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Chapter 444

Chapter 444: Huijin Building .


At seven o’clock in the evening, Xiao Luo fulfilled what he had previously promised .   He went out to play with Su Bei and Su Li . Luo Pingxiang, Su Li’s assistant, also tagged along .

Because they were afraid of being followed by paparazzi and being secretly photographed, they used Xiao Luo’s Chuanqi .

Su Li was dressed in a white bubble shirt . She sat quietly in the back seat, looking youthful and charming; Luo Pingxiang sat on the other side, with Su Bei being in the middle of the two .

Su Bei’s soft hair was styled with bangs and two pigtails on either side of her head . When combined with matching white skirt and lace socks, she looked like a little princess that came out of a fairy tale world .

For the ‘family’ to come out and play, the girl was naturally very excited .

“Where to eat dinner?” Xiao Luo asked for Su Li’s opinion .

“You decide!”  Su Li’s lips slightly parted and she answered in her indifferent voice .

Xiao Luo raised his eyebrows at her reply . When he realized that it was useless to ask her, he turned to Su Bei instead, “What would you like to eat, Beibei?”

“Beibei will eat whatever dad eats . ” Su Bei happily replied .

Xiao Luo felt distressed…

Just when he was about to ask Luo Pingxiang, she seemed to have anticipated his question and answered him preemptively, “Mr . Xiao Luo will decide where he wants to go . Sister and I will listen to you today . ”

At this time, Su Li gave a soft cough . She said, “You are responsible for all the expenses today . Qingyan just told me that you got a 17 million income today . ”

Su Li’s eyes glowed when she brought up this subject . She had thought that ‘the’ man was already starting to ‘change’ . Since he already got the first bucket of gold, the second and the third bucket would naturally come right after . This gave her a very satisfied feeling .

“17 million? Oh my God, Mr . Xiao Luo, you are making a fortune!” Luo Pingxiang was very surprised, her face was full of envy .

Xiao Luo was dumbfounded when he heard what Su Li said… Now, he wished that Shen Qingyan wouldn’t open her big mouth!  But then again, it was bound to happen considering the relationship between her and Su Li .

Su Bei scrunched up her cute eyebrows . She held out her fingers and muttered to herself as she tried to count up to 17 million . Of course, she eventually failed and grabbed her head in frustration cutely and asked Su Li for help, “Mom, how many bags of seaweed did father earn?”

Su Li thought for a moment before replying, “Probably as much as a high mountain . ”

“What a high mountain?”

“Should be as high as where we live . ”

“Wow, we can buy so many, Dad is great!”

With Su Bei’s concept of money, she squinted her eyes in happiness and praised Xiao Luo .

Xiao Luo looked at Su Bei in the rearview mirror and became even more distressed .   However, he would be lying if he said his heart didn’t feel a bit of tenderness when he was praised by this little girl .

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Half an hour later, they arrived at Huijin Building, one of the most prosperous buildings in Xia Hai .

Huijin Building was the center of the business circle; from integrated catering, entertainment and shopping, basically everything .   It needed not be said, the price here was also naturally expensive . It was a place where money was burned like firewood . Not only rich people, students and white-collared workers, even ordinary office workers, would come here . That was on the basis that one came here to broaden their horizons and not to spend money . Besides, Huijin Building did not exactly mean that everything was expensive . It was considered quite expensive but in fact, the consumption level was generally suitable for ordinary people .

Xiao Luo decided to go to Three-sauce Simmer Pot, which had a unique and delicious taste, also an overall balanced nutrition dish . It also had both vegetarian and meat options .

After getting off the car in the underground parking lot, Su Li put on a baseball cap and a mask to prevent being recognized . However, her ears were faintly visible under her waterfall-like hair, and such a picture that image created was enough to make people feel sexually aroused despite the covers on her face .

“Your dress looks strange . ” Xiao Luo couldn’t help saying .

“Then why don’t you dress me then?” Su Li retorted angrily .   Although it was for the sake of hiding her identity, she still carefully selected her outfit . Even if it was not fashionable, it should still be presentable .

Finally, she added, “You just don’t know how to appreciate it . ”

Xiao Luo smiled awkwardly, “What I mean is that you may attract more people’s attention, and the effect would be counterproductive . ”

Su Li pondered for a moment, “Doesn’t matter, just remember to choose an inconspicuous spot later . ”

Xiao Luo nodded to show that he understood clearly . He looked at Su Li’s dress and couldn’t help but want to laugh . When he thought of her wearing sunglasses during the night in Wolf Mountain, he really wanted to ask this woman if she could even see clearly at that time…

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When they arrived at Three-sauce Simmer Pot, to avoid bringing attention to herself, Su Li deliberately pulled the brim of her cap lower to cover her eyes . The waiter also didn’t think too much .

They chose seats near the window, and after she took her seat, Su Li gave Xiao Luo a look . Telling him with her gaze, See? Didn’t I go unnoticed?

Xiao Luo could only choose to ignore this . He then asked Su Li, Su Bei and Luo Pingxiang to look at the menu and let them orderfirst . Su Li wasn’t acting all polite either and ordered the most expensive foods .

While waiting for the food to arrive, in order to ease the atmosphere, Xiao Luo asked Su Li, “Miss Su, you said you would be busy, is it for a film or an advertisement?”

Luo Pingxiang also deliberately talked and played with Su Bei as to not disturb the conversation between Xiao Luo and Su Li .

Su Li was surprised in her heart, You are finally willing to ask me about my work?

She replied: “It’s for a new film .   It’sscheduled that we start shooting at the end of the month . ”

“How long will it take?”  Xiao Luo took a sip of malt tea and asked .

He was more concerned about this problem . After all, during Su Li’s busy time, he had to help take care of Su Bei .

“About two months, I will come back as soon as I have time . I’ll leave Su Bei to you, so take good care of her . ”

Su Li took a sip of lemonade . “If I find that she is thin or sick, I will deduct your salary accordingly . ”

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However, when she said this, she suddenly realized that this was not a good punishment . This man seems to have no shortage of money .

Sure enough, Xiao Luo coughed and replied: “I did tell you before that the monthly salary can just be forgotten…”

“That’s just your suggestion . Mine is … I don’t want to owe you a favor . ”

Su Li continued, “Besides, you are a man, and you need to work hard for your own career . Just because you got 17 million doesn’t mean you keep working hard to advance .   It that’s the case, then I will only look down on you . ”

Xiao Luo smiled and stopped following the conversation .

Just then, a group of girls and boys sat down not far from them . All were still looking immature . brimming with youthful energy .

Xiao Luo frowned because these people were none other than his ‘juniors . ’ When he first went back to his Alma Mater, he was repeatedly invited by Yu Jiangu to exchange experiences with these people . The girl sitting opposite to him was the one in the class who argued with him about Sima Yi and Zhuge Liang of the Three Kingdoms . It was Guan Yilin that was equipped with great wisdom .

Why are they here?

Xiao Luo felt a headache coming . If these people recognized him, he would definitely be required to greet them back, moreover, since there were several of them, it would get chaotic . Once they came over, it would Su Li’s identity and cause a big outbreak .

“What’s wrong with you?” Su Li noticed that he looked a little strange and asked .

“Nothing, it seems that I have a little cold . Let me borrow your mask . ”

Xiao Luo answered unnaturally . When he found that Guan Yilin looked over at them, he quickly took Su Li’s black mask on the table and put it on his face .  

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