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Chapter 44

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Song Jian and the other two, total of three people proceeded to sit next to An Huan, like three statue of ShaShen there . Xiao Luo is poised, and was feeling no pressure, while Xiao-fei Zhu and Ding Kai was suffocating . Unease filled their minds, they're not even in the mood to play mobile games .

"Boss, those are the three dogs behind you!"

Tang Yuze glanced at Xiao Luo and whispered to Song Jian 'an . He hadn't forgotten the pain from back then and would certainly not let it go easily with the backing of Song Jian 'an . He was not afraid of Xiao Luo at all .

It's over!

Xiao-fei Zhu and Ding Kai's face was green, they thought they survived by luck, thinking that Song Jianan is here for AnHuan, but they are too hopeful as the situation said otherwise .

This Song Jian 'an is a strong man who can split bricks with his bare hands . They don't believe that their bodies are more solid than bricks .

What should they do, run or not?

Escape, but Song Jian would just directly find their dormitory; however if they do not flee, they have to be ready to die when the bell rings .

Song Jian 'an turned his head and gave Xiao Luo a contemptuous glance . He said flatly, "Don't worry about them now, wait until after class . "

Hiss ~

Xiao-fei Zhu and Ding Kai breathed heavily, their whole body can't help but quiver, Song Jian indeed as expected is waiting for them after class .

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"When the class is over?"

Anhuan heard bits of their conversation, she suspiciously turned and asked, "Song Jian an, what are you doing? Xiao-fei Zhu, how did they provoke you? "

"How can the three of them provoke me? It's just that these two good friends of mine have been beaten by them . I have to help them vent their anger . You can forget about this sad thing . For the sake of being classmates with you, I won't treat them too much . " Song Jian 'an's brawny arm was casually draped over An Huan's shoulder .

An Huan immediately pushed his arm away: "This is the classroom . Please don't touch me again or I will shout sexual assault!"

"So if we were not in the classroom, which means that the two of us can touch? " Song Jian said with a smile .

"You . . . "

An Huan was extremely angry . She didn't think so before . But now she thinks that Song Jian 'an is like a loafer and a self-starter . If it weren't for her vanity in her freshman year, she would not have agreed to be Song Jian 'an's girlfriend even if such a muscular man was brought out especially cool and dignified .

"Don't be angry . Anger is bad for your good-looks . Come on, give me a smile . " Song Jian 'an reached out to pinch An Huan's face .

An Huan stared with a fierce look in her eyes: "Don't touch me!"

"Shh, keep your voice down . Class is on . "

Song Jian 'an made a gesture of silence, and then ignored an An Huan's warning .

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When Anhuan can't endure longer, she got up and changed seats .

But Song Jian 'an grabbed her by the wrist and forced her to sit: "Huan Huan, what do you want? Do you really want me to show you my heart? "

An Huan could not break free from the control of this bull . After struggling for a few times without success, she had to tighten her eyebrows and lower her voice to shout: "You let go, do you hear me?"

"I will not let go unless you forgive me and continue to be my girlfriend . "

Song Jian 'an was adamant . His other hand directly caught Anhuan's white and tender thigh, kneading and stroking wantonly .

An Huan's lungs are almost bursting from fury . Although she was not touched less by Song Jian 'an during her love with Song Jian 'an, they arw in the classroom and yet she was touched so badly by Song Jian 'an when she completely made up her mind to break up with Song Jian 'an . She felt very humiliated and immediately slapped Song Jian 'an .

But Song Jian 'an's reaction was not slow . As soon as she raised her hand, the pig's hand quickly caught the hand she wanted to slap him with .

"Huan Huan, please don't do this . I really love you and I am willing to do anything for you . "

"Then die!"

An Huan glowered with anger and her eyes were red with injustice . She did not understand why there was such a weed like guy in this world . He was simply a hooligan, a scoundrel, a ruffian and a son of a b*tch .

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Song Jian 'an frowned: "It's very boring to talk like this, Huan Huan . You know, I can't lose you . All my friends know about your existence . If you are no longer my girlfriend, they will secretly laugh at me behind my back . Then how dignified will I be as the president of the Sanda Club?"

"None of my business, you let go!"

An Huan tried all her strength to break free from Song Jian 'an's hand, but she had thin arms and legs, and it was futile to struggle .

"I will not let go, I will not let go even in death . . . "

"Ahem . . . strong man is not sweet ehh, and, in front of so many people you dare touch a girl, playing rascal? Do you know that any physical contact against women's wishes, including but not limited to kissing, holding hands and touching buttocks, is sexual assault and harassment? You'd better let go of An Huan, otherwise I'll call the police now and let the police handle the matter . "

A faint voice broke, interrupting Song Jian 'an . It was Xiao Luo who was sitting behind An Huan .

He didn't want to be involved, but he was in the same class as an An huan . Watching her struggle so hard that tears were falling down her face, he finally could not take it .

"Luo Shen!"

At Xiao Luo's words, An Huan was very surprised, she did not think of Xiao Luo daring to make him stop .

After all, Song Jian 'an's fierce name came as early as Hua Ye, and almost no boy was unafraid of him . If it weren't for this, she would have pulled Xiao Luo out as a shield without hesitation .

Both Xiao-Fei Zhu and Ding Kai couldn't help swallowing a mouthful of saliva, thinking in their hearts: over, this is really not good anymore .

"Call the police?"

The expression on Song Jian 'an's face became playful, and then his eyes were full of haze toward Xiao Luo as he looked up, "Boy, do you live in a dream? Do you think the police are all fed up and have nothing to do but worry about such trivial matters? "

"Wrong, first, although you grow in a worrying state, but my age is definitely older than you, so you are not qualified to call me boy, but should call me elder brother . Second, aggression against women is not a trivial matter . If you don't believe it, I'll call the police now and see if the police will take care of it . " Xiao Luo was supercilious, he took out his mobile phone and was pressing two ones .

This dog, he actually wants to call the police!

Tang Yuze and Chen Jie's face suddenly changed .

Song Jian 'an' s face also changed color and immediately released An Huan .

Xiao Luo did not continue to press the zero, raised his head and smiled thoughtfully: "See, you still think the police will take care of such trivial matters, right?"

"You are dead! ! !”

Song Jian was livid, a pair of eyes boldly stared at Xiao Luo .

Xiao Luo ignored it directly and said to An Huan: "When being bullied, you can't only know tolerance . You also need to know that there are police and inspectors behind us . "

A just policeman?

Although she think this is so far away . She usually don't want to call the police because of this but hearing Xiao Luo speaking out in such a serious manner . An Huan was deeply educated and nodded heavily: "Well, I know, Luo Shen!"

Finished saying that, she leisurely looked at Xiao Luo, thinking that Xiao Luo, a good man, at the moment looked so cool .

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