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Chapter 442

Chapter 442: How!?


Cui Yongsheng’s face was enveloped in ridicule, and all of his subordinates also laughed at them . They didn’t think Xiao Luo was significant enough to even look at .

In front of Cui Yongsheng’s cynicism, Si Yueting raised the briefcase in her hand, “Sorry, Dean Guo already signed a contract with us, you are too late!”

“Hehe… Do you think I will believe such an outrageous talk?”  Cui Yongsheng immediately argued, and the smile on his face spread wider .

“You can’t eat a cake so you draw one to fill your hunger? Little girl, you’re precisely acting like that . You’re still too green (inexperienced) . You’re too naive in thinking that your little trick would work . ”

“Yes .   Not only is she too naive, she is pitifully naive . Minister Cui is absolutely right!” Contrary to expectations, Liu Yiyao smiled and agreed, while deliberately raising her voice .

“Ha ha … . . ”

Si Yueting also simply smiled .

Suddenly, Cui Yongsheng was no longer interested in mocking them, he spoke in a lower voice, “It seems that not getting the order made you all go crazy . Pweh, crazy women! Don’t mind them, let’s go and sign the contract with Dean Guo!”

He turned around after saying that and strutted arrogantly with his men inside the administration building .

“Let us leave!” Xiao Luo looked back before lightly saying .

“Luo Ge, why don’t we wait here? I’m really curious as to what Cui Yongsheng will look like when he comes out . ” Si Yueting laughed .

Xiao Luo asked a question, “Isn’t that gonna bore you?”

“True, too boring . Also, Luo Ge said that he would treat us to a big meal . So how can we waste time here?” Liu Yiyao said seriously .

“Fine then . ”

Si Yueting had no choice but to forget about it . In fact, she was really looking forward to seeing Cui Yongsheng’s defeated face .

The three were now approaching the exit when a shout came from behind them, “Stop!”

Looking back, Si Yueting’s face instantly showed a big smile, “Luo Ge, it’s Cui Yongsheng!”

Indeed, it was Cui Yongsheng and his gang who caught up with them .

Xiao Luo raised his eyebrows before saying, “Ignore them, let’s go . ”

Cui Yongsheng, however, caught up and blocked them .

It seemed like Cui Yongsheng ran all the way there to catch up to them, he was out of breath .   He was bent over while panting heavily like an ox .

“Minister Cui, what’s wrong?” Si Yueting deliberately asked .

“B*tch, shut up!”

Cui Yongsheng did not care about his image at all as he yelled loudly . He lost a 170 million order! It was impossible for him to remain poised or calm . He angrily glared at Xiao Luo, “Bastard, what did you do to make Dean Guo sign a contract with you? Say it!”

His last sentence was more like a roar at that point . Minister Cui almost vomited blood from anger and disbelief . His thick lips showered the air with its repulsiveness, both literally and figuratively . His heart was bleeding .

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Xiao Luo frowned, “Minister Cui, please pay attention to your words, otherwise I don’t mind teaching you how to speak politely . ”

“Motherf*cker … Bastard … C*nt … Son of a b*tch, I’ll kill all of your eighteen generations .   F*ck you…”

Cui Yongsheng lost his mind and attacked Xiao Luo verbally with all the dirty words he could think of . The scene was ironic, he looked dignified in a suit but his actions were complete opposite .

But his voice soon came to an abrupt end as Xiao Luo unceremoniously kicked his chest .


Accompanied by a dull crash, Cui Yongsheng smashed into the trash can to the far side of the road like a cannonball . He was thrown inside the smelly and dirty trash can .

Xiao Luo stood with his left leg while his right leg that was used was still suspended in midair, keeping the kicking posture .


Cui Yongyuan’s subordinates took in a cold breath . They retreated one after the other, suddenly feeling afraid .

Si Yueting and Liu Yi Yao once again looked at Xiao Luo with crazy worship reflecting from the depth of their eyes .

“Handsome! Cool!”

The two females became anthomaniacs, they felt that their team leader was handsome AF .

“Let’s go!”

Xiao Luo put his leg back down as he said to the two girls .

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“Yes …”

Si Yueting and Liu Yao giggled as they followed Xiao Luo .



“Have you heard?…”

“That new team leader of the sales department won the order from the Municipal Women’s Insurance Institute . ”

“What? How is that possible? Xiao Luo actually snatched this big order away from the jaws of Renhe Pharmaceutical!?”

“It’s true, even the contract has been signed already . They’re in Boss Shen’s office right now…”

“Terrifying, terrifying, who exactly is that Xiao Luo?”

“Agreed, he even won such an impossible order! Even if I use all of my imagination, I will not be able to imagine how that guy did it . ”

“Boss Shen has won, meaning Vice President Shen has to step down . There’s also the gamble between Xiao Luo and Vice President Shen . There’ll surely be a show to watch . ”

“It’s just gambling . It won’t be taken seriously . How can Boss Shen actually let Vice President Shen step down? Also Xiao Luo can’t really ask Vice President Shen for his hand… Isn’t that breaking the law?”

“That’s true, but there will definitely be many interesting things that’s going to happen…”

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When the news that Xiao Luo had successfully signed the contract with Guo Taining was reported back to Huayao Group, the company boiled up . An impossible order was won over to their Huayao Group . Many of the senior management felt like they were dreaming since it was just too unreal . It was 170 million for f*cks’ sake . This was definitely the largest order received in Huayao Group’s history, plus this order was snatched from the mouth of the number one competitor of the company, Renhe Pharmaceutical . This was too improbable!

[Sales Department]

Xu Le’s face was white and bloodless . He sat in his seat with his eyes wide open in horror, while constantly repeating the words, “How is it possible? … How is it possible? …”

Mao Jianyi, in the office, looked in contemplation in the distance, but then shook his head with a sigh . He picked up a pen and paper and set out to write his resignation…

Ling Fei also found it difficult to keep her calm . Even though she tried to busy herself with work, she would always end up looking inquisitively, checking if Xiao Luo had already returned from Shen Qingyan’s office or not .

She had now tucked away her former prideful appearance, she was no longer the champion of the sales department . The order from the Municipal Women’s Insurance Institute was enough to make Xiao Luo become a new sales star . However, after being stunned, one question still lingered in her mind, and that was, How did that guy do it?

“It’s done, it’s done, Xiao Luo ‘took’ Vice president Shen’s right hand!”

A fat girl from the sales department, who loved gossip, suddenly rolled in like a ball as she shouted the news in her high-pitched voice .

The people subconsciously looked at Xu Le .

Xu Le’s face was full of fear, and his hands trembled uncontrollably . Then he forced himself to stay calm and shouted at everyone, “Focus on your work!”

After that, he immediately picked up the valuables from his seat . He was so disoriented that he couldn’t even tell which side the door was facing . He collided into other people’s desks several times before he finally found the right direction, but his legs were already weak .

Just as he was about to walk out, he suddenly bumped into Xiao Luo, Si Yueting and Liu Yiyao .


Xu Le immediately fell to the ground as his sweat dripped down his forehead like waterfalls . His mouth trembled as he stuttered, “Xiao… Xiao Luo…”

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