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Chapter 439

Chapter 439: Weakness .


When Si Yueting and Liu Yiyao heard these words, their bodies simultaneously trembled .

As people who worked in sales, they studied comprehensively and had a grasp on the customer’s interest .   For example, in Guo Taining’s case, it was no secret to them that Guo Taining’s ex-wife chose to jump off the fifth floor of the inpatient department to end her life because she wasn’t able to withstand labor pain . Of course, they would never dare to bring up this subject . As long as they were ‘normal’ people, they would definitely know that this was a forbidden topic . This was Guo Taining’s bottom line that shouldn’t be touched .

Brother Luo, what are you doing?  Their hearts were anxious .

On top of this, they were also extremely puzzled about Xiao Luo’s intention when he brought this up . Maybe it was to ‘provoke’ Guo Taining .

And sure enough, Guo Taining’s expression immediately plummeted . His eyes that were shone with some kindness suddenly turned dark and sharp . His face showed his extreme displeasure .

Xiao Luo was unhurried and continued, “In the past ten years, Dean Guo has been studying on how to allow mothers to experience less pain during childbirth .   Although you are doing this because you want to achieve something in your lifetime, it IS more about you feeling guilty and commemorating your ex-wife . ”

“What exactly do you mean?”

Unlike how he previously looked at Xiao Luo, the gaze he was aiming at him right now was just the opposite . Any trace of goodwill from before had disappeared, replaced by deep hostility .

Xiao Luo took a sip of tea and said with a smile, “I know a delivery method that makes women feel painless during childhood… If you sign a contract with our Huayao Group, I will tell you this method . ”


Not only Guo Taining, even Si Yueting, Liu Yiyao and the woman named Xiao Yun were shocked .

As every typical person would know, the ‘arrival of life’ (childbirth) must be accompanied by pain . Some people would swear that the pain of childbirth was equivalent to breaking twelve ribs unless it was by caesarean .   Nevertheless, the recuperating period afterward would still be painful . After all, it would take some time to heal a wound on your finger, much more a hole in the stomach . How could there be a completely pain-free childbirth method in the world? It was impossible . The degree of pain could only vary from person to person .


Guo Taining’s expression immediately changed . He harshly whispered, “I originally thought you were an open-minded person, who would’ve thought that you are a cunning fox after petty profits . You are not even a doctor, only a salesman, and yet you tell me with great fanfare that you know a method to give birth painlessly . Ridiculous! Xiao Yun!!!”

He stood up and gave them his back .

He was enraged, not only because Xiao Luo mentioned his ex-wife, but also because of Xiao Luo’s deception . For over ten years, Guo Taining had immersed himself in the hunt for  methods to give pain-free childbirth, however, he still made no progress . He even began to wonder whether there was really such a method for painless childbirth in this world . And now, this ‘layman’ suddenly told him with confidence that he knew a method? That was simply nonsense . This kind of person made him feel disgusted and furious .

Indeed as expected, they had failed!  Si Yueting and Liu Yiyao bowed their heads like two deflated fluff balls .

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In addition, at the same time, they were very puzzled by Xiao Luo’s behavior . They were obviously salesmen, but why did he say that he knew a method for women to give birth free of pain? Even if they wanted to win this order, they shouldn’t spout nonsense…

“The three of you, please leave!”  The woman named Xiao Yun coldly said and gestured for them to leave .

Xiao Luo put down his teacup and smiled lightly, “President Guo, this is a maternity home . Most families send their women to give birth here . I believe that there will be women waiting in the delivery room at this time . If President Guo does not believe me, I can go to the delivery room to prove it to you right now . ”

Hearing this, Si Yueting and Liu Yiyao immediately turned pale . They hurriedly pulled Xiao Luo aside .

“Brother Luo, you… you…”

The two of them were unable to say a word . They only felt that Xiao Luo’s ‘lie’ was getting bigger and bigger . Yes, one could have a little knowledge regarding childbirth, but it was simply impossible to declare that one would know a method of delivering babies without any pain .   Countless experts and professors all over the world had researched for ways, but all had failed . So how could Xiao Luo know? This was a bit too excessive for Guo Taining .

Guo Taining turned around at this time and pointed to the office door and shouted coldly: “I have seen many people like you . You are the most bottomless and unprincipled salesman . Get out of here immediately . I don’t want to see you again, even for a moment . Get out!”

“Dean Guo, if you don’t believe me, I will let you believe!”

Xiao Luo’s eyebrows slightly wrinkled . A fine needle suddenly appeared between the index and middle finger of his right hand . It then impaled itself between Guo Taining’s eyebrows!

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Guo Taining felt like he had taken some hemp before a stiff feeling spread from his head to his trunk and limbs .

Within two seconds, he lost command of his bod . He couldn’t feel his limbs even though they were clearly fine . He couldn’t move, as if he had lost control of his body .

This… This…

He was frightened to disgrace . He immediately asked Xiao Luo, “What did you do?”

“Dean Guo doesn’t have to worry, I just temporarily made your brain lose control of your body . ” Xiao Luo laughed .

Guo Taining tried hard several times, but his body still couldn’t move . The fine needle stuck in between his eyebrows was like a stiffening talisman .

Si Yueting, Liu Yiyao and the woman named Xiao Yun couldn’t help but look at the scene with shock and amazement . A needle can actually make such an effect?

They know that Guo Taining isn’t acting, and his body really can’t move at all .

“What is this hex? Free me quickly!” Guo Taining was terrified .

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Xiao Luo smiled and removed the needle . Guo Taining then heavily fell back on the sofa .

Xiao Luo showed Guo Taining the slender needle, “This needle (an acupuncture needle) had been used to assist in the treatment of various diseases since ancient times . Its anesthetic effect is more obvious than that of painless delivery drugs . It only takes two needles of such kind to make the mother feel no pain . If the mother can’t feel pain, her muscles and organs will naturally relax . That will not only affect the delivery process in a good way, it will also promote the smooth opening of the uterus to ten fingers . Hence the third stage of childbirth can come easy . ”

After Guo Taining had gone through the same experience, he currently did not dare to underestimate Xiao Luo .   He cautiously asked, “Really?”

“I said if Dean Guo doesn’t believe me, I can go to the delivery room and confirm it right now . ”

Xiao Luo calmly said, “I will pass this method to you, on the condition that you will sign a contract with our Huayao Group . ”

This was Xiao Lou’s killer move to strike a deal with Guo Taining . The death of his ex-wife was a great catalyst for Guo Taining . Hence, Guo Taining vowed to develop a truly painless delivery method in his lifetime . Xiao Luo found this weakness and came up with a solution . The nine needles of acupuncture was precisely the solution . Not only would he get the contract signed, he would also benefit the society through Guo Taining’s hand .

“If you are indeed telling the truth, I am willing to sign a contract with your Huayao Group . ” Guo Taining adjusted his glasses and said seriously .

“OK . ”

Xiao Luo smiled . There was no such thing as no weakness . Everyone had weaknesses . And Guo Taining’s weakness was clearly recorded in his basic data, just that no one had the ability to grasp it…

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