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Chapter 440

Chapter 440: Magical Needles .


The ‘campus’ of the Municipal Women’s Hospital was old, and the delivery room was located on the fifth floor . Moreover, compared with other hospitals, the sound insulation effect here was not particularly excellent . Just by standing outside the delivery room, a person could hear the painful screams .

Nowadays, the national policy encourages natural childbirth, and caesarean was not possible without special circumstances . In addition, ordinary people also knew that natural childbirth was better than caesarean . Natural childbirth was the mainstream in terms of economy, policy and children’s health, but still, the pain of childbirth was a nightmare .

Before they went into the delivery room, Guo Taining and Xiao Luo first put on sterile clothes, gloves and hats, surgical gowns and slippers .

This created a lot of attention . When the doctors and nurses in the delivery room saw that the Dean had come personally, they moved forward to say hello . Guo Taining also gave a few greetings and asked the doctor on duty in the delivery room to take them to the waiting room .

When they arrived at the labor waiting room, the scream of pain became more evident . Even Xiao Luo frowned, and his face became unnatural . From the women’s cries, he could feel soul-tearing pain .

“What, how can this work? Isn’t this nonsense?”

After listening to Xiao Luo’s intention, the doctor on duty in the delivery room immediately opposed it . “This is a room for childbirth . How could you allow him to come here and cause chaos? If any accident should befall the mother, who will bear the responsibility? Dean, please don’t be muddle headed . ”

Guo Taining was embarrassed, he said, “Xiao Luo, have you…”

“President Guo, if any accident happens to the mother, I will bear it alone . Isn’t this part of our deal?” Xiao Luo interrupted directly .

That being said, Guo Taining still had some remaining trepidation . After all, there were two lives at stake here, the mother and the child . In case of any tragedy, even with Xiao Luo’s words that he would bear it, their Women’s Hospital would still be the one held responsible .

“You bear? What can you even bear? The family members will, without a doubt, think that the accident is caused by the doctors and nurses of our Women’s Insurance Institute . I strongly disagree with you giving them acupuncture indiscriminately . ” The doctor on duty snapped .

“Dr . Liu . ”

Guo Taining raised his hand and signaled the doctor to settle his emotion . “You call the nurse to come over and take emergency measures . Once the mother has any abnormal conditions, she will be taken care of immediately . ”

“But Dean…”

“Do as I say . ”

Guo Taining had made up his mind . As he thought back of his ex-wife jumping from the fifth floor to end her life because she wasn’t able to stand the pain, he felt desolated . He didn’t want this tragedy to happen again, so he developed an unimaginable thirst for ‘possible’ painless delivery methods . Hence he would accept the chance that Xiao Luo had offered him, and shoulder the risks .

Dr . Liu had no choice but to carry out Guo Taining’s orders .

Before long, many nurses and various emergency treatment equipment came into the labor waiting room . Once the condition of the expectant mother changed, they would immediately take corresponding measures .

“You can start . ” Guo Taining bluntly said to Xiao Luo .

Xiao Luo nodded . He then went to the nearest hospital bed . He slowly pulled down the fetal monitoring detector on the mother’s body, and ordered a nurse to take off the coverings of the lower half of the mother .

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“What is this person doing?”

“He said that he can make the expectant mother achieve ‘real’ painless delivery . ”

“He’s not a charlatan from the Internet, is he? The whole world can’t even find such a method . And yet he dares to say that he can completely eliminate the pain of the expectant mother?”

The young nurses discussed among themselves in a whisper . Everyone was skeptical and didn’t believe Xiao Luo to have any ability at all .

“Stop talking, prepare for the emergency treatment!”

Dr . Liu coughed and reminded them that this was a dignified delivery room . Hearing his cold voice, all the nurses immediately turned silent and stopped talking .

Xiao Luo seemed to turn a deaf ear to their chattering as he continued and pulled out a thin ten centimeter long needle . First, he pointed the needle down slowly at the position of the Changqiang acupoint of the mother . Only after that did he lay hands on her lightly . He then softly inserted the needle with his thumb and forefinger .

The originally heart-wrenching cries of the mother immediately died down…

“It is necessary to measure the depth of the coccyx of the mother first . This needle must be inserted on the last section of the coccyx without any deviation . When inserting, it must be done lightly, but it also must not be too light . Otherwise the effect wouldn’t be obvious . On the other hand, if it is done too heavy-handedly, it would cause more pain to the mother . So Dean Guo needs to practice more if he wants to master this method . ”

Xiao Luo explained to Guo Taining as he did his job . He was not a selfish person, but he was also not a living Buddha . Only when conditions permit would he give something (from the system) to the society .

After one needle, the second one followed right after . It was going to be at the Yangguan point on the back of the waist of the mother .

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“For this second needle, one must pay attention to speed . It is necessary to have good control . ”

As soon as Xiao Luo finished saying that, the second needle was already inserted . Everyone who saw this gaped, it was just too fast . In fact, it was so fast that their eyes didn’t even catch it, as if the needle just appeared on the back of the woman out of thin air .

At this point, the people dare not underestimate Xiao Luo again . Even Dr . Liu was shocked . Such hand speed was simply appalling, and Xiao Luo’s technique was also professional and that of an expert . Moreover, after the two needles were inserted, the mother no longer cried, not even a whimper .   Finally, the mother opened her eyes and looked around curiously .

Guo Taining’s heart was full of excitement . He couldn’t help but shout, “Dr . Liu, ask her how she feels now!”

Dr . Liu followed the order and went near the mother, he then asked, “Liang Qiaoli, do you still feel pain right now?”

“It doesn’t hurt, it doesn’t hurt at all . Doctor, what’s wrong with me? Is there something wrong?” The expectant mother was a little nervous because the pain had disappeared without warning .

“Hurry and give her a fetal monitoring test, and then look at the contraction degree of her uterus . ” The doctor on duty ordered .

“Yes . ”

Several nurses went to put on the fetal monitor again, and they soon got the results .

“Dr . Liu, the fetal heart monitor turned out to be normal and the contraction of the uterus is also normal . ”

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“The opening is now at five fingers . ”

Two nurses reported the situation of the expectant mother .

Dr . Liu asked the expectant mother, “Liang Qiaoli, do you feel like going to the toilet now?”

“Un, it also has become more and more intense . ” The mother answered truthfully .

“She is going to undergo delivery soon, send her to the delivery room!”

With bountiful experience at hand, Dr . Liu made a quick decision .

What? It’s coming so soon?

She is not even feeling a bit of pain and yet she’s about to give birth already?

Everyone in the labor waiting room was shocked . Guo Taining’s eyes were wide while his mouth was opened like an ‘O’ .   He looked at Xiao Luo with a strange gaze… The problem that plagued the medical profession for so long was actually solved by this young man just by using two needles! If this was revealed to the public, he was afraid that this method would shake up the whole medical field .

“Since she’s about to go on delivery and not feel any pain, I think this is enough to prove my point . And also, I hope that Dean Guo remembered my technique . ” Xiao Luo said .

“Good, good!”

Guo Taining nodded excitedly and suddenly burst into tears . If only he had met this young man ten years ago, his ex-wife would not have died!

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