …” Liu Yiyao’s words were three points true and seven points false, but it still made people’s imagination go astray . After all, her figure and appearance were top notch . She was really sensual .

However, Xiao Luo poured cold water over them, “Boss Shen said that I’ll be the next minister? I refuse . ”


The two women were very puzzled and couldn’t help but blurted out the question at the same time . Such a good promotion opportunity was passed on just like this .

“It’s nothing, just that all I want is to hang out in the company . ”

Xiao Luo wasn’t joking . He really came here just to dawdle and pacify Su Li .


Si Yueting and Liu Yi Yao had their mouths open at the same time, their faces were covered in shock .

“It’s time, I still have something to do so I’ll go first . ” Xiao Luo looked at the time, turned off the computer, got up and walked straight out .

“Brother Luo, when will you come to the company again?” Si Yueting asked loudly .

“Depending on my mood . ”

Xiao Luo didn’t look back, he lifted a hand to wave back as he left .

Depending on my mood?

What the h*ck! ! !

Everyone else in the office was feeling distressed . To report to work based on their mood . What a luxury!? Xiao Luo had undoubtedly injured everyone with a one ton strike from what he had just said .

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