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Chapter 441

Chapter 441: (Spoiler Title)


Si Yueting and Liu Yiyao were waiting outside, like ants on hot bricks, they were jittery and couldn’t keep still, constantly walking back and forth . They seemed to be more nervous and anxious than the family members waiting for the arrival of a new life . Previously, they were shocked over the fact that Xiao Luo taught Guo Taining the needle technique, they still couldn’t believe that there was indeed a painless delivery method .

“Ting, listen, the mother inside seemed to have stopped screaming . ” Liu Yiyao suddenly said in surprise .

Si Yueting perked her ears and was also surprised . There was really no more screaming from the mother, “Did Luo Ge’s method really work?”

The two of them looked at each other, when suddenly, a baby’s crying was emitted from the inside .

The door of the delivery room opened, and a nurse poked her head out and asked, “Who is Liang Qiaoli’s family?”

“Here, it’s me . ”  A man who was restlessly waiting outside answered .

“Liang Qiaoli gave birth to a son, congratulations!”

The nurse continued, “Both the mother and child are safe and sound .   However, they still need to be observed in the delivery room for about two hours . You still need to wait patiently outside . ”

“OK, thank you nurse, thank you!” The man was so excited that he bowed and thanked the nurse immediately .


The baby’s crying was heard so clearly, but why couldn’t they make out the mother’s cry? Shouldn’t the pain be doubled at this stage?

Si Yueting and Liu Yiyao froze . They were stunned, it seemed that their team leader, Xiao Luo, had actually done it!

At this time, the door of the delivery room reopened, and Guo Taining and Xiao Luo walked out . The former grasped the latter’s hand warmly as he excitedly said with a sincere smile on his face, “Xiao Luo, you really gave me a big surprise . The problems that have plagued the medical profession for hundreds of years have been solved by your two needles . It’s remarkable . This method has to be shared . This year’s Nobel Prize in Medicine will belong to you . You will win glory for our country and will allow us to be able to put up a good fight against the West . ”

After inserting two needles, the mother’s pain will thoroughly be eliminated .   And most importantly, it would not affect the delivery process at all . And since the delivery process would be painless, the delivery would go smoothly . It would feel like the everyday casual bathroom use . If he didn’t see such a thing with his own eyes, even if they killed him, he would never believe such a miracle existed .

Yes, this is a miracle!

Guo Taining’s eyes were unusually hot . This young man indeed gave him a big surprise . The oath he made at his ex-wife’s grave was finally fulfilled! Although he didn’t develop the method himself, at least he now knew a way .

“President Guo, this is your own research result and it has nothing to do with me!”

Xiao Luo didn’t want to be the focus of attention all over the world . Before he decided to use this method, he already thought about how to deal with it .   He had already decided to ‘give’ it to Guo Taining . It would be a believable cover up; a person who had spent ten years to make up for his ex-wife would have the ability to change the world of medicine .

Guo Taining was stunned and thought to himself, Is Xiao Luo going to let him take all the credits?

He immediately waved his hand to reject, “No, no, no, this is yours . I must not take it for myself . ”

“Dean Guo didn’t forget the agreement with me just now, right?” Xiao Luo suddenly asked .

“Of course, I haven’t forgotten it . I will certainly sign a contract with you, but I will not claim this method as mine . I wouldn’t have known that there is such a method in my lifetime if not for you . Till the day I die, I would still be blind of this method without you . ” Guo Taining was firm .

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“This is not the place to talk . How about going to your office?” Xiao Luo changed the subject .

“Yes, go, let’s go to my office, yes please!”

Guo Taining instantly extended the warm invitation to  Xiao Luo . Not to mention signing a contract with Huayao Group, he was even willing to give up his dean position .

Si Yueting and Liu Yiyao were speechless as they looked at each other in disbelief . They asked in unison, “That’s it?”



An hour later, Xiao Luo walked out of the administration building with the contract signed by Guo Taining .

As for the matter regarding the painless delivery method, they had also reached a compromise .   Instead of entering the competition for the Nobel Prize in Medicine, it would be promoted and handled by Guo Tianing . Guo Taining also promised to apply for a patent under Xiao Luo’s name .   However, Xiao Luo thought such things were insignificant .

“God, am I dreaming? We actually won the order of the Municipal Women’s Insurance Institute . ”

“We won the order that even Minister Mao and Ling Fie didn’t win . This is too unreal . ”

Si Yueting and Liu Yiyao both felt like they were dreaming at the moment . An order worth 170 million yuan was won by their Group 3!

The gaze they aimed at Xiao Luo was overflowed with admiration .

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“Elder brother, you are too much (in a good way)! Is there space in your bed tonight? I can help you warm it . ” Si Yueting blinked enchantingly .

“One is definitely not enough . Add me too, hee hee … . . ” Liu Yiyao also chimed in as she pulled her hair behind her ears .

Xiao Luo didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, “I am married . ”

“It doesn’t matter, we can be the juniors, we promise we won’t be found in the main room . ”

“Luo Ge captured our hearts by virtue of his ability . What are you afraid of?”

The two women flirted boldly in words .

Knowing that they were joking, Xiao Luo also said unscrupulously, “OK, I’ll ‘open’ up a good room, wait for me at night . ”

“Ok, Luo Ge . We’ll wash our bodies first and wait for you in bed for a 3P . ” Liu Yiyao daringly rubbed her breast against Xiao Luo’s arm .

Xiao Luo felt a tingle . These two women… Are they really doing sales and not enchantresses?

“Alright, stop fooling around . Since we’ve successfully won the order and got the contract, how about I invite you two to a meal and celebrate?” As a team leader, he couldn’t be too stingy . Xiao Luo was still aware of such rules .

“Yes, yes, I want to eat bear’s paw . ”

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“Brother Luo, I want to eat shark’s fin, Yay!”

The two women cheered as they constantly quirked their eyebrows at Xiao Luo .

Bear’s paw? Shark’s fin?

Xiao Luo was speechless .

At this time, a group of people dressed in suits were approaching them . The man leading the group looked to be about the same age as their Minister Mao…

“It is Cui Yongsheng, the sales director of Renhe Pharmaceutical . ” Si Yueting informed them in a grave voice .

“They must have come to sign a contract with Dean Guo . Fortunately, we came a step early . ” Liu Yiyao nodded .

Xiao Luo said, “Don’t worry about them .   Let’s go . ”

Just as the two groups passed by, Cui Yongsheng suddenly called out, “Stop!”

The three also stopped and turned their heads to look back .

“You are people from Huayao Group . Why? Did what happened in the morning not enough for you to give up? Why send another now? Your Huayao Group is really shameless!”

Cui Yongsheng walked over with a contemptuous expression plastered on his face . “You can’t snatch the order of the Municipal Women’s Insurance Institute! Dean Guo and I have a deep friendship . He will never place an order with your Huayao Group . Just go back and tell that Shen Qingyan to die . Besides, she didn’t even come in person, and instead she sent you three ‘happy colors’, thinking it would work . Are you underestimating Renhe Pharmaceutical or the friendship between President Guo and I? This is so funny!”

Chapter title: Group 3 Won!

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