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Chapter 43

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At the end of a class, Xiao Luo felt as if he had experienced a disaster . In his spare time, he quickly fell on the table and took a nap . It was too painful . A class lasted 45 minutes, and as a result, he caught fish for 45 minutes .

Of course, sleeping on the table also contains elements of pretending to be dead and putting an end to Anhuan's harassment .

He was sleeping well, when beside him, Ding Kai suddenly pushed him, voice trembling way: "Elder brother, Song . . . song Jian . . . "

"Who is Song Jian 'an?"

Xiao Luo shot straight up, subconsciously .

Xiao-Fei Zhu almost gave Xiao Luo a kneeling position: "Luo Ge, my good Luo Ge, how did you forget Song Jian' an? He was the junior social sports major and the backer of Tang Yuze who came to find fault with us last time!"

"Oh, that Sanda club president!" Xiao Luo suddenly remembered .

Xiao-fei Zhu and Ding Kai were chicken pecking as they nodded synchronously, although they said that they would stand up against Song Jianan, but in these past days, that earlier courage was long forgotten . At this time, seeing Song Jian again, the two people's face changed completely . Especially Ding Kai, he did not dare to even breathe out and was looking outside the classroom .

"He . . . he came into the classroom and must have come to our trouble!" Ding Kai's eyes suddenly widened and his emaciated body trembled slightly .

Xiao-fei Zhu clenched his teeth, staring straight at the classroom door, his body stretched tightly .

Looking down to the direction of their eyes, Xiao Luo saw a boy with a height of 1 . 9 meters, wearing a black vest on his upper body, with a pair of navy sports casual pants below, the muscles of his body were distributed in lumps, like pieces stacked on the surface of his body, strong enough to hold the black vest tight . If the vest was only a bit weaker, the black vest would be broken already .

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His face is a 'national' character face, with bad skin and thick pores, which gives people a feeling of potholes from a distance .

But he was as strong as an ox!

Xiao Luo finally understand why Xiao-fei Zhu and Ding Kai will use "bull" to evaluate Song Jian 'an, so strong . He's afraid he can only rely on himself alone and just throw out the trembling fatty and bamboo stick outside the picture .

This is Anhuan's boyfriend? One is petite while one is tall and hulking, a fascinating combination like Zhu and Kai .

Xiao Luo is not surprised .

In addition to Song Jian 'an, the acne-prone Tang Yuze and Chen Jie also came . They were like Song Jian 'an's entourages, following in both sides of Song Jian 'an .

As soon as the three men came in, they attracted the attention of the whole class of the English major . As Song Jian 'an's girlfriend, An Huan's eyes were trying their hardest to hide her disgust . Learning from Xiao Luo just now, she slept on the table also pretending to be dead and seemed too lazy to look at Song Jian 'an .

"Students, what major are you? We are going to have classes soon . If you are going to study by yourselves, would you please go to other classrooms? " Seeing that the three men were menacing, the interpreter politely asked them to leave .

Song Jian 'an stopped his pace and looked back calmly with a smile: "Teacher, we are very interested in learning English, so let us come and listen to the lectures . Don't worry, we won't disturb the classroom discipline!"

The interpreter had no words to say . As a teacher, he couldn't throw out students who love learning English and come and listen to lectures .

With a dry cough, he said seriously, "Since you are here to attend the lecture, please find a place to sit down . "

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"Okay . "

Song Jian 'an nodded in response, glanced at the classroom, and finally went straight to Anhuan .

"Beauty, can you please give me this position?" Song Jianan said to the girl sitting beside An Huan .

How could the girl not know that this tall and formidable guy was Anhuan's boyfriend, so she immediately packed her books to get out of the way .

An Huan stood up and grabbed her: "Don't go . Why are you getting out of his way? Lingling, you sit here, don't be afraid of him! "

"But . . . I . . . "

Wang Ling was extremely uneasy . It was impossible to say that she was not afraid of Song Jian 'an . He was so fierce and tall, and his face was fierce . He was a girl and was naturally afraid .

"Huanhuan what are you doing? I've come to see you myself, can't you be more welcoming? " Song Jian frowned .

"Make up what, I have already told you to break up, don't come to me!" An huan righteously said .

Song Jian 'an said, "Huan Huan, will you stop joking with me? I said that I and that Liang Huili are just ordinary friends . "

An Huan was angry . "Do ordinary friends hold hands and clasp their fingers? Song Jian 'an, I've had enough of you . This is the end of our relationship! "

The teacher on the platform sighed heavily in his heart: "Alas . . . . . . students nowadays are becoming more and more ridiculous . Parents have worked so hard to earn money to send them to learn knowledge . But as a result, they only know how to fool with each other all day long, and have no peace of mind even in a class . "

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The girl named Wang Ling slipped away quickly afraid to be caught between An Huan and Song Jian .

"We can't end it . I've decided to choose you in my life!" Song Jian 'an domineering waved and said .

At this moment, Huang Ruoran stood up and shouted sternly at the side: "Class is about to begin . Please settle any matters in private after class . This is the classroom, the place for class, not the place for love!"

"Shut up, who are you, Ange? Do you have the right to speak?" Tang Yuze pointed to Huang Ruoran then rebuked her .

As soon as this was said, several girls immediately stood up and bombarded Tang Yuze .

"She is our monitor, which onion are you?"

"That is to say, this is our classroom for English majors . Do YOU have the right to speak?"

"Get out of here if you didn't come for the lecture . You are not welcome here . "

About one-third of the girls stood up . Although it was a group of girls, this one stood up with great momentum .

Song Jian 'an waved his hand to stop Tang Yuze from speaking . He smiled at Huang Ruoran and said, "So it was the monitor . I'm sorry . My friend is a little impulsive . Please forgive me if there is any offense . "

Huang Ruoran doesn't want to see this kind of people, but if they go too far or dare to bully the girls in their class in the classroom, she will never watch helplessly .

"This An Huan, why did she promise to be Song Jian 'an's girlfriend? What's so good about this kind of man? His muscles look disgusting . " Chu Yue was sitting in her seat, puzzled by An Huan's choice .

"Master Chu, you don't understand that, you know, radish and green vegetables each have their own love? Besides, Song Jian 'an is not bad too, at least it can give girls a sense of security!" Bai Xeiwen lightly said with a smile .

Chu Yue took out half of the lollipop in her mouth and shook her head . "The sense of security is for herself . It would be very sad if her boyfriend gave it to her . "

"That's the way it is said, but aren't we girls a vulnerable group that always needs the protection of boys? When you fall in love, you will naturally know . "

"Come on, I will never fall in love in college . Falling in love is a waste of time and I will not hand over my precious first time . "

Precious first time? !

Bai Xeiwen blushed immediately and said with little shyness: "Where did you . . . What are you talking about?"

"What, where, won't you kiss in college? After kissing, won't you already had given up your precious first kiss? " Chu Yue frowned .

Bai Xeiwen breathed a sigh of relief: "So what you said was the first kiss, I thought . . . "

"What do you think I'm talking about?"

"I thought what you said was . . . "

Bai Xeiwen whispered to Chu Yue's ear, only the two people can hear what she said .

On hearing this, Chu Yue immediately blushed with her pretty face and her ears turned red . He gave Bai Xeiwen a push: "You dirty little woman, this kind of thing is really shameful . . . what you said . "

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