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Chapter 435

Chapter 435: Misunderstood .


Shen Xingqing laughed boisterously and it instantly filled the whole room .

Mao Jianyi also laughed . Guo Taining signing a contract with Renhe Pharmaceutical Co . , Ltd . , was an ironclad matter . He did not believe, not even by a bit, that Xiao Luo would be able to pull the task off . That was just simply day-dream .

“I believe he can!”

Shen Qingyan on the other hand was resolute, and her voice was like thunder that made the office instantly quiet down .

Shen Xingqing, with a smile on his face, used the tone of someone who thought he was wise because of his age, “My niece don’t mess around, just let uncle take this rogue bandit to the police station . ”

“I am NOT messing around . If he is not able to win the order of the Municipal Women’s Insurance Institute, then no one in our company could . ”

Shen Qingyan had trust in Xiao Luo . She witnessed first hand, Xiao Luo driving the Chuanqi and winning the competition at Wolf Mountain . The shocking scene of his car leaping over a cliff had deeply imprinted in her mind . This man was mysterious and powerful, and his face always had a composed expression . He was definitely a man who had weathered great storms .

Ling Fei was dazed . She could only stare unwaveringly at Xiao Luo . She didn’t know why a person with Shen Qingyan’s identity would have so much trust in this guy . Was it because he won an order from the Dubai princess?

The atmosphere in the office became stagnated, however it was soon broken by Shen Xingqing’s mocking laughter, “Even as your Uncle, I really don’t understand you, my niece . Why do you like to protect this bandit so much? Is your relationship with him ‘unusual’… huh?”

His last question was very ambiguous, people who heard instantly understood what he meant .

Everyone else also glanced at Shen Qingyan, Shen Xingqing’s remarks really did make some sense . Shen Qingyan did seem partial to Xiao Luo . A woman who was so partial to a man, one could easily understand what was going on .

Shen Qingyan’s lungs were about to explode due to extreme anger . She shouted, “Shen Xingqing, don’t use your dirty thoughts to guess my relationship with others, you don’t have the right!”

“Does your relationship with this bandit still need to be questioned? Isn’t it very obvious? If you are not in a bed-to-bed relationship, why would you favor him?” Shen Xingqing sneered .

“You…”  Shen Qingyan gritted her teeth as she stared at Shen Xingqing, shaking with anger .

However, she quickly regained her calm and replied, “I favored him because he has the ability to complete the task I’ve given him . Shen Xingqing, since you think that my relationship with him is not pure, do you dare to gamble with me?”

“Gamble? Bet on what?”

Now that the masks had already been ripped off, he dropped all pretenses, Shen Xingqing stopped caring . Anyways, it was no secret within the company that the relationship between them was hostile .

“We’ll bet on whether Xiao Luo can win the order of the Municipal Women’s Insurance Institute . ” Throwing caution to the wind, Shen Qingyan stated . This confrontation should have started long ago . But she gave him respect because he was her uncle, hence she didn’t pull the final trigger . But what Shen Xingqing said today completely chilled her heart .

Shen Xingqing smiled and said, “How should we do this?”

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“If Xiao Luo fails, I am willing to give up my position and support your reign at the higher seat (the president’s seat) . But if Xiao Luo succeeds, then I am sorry, please immediately resign as the vice president and go home to support the elderly!” Shen Qingyan coldly said .

“Then aren’t you going to lose for sure?”  Shen Xingqing acted like a shoo-in . He casualy went to Shen Qingyan’s desk and sat down .

He had done it very naturally, as if this position already belonged to him .

Shen Qingyan became furious and gritted her teeth . “Don’t speak nonsense .   I ASK YOU AGAIN, do you DARE to gamble?”

“Oh … Why wouldn’t I?!” Shen Xingqing got angry .

The two people glared at each other . Their confrontation had officially kicked (started) off . The office instantly filled with a strong smell of gunpowder .

“These two bosses, you’re already betting on me, but you didn’t even ask me if I agree?” Xiao Luo spoke at this time, his voice sounded dull .

“Little bandit, you don’t have a say here . If you don’t want to be sent to the police station, then shut up for this boss!” Shen Xingqing pointed at him and shouted .

Xiao Luo smiled and said, “Vice President Shen misunderstood . I mean, I also want to join in the gamble . ”

“You also want to gamble? Are you qualified? ” Shen Xingqing smirked .

“I am only a small salesperson in Huayao Group . I really don’t have the qualification to gamble with you normally, but there is one thing that we are equal, that is, Boss Shen and you are betting ON ME . So I think I have the qualifications .   If I win, I want one of your hands . And if I don’t, I’ll give you mine . Dare to gamble?” Xiao Luo stated his terms .

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The people present couldn’t help but gasp . Xiao Luo might have said it blandly, but the meaning of his words gave everyone the chills .

Shen Qingyan looked at Xiao Luo in surprise and spoke her thought out loud, “Betting on a hand, is this guy so cruel that it seeped into his bones?”

Meanwhile, Shen Xingqing’s mouth corners dropped as he stared at Xiao Luo .

Xu Le shouted, “Xiao Luo, who do you think you are? You’re just a rotten boy struggling at the bottom of society! Can your hands be equal to our vice president Shen? Vice President Shen has hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars with every move his finger does . What about you?”

“You really are a barbarian . I was wrong, I shouldn’t have promoted people like you to be a Group leader . ”  Mao Jianyi frowned but in fact, at the time, he only gave Xiao Luo the position because of Shen Qingyan .

“Why, are you the one gambling, or do you perhaps also want to bet with your hands?” Xiao Luo was riled in his heart . He wanted to take this flock of birds of the same feather to the end .

Mao Jianyi dismissed it and said, “I won’t stoop to the level of barbarians . ”

“Hah! If you’re afraid of losing, then just shut up and don’t say anything . ” Xiao Luo smiled brightly .


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Mao Jianyi was like a fox whose tail was trampled . His eyes widened and his face became extremely ugly .

Xiao Luo then put his eyes on Xu Le, “What about you, Team Leader Xu? Dare to gamble?”

“Little bandit, are you trying to scare me? Such a trick won’t work . Alright, I’ll gamble with you, I will gamble with one of my hands as you say . ” Shen Xingqing said confidently .

When Xu Le saw Shen Xingqing agreeing to gamble, even though he was scared and wanted to retreat, he forced himself to straighten his chest as he said, “I’ll also bet with you! I don’t believe that you’ll succeed . ”

“I declare the gambling contract to have officially taken effect . And oh, I have to remind you that there is none of the word ‘regret’ here . ” Xiao Luo coldly laughed .

“Alright whoever regrets (repents), will be the grandson of the other . ” Shen Xingqing promised .

Xu Le was a little guilty, but he still followed Shen Xingqing claiming, “Yes, whoever repents is the grandson . ”


Xiao Luo’s mouth corners raised his lips in a smile .

Looking at this man, Shen Qingyan felt her body going cold for no reason . She felt that he was like a devil who lured people to sign the devil’s contract, and the humans who just sold their bodies and souls, knew nothing of it .

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