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Chapter 433

Chapter 433: Quite fast .


Ling Fei could only keep her head down in silence, unable to say anything in her defense . In fact, it was true, if customers were so easy to handle, what would they need to do as sales-people? Wasn’t it their job to hook and sink customers?

“Boss Shen, it’s all my fault . If you want to punish anyone, please punish me . ”  Mao Jianyi said with a voice laced with remorse .

“Punish you? How? Deduct your salary?”

Shen Qingyan slammed the table . “Even if you buckle for a lifetime, you can’t get this 170 million!”

This was Mao Jianyi’s first time seeing Shen Qingyan so furious . He clearly knew the seriousness of the matter . His position as a minister was even in danger .   At this moment, he could only stand there with a sad face, he didn’t dare to make a sound .

“Knock~”  A soft knock sounded on the office door .   Right after, the tall Wu He pushed open the door and walked in .   She respectfully reported, “Boss Shen, Xiao Luo is here . ”

“Let him in . ” Shen Qingyan held back her emotions .

“Yes . ”

Wu He walked back out and called Xiao Luo, who was waiting outside, into the office .

Mao Jianyi and Ling Fei were both asking themselves, Why did Boss Shen call Xiao Luo? Is he here to remedy the situation?

Xiao Luo came in wearing a faint smile on his face . The neckline of his white shirt was slightly open, and looked a little bohemian, but it also showed an evil temperament . First, he nodded to Mao Jianyi and Ling Fei, and then asked Shen Qingyan . “Boss Shen, why do you want to see me?”

“I looked for you to do big things . ”

Shen Qingyan went around the desk and walked up to Xiao Luo . Like he did with Su Li, he could also smell a faint fragrance on her . It was hard to describe with words, but the scent was aromatic and even refreshing .

Xiao Luo didn’t speak, quietly waiting for her to elaborate .

“Have you heard that the Municipal Women’s Insurance Institute has to reorder a large number of medical devices and medicines because of relocation?” Shen Qingyan asked .

“I just heard . ” Xiao Luo nodded .

“Very good!”

Shen Qingyan was very enthusiastic and there was also a strong expectation in her words . “Dean Guo, the president of the Municipal Women’s Insurance Institute, has decided to not order from our Huayao Group . Guo Taining is leaning on ordering the products more from Renhe Pharmaceutical . However, they have not signed a contract yet . So you go and meet with Guo Taining . Help the company obtain this customer . ”

What? Did she actually call Xiao Luo to fix the problem?!

Mao Jianyi and Ling Fei couldn’t form a single thought . This Guo Taining had made it clear that he would place his order with Renhe Pharmaceutical . Although Xiao Luo took a big order from the Princess of Dubai, however, the situation was different now . It was obviously implausible for Xiao Luo to get that contract from Guo Taining .

Xiao Luo was stunned, but smiled right after, “Boss Shen, you have overestimated . How can I win such a customer when even Minister Mao and leader Ling couldn’t?”

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In fact, he was not lying, he was really not sure about this . First, he didn’t know anything about Guo Taining . Second, Guo Taining had already planned to order from Renhe Pharmaceutical .

“Xiao Luo, you can’t say that . You can even win over the Princess of Dubai . You can’t say that you can’t win this Guo Taining in the company…” Mao Jianyi said with a smile .

“See, even Minister Mao thinks you can do it . I’m sure you can do it even if you said that you can’t . ” Shen Qingyan urged .

For some reason, she felt an indescribable sense of trust in Xiao Luo . She always felt that this guy was unfathomable and nothing was impossible for him . The 170 million yuan order would definitely be won over .

Xiao Luo frowned . If this task was assigned to him first, he would’ve immediately turned his back on and rejected it . But this was not the case . This task was first handed to Mao Jianyi and Ling Fei, but they weren’t able to close the deal . And if he could really get the contract, the whole company would surely be happy . But what about Mao Jianyi and Ling Fei, these two people would lose face and would probably leave the company .

He came to Huayao Group to muddle through the days, so long as people didn’t take the initiative to provoke him, he wouldn’t provoke them back . And he didn’t want to create conflict with anyone’s interests . Plus, as the leader of Group 3, he still had things to do as he was responsible for the performance of his team members . This order, despite it being enormous, was very dismal .   In addition, he probably wouldn’t be able to do anything but waste his time .

Shaking his head, he replied, “Boss Shen might as well find another superior . There’s nothing I can do!”

“Believe it or not, I’ll call Li right now and say that you don’t want to make progress in the company and only know how to muddle along?” Shen Qingyan finally took out her killer weapon .

Xiao Luo snorted lightly and said disapprovingly, “Go ahead then!”


Shen Qingyan was so angry that she almost lost her temper . She felt that Xiao Luo was an accomplished person . And as long as he made his move, there was nothing in the world that he couldn’t do, but he didn’t seem to be interested, and she couldn’t threaten him either .

The next second,

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She lowered her posture like a deflated ball, “Xiao Luo, I beg you, as long as you can win this big order, I will give you 10 commission points . What do you think?”

Mao Jianyi and Ling Fei’s face immediately changed color, not because Shen Qingyan lowered herself to ask Xiao Luo for help, but it was because of the ten commission points . Generally speaking, the commission of completing an order was only five points, but now it doubled to ten points . If this order was really won, that was more than 17 million commission points!

More than seventeen million, this number was simply incomprehensible!


Xiao Luo felt a bit shaken . Although he was the boss of Luo Fang, and his value was worth 500 billion Yuan up, he was still very interested in money .

“Bang ~”

At that moment, the office door was flung open creating a loud bang .

The person who came in was a man of about fifty years old . His hair was white, he was wearing a white shirt and had three wrinkles on his forehead; looking like the stripes on a tiger’s head .

It was Shen Qingyan’s uncle, Shen Xingqing!

Besides Shen Xingqing, there was also Xu Le and his best friend . Both of whom had  bandages on their heads . At the same time, there were two burly security guards with expressionless faces .

“Uncle, this is already more than once, can’t you learn the etiquette of knocking at the door first?” Shen Qungyan coldly rebuked .

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“I am in a hurry . ”

Shen Xingqing responded quickly, and then pointed to Xiao Luo . “It is this person, quick, arrest him and send him to the police station . ”

“Yes . ”

The two security guards answered, and then rushed to Xiao Luo .


Shen Qingyan shouted and almost choked from the burst of anger . “Uncle, what crime did he commit? Why do you want to take him to the police station?”

Shen Xingqing pushed Xu Le to the front and said with indignation, “This is what he committed . ” He crossed his arms on his chest and humphed, “He fought in the office and beat his colleagues’ till they were spilling blood . This is simply an act of bandits, and must be dealt with seriously!”

Xiao Luo did this?

Looking at Xu Le and his best friend, those two were clearly injured, Shen Qingyan, Mao Jianyi and Ling Fei were all taken aback . They saw that the blood on the bandages were still fresh . The two looked like the wounded who came back from the battlefield . The beating they took was too hard .

“Did you do it?” Shen Qingyan asked with surprise .

Xiao Luo didn’t answer her, but instead smiled at Xu Le, “The speed of dressing the wound is quite fast, and you’re still conscious . It seems that your bone is very hard and the injury is nothing serious!”

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