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Chapter 434

Chapter 434: Stupid .


“Xiao Luo, it’s time to pay for your reckless behavior . ”

Xu Le glared at Xiao Luo, he looked like there were flames coming out from his nose and ears . Now that he had Shen Xingqing’s support, his confidence became mighty . He then respectfully said to Shen Qingyan, “Boss Shen, I had a little conflict of opinion with him in the office, and that resulted in a fight . He threw a potted plant at me and injured my head . I ask Boss Shen to uphold justice for me!”

This was only a passing remark . In fact, Shen Xingqing’s backing was enough to ‘uphold justice’ for him, but Shen Qingyan was the top boss of Huayao Group, he had to give her some face .

Shen Qingyan looked at Xiao Luo with complicated emotions . He engaged in an altercation  in the office and caused bloodshed to happen . Even if other companies might tolerate it, they would not tolerate it .

However, the thought that was running through her mind at this moment was, Is this guy so cruel? He seemed refined and dignified therefore, she didn’t expect him to be this kind of person . Does he have something to do with Yang Hongzhi turning crazy?

“Xiao Luo, did you really do it?”

Mao Jianyi questioned him in anger .

“It was me, but…”

“You are really too disappointing . Even for whatever reason, you should not fight with your colleagues in the office . ”  Mao Jianyi interrupted Xiao Luo and then stood in Xu Le’s camp without hesitation .

He turned to Shen Qingyan and demanded, “Boss Shen, Xiao Luo’s behavior is akin to that of a bandit . If you don’t severely punish him, the company will definitely be affected!”

Xiao Luo was slightly appalled by this change in attitude . However, when he saw Mao Jianyi, Xu Le and Shen Xingqing secretly exchanging glances, he was relieved as he found out that these people were birds of the same feather .

Shen Qingyan didn’t think about how to deal with it yet . She instead asked a question, “Xiao Luo, what do you have to say about this?”

“How can this bandit have something to say? I already asked the security department to arrest him . We’ll then lock him for ten and a half days in the police station . ”

Shen Xingqing gave an eerie smile, and then squinted at Xiao Luo . “You dare make trouble in our Huayao Group? You really don’t know how high the sky is!”

Shen Qingyan gnashed her teeth . “Shen Xingqing, is this giving me face? Do I need to hold a board meeting to impeach you?”  Shen Xingqing seems to be targeting Xiao Luo, but was it not actually targeting her? This stupid pig had nothing else except creating trouble for her all day long .

Shen Xingqing made an “alright you come and continue, the table is yours” gesture, and pulled up an office chair to sit down while cocking his legs .

“Xiao Luo, what do you have to say?” Shen Qingyan asked again .

“I have nothing to say . I indeed hit them . And even if I could go back in time, I will still do the same . ” Xiao Luo lightly replied with a smile .

Instead of continuing to ask Xiao Luo, Shen Qingyan turned to Xu Le and asked, “Chief Xu, why did Xiao Luo hit you?”

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“Because of some conflicts in our opinions . ” Xu Le quickly replied .

“What conflicts in opinions? Be specific, explain everything that had happened in the office just now! ” Shen Qingyan strongly ordered .

To be able to sit in the position of president of Huayao Group, Shen Qingyan had relied on her own ability . When she got serious, Xu Le instantly lost his fire . He shuddered and suddenly started losing confidence .

“You say it then!”

Shen Qingyan’s eyes fell upon Xu Le’s best friend .

The man just had a good relationship with Xu Le, and he was not one of Shen Xingqing’s men . In short, he was relatively neutral . Under his boss’ gaze, would he still dare to withhold information? He immediately spouted all that had happened .

After listening to the man, Shen Qingyan sneered and glared at Xu Le, “What nonsense is this conflict of opinions? You are clearly deliberately provoking . You’ve insulted your colleagues and got beaten, do you still have any more reason?”

“I…”  Xu Le was stumped .   How could this happen? The situation turned 180° .

“As a team leader, you are supposed to unite and help each other . But you instead chose to humiliate and ridicule your colleagues . Team leader Xu, aren’t you being too idle? Do you have nothing else to do?” Shen Qingyan’s words were like bombs dropping on Xu Le .

His entire body started to perspire, he looked towards Shen Xingqing and Mao Jianyi seeking help with his gaze .

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“Ahem… Niece, you have gone too far . Team Leader Xu worked hard . For the sake of our company, he was even hospitalized due to alcohol poisoning because he wanted to win an order, and accompanied customers to drink . Minister Mao can testify, right?” Shen Xingqing said .

“I … I …”  Mao Jianyi’s wasn’t able to give a firm answer . He was on Shen Xingqing’s side . But he also couldn’t afford to offend Shen Qingyan .   Therefore, he was currently stuck in an awkward position, caught in the middle .

“Team Leader Xu is a model worker of our company and a dedicated ambassador . We should all learn from Team Leader Xu because the company needs more talents like his . It is understandable to take a sip of tea after work . ” Shen Xingqing’s words of praise raised Xu Le so high, he could reach the heavens .   It was very pleasurable to hear such words .

Xu Le himself was feeling guilty and humble, asking himself if he was that good .

“Ha ha ha … . . ”

Xiao Luo couldn’t help laughing . When he realized that everyone’s eyes were looking at him, he smiled and waved his hand . “I’m sorry, it’s just that it’s so funny . I usually don’t laugh and hold it in unless I really can’t help it…”

Xu Le’s turned as red as pork liver . He stared at Xiao Luo while gritting his teeth . He was held high by Shen Xingqing but now he suddenly plummeted . Xiao Luo’s remarks abruptly dragged him down from such heights .

Shen Xingqing was also furious, “Oyy bandit, you aren’t deceiving anyone . Come and arrest him . Send him to the police station!”

“Vice president Shen, aren’t you afraid of being kicked out of the board of directors?” Xiao Luo smiled .

When Shen Xingqing heard what he said, he was shocked and abruptly raised his hand to stop the two security guards . He stood up and squinted his eyes at Xiao Luo, “What do you mean?”

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Xiao Luo ignored him and turned to Shen Qingyan, “Boss Shen, I will take the task of the Municipal Women’s Insurance Institute, but you must honor what you just said . If I win this, you will give me ten points worth of commission . ”

“How sure are you?”

Shen Qingyan was overjoyed since what worried her most at the moment was this 170 million yuan order . Now that Xiao Luo had accepted the task, she could already ‘see’ the Institute coming to Huayao Group .

“About 70% . ” Xiao Luo made a rough estimate .

Mao Jianyi said coldly at this moment, “Be careful when you say such nonsense, the wind might cut your tongue . ”

“The wind CAN’T cut the tongue, but it definitely CAN ‘fan’ (as in slap) some people’s faces . ” Xiao Luo rebuked his words .

He is going to take this 17 million order and slap these people in the face .

“Oooh, this bandit is so mystifying (sarcastic)… Security!” Shen Xingqing waved at the two security guards to continue with the arrest .

“I finally understand why Shen Jia only made you the vice president . And it’s because you are a stupid pig! All the members of the board of directors will be very unhappy if the company loses the order from the Municipal Women’s Insurance Institute . And if they find out that you, our dear vice president Shen, ruined the company’s chance, do you think there will be a place for you on the board of directors?” Xiao Luo said at this time .

Shen Xingqing laughed angrily, “You bandit look too highly at yourself . Steal away such a big order from Renhe Pharmaceutical?  Sign with you?? Are you trying to make me, this boss, laugh?”

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