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Chapter 432

Chapter 432: Big Order ‘Flying Away . ’


The atmosphere in the entire office turned very tense and suffocating . Everyone was horrified as they looked at Xiao Luo who had a smile on his face . This Xiao Luo’s personality was really different from his appearance . His skill was also abnormal . Just now, he kicked Xu Le up to three meters away, which was simply unimaginable .

When his temper burst, Xiao Luo wouldn’t care about anyone’s feelings . If he was unhappy, he would release his unhappiness . It was not his style to keep his emotions bottled up!

Xiao Luo placed his foot on Xu Le’s chest and chillingly asked, “Let’s be clear, who is garbage?”

Xu Le felt a heavy mountain-like weight pressing down on his chest, keeping him in place,

“Xiao Luo, you … you will definitely pay for what you did today . ”

Xu Le maliciously threatened . This was a way to keep his face and reputation, mainly to cover up his embarrassment . He didn’t want to give way to Xiao Lu, as that would only lead to people thinking that he was not as good as Xiao Luo and/or he had surrendered to Xiao Luo .

But his dignity was naturally bound to be destroyed in front of Xiao Luo…

The pressure in Xiao Luo’s feet increased, and Xu Le clearly felt the crackling of his ribs, as if it was going to break anytime soon . Great pain coursing through his body . Xu Le couldn’t help screaming out .

“I’ll ask again, who is garbage?” Xiao Luo repeated, his expression inscrutable .

“I am garbage, I am THE garbage …”

Xu Le was suffering severe pain, it completely obliterated his will and he immediately gave in .

“Yes, very good!”

Xiao Luo nodded satisfactorily, then removed his feet from Xu Le’s chest . He also turned to return to his seat .

“Ahem Ahem…”

Xu Le gasped and coughed violently to regain his breath . Several quick-acting team members from Group 2 rushed over to help him . After this experience, Xu Le didn’t dare to provoke Xiao Luo again, and he didn’t dare to trouble Guan Tong anymore . He and the man who was also hit in the head were sent to the hospital for treatment .

After the two who were injured left, the office once again fell quiet .

After such a thing, the atmosphere in the office became very strange . Everyone glanced at Xiao Luo from time to time, with deep fear in their eyes . Xiao Luo’s behavior was too terrifying .

Xiao Luo ignored other people’s gaze, and only continued to play a mining game on the computer .

Si Yueting and Liu Yiyao approached him cautiously .

“Luo Ge, this is the latest customer information from Group 3 . Do you want to have a look?” Si Yueting handed over a stack of data .

“You can put it there, I’ll look at it later . ”  Xiao Luo only looked at the computer, without looking up .

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“Okay . ”

Si Yueting put the files on Xiao Luo’s desk, but did not go away . Instead, she asked tentatively, “Luo Ge, have you practiced (martial arts) before?”

Xiao Luo finally looked up as he frowned and asked, “Why do you say that?”

“You kicked team leader Xu with great strength, and we can see it . ” Liu Yiyao joined in .

“Uh huh, yeah yeah …”

Si Yueting agreed with her (Yiyao), her (Yueting) head kept nodding like chicken pecking rice .

Xiao Luo smiled, but didn’t speak . He only continued to play the minesweeping game . He didn’t want to beat people, he was not a psycho, but Xu Le really got on his nerves until his patience ran out, it was inevitable .

Si Yueting and Liu Yiyao only looked at him and stopped disturbing him . They silently returned to their own desks .

“Luo Ge is too fierce, it makes me a little scared . ”

“What are you afraid of? This is called having a personality . In my words, Luo Ge is a pure man . ”

“You northeastern b*tch . Of course, you feel that Luo Ge is a man . You’re a weak woman . But I am really afraid . ”

“I tell you, Luo Ge isn’t bad . Just don’t bullsh*t him . ”

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The two women whispered to each other, talking about Xiao Luo .

Guan Tong wasn’t in Group 2 so it was not appropriate for him to talk to Xiao Luo at this time . Hence, he could only find the opportunity after work .

Before long, several security guards ran in and asked what had happened .

Except everyone in Group 2 and Guan Tong, who was from another group, pointed to Xiao Luo .

“He used violence on people and injured our colleagues!”

“Yes, he is a barbarian . It’s not suitable to stay in the office anymore . I mean look at the blood on the ground, that is shed by our team leader and our other colleague . ”

“You have to kick him out quickly!”

The people were outraged, and their tone and demeanor were righteous as they one by one made their claim . Everyone’s eyes were full of hatred .

When the security guards heard this, their faces immediately changed and thought to themselves, Fighting in the office and breaking people’s heads, how did it come to this?

“Comrade, please come with us!”  The leader of the security guards walked to the front of Xiao Luo and said in a polite tone .

But at this time, a tall fashionable woman came in wearing high heels and wore a pair of glasses . The woman was none other than Wu He, the one they met on the day of the interview .

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Wu He said in her clear voice, “Xiao Luo, Boss Shen asks you to go to her office . ” When she found out that Xiao Luo was playing a game, her eyes suddenly became different . She said in a reprimanding tone, “The end of the month is approaching, how can you have the leisure to play this boring computer game? As a team leader, you are too irresponsible . Too irresponsible!”

“Boss Shen asked you to invite me, but didn’t ask you to preach me . ”  Xiao Luo was on the last grid . Finally, after completing the game, he stood up and ignored Wu He as he went straight out of the sales office .

The people in the sales department were shocked, they thought to themselves, This guy is really fearless . Doesn’t he know that Wu He is the secretary of Boss Shen and concurrently holds the post of Deputy Minister of Personnel? Who dares to talk to Wu He nonchalantly except the senior leaders of the company?

“Bast*rd!”  Wu He looked at Xiao Luo’s back and scolded in a low voice, she then turned away with a prideful expression .



In Shen Qingyan’s office, besides herself, Mao Jianyi and Ling Fei from the sales department were also there .   It seemed like they were just being reprimanded, their expression look slightly unnatural

Shen Qingyan was sitting in her office chair . She was dressed in a light black professional suit, and under it was her plump and undulating figure . Her eyes were lightly made-up, pupils looking dewy like water .

“A 170 million order was given to Renhe Pharmaceutical instead! Minister Mao, I hope you can give me a reasonable explanation . ” Shen Qingyan’s face was very frigid . She was beyond furious . 170 million was not a small amount . Such a large-scale order was enough for people to be greedy .

Mao Jianyi wiped the sweat on his forehead and bowed his head, “Boss Shen, all this is my responsibility, but we were already a step too late . Renhe Pharmaceutical already got to it first . ”

“Boss Shen, this is not the case . Dean Guo of the Municipal Women’s Insurance Institute has long been inclined to Renhe Pharmaceutical . Even before the relocation plan, he already took the initiative to communicate with Renhe Pharmaceutical . He never considered our Huayao Group . ” Ling Fei was unwilling and explained .

Shen Qingyan laughed scornfully: “Ling Fei, you are the performance champion of the sales department . It is very inappropriate that such words came from your mouth . What is sales? ‘Sales is to turn impossible customers into possible ones!’ If this order isn’t difficult, why would I let you go with Minister Mao and ask a representative to sign a contract with Dean Guo directly instead of others?”

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