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Chapter 42

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After transferring Ye Yingying's money and theirs from the cards to his account, Xiao Luo only have to worry about the Swiss Omega galaxy watch . Although it was worth 50,000 dollars, it was worth nothing . It seemed that there was no "pawnshop" in this era . It was really good to sell it . If it could not be exchanged for money, then it would be worth a fortune .

"Wow, Swiss Omega Star Watch, officially priced at 59,999, Luo Ge, where did you get this?"

The sharp-eyed Xiao-fei Zhu immediately recognized Xiao Luo's watch on his wrist, his meat ball body rolled up, and almost knocked Xiao Luo to the ground, his eyes shining straight at the watch .

"It's needless to say that Luo Ge must have bought it . " Ding Kai chimed in .

Xiao-Fei Zhu took Xiao Luo's hand at once, admiring him all over his face: "Luo Ge, let me hold your wrist tightly!"

Xiao Luo was speechless for a moment: "Don't listen to Kai Zi's nonsense . It was won yesterday, not bought . "

Win a bet?

Xiao-fei Zhu and Ding Kai looked at each other and saw the shock from each other's eyes .

Xiao Luo gave a simple explanation, of course, he only said that he played snooker and did not say in detail .

"Holy, Luo Ge, you are really a man of God . You can even win a watch worth more than 50,000 dollars at a small party, what would happen if you go to a bigger party, wouldn't you win a great beauty back by then?" Xiao-fei Zhu said surprised .

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Xiao Luo ignored him and asked Ding Kai, "Kai Zi, do you know where I can sell this watch?"

"It's easy to sell!"

Ding Kai put the book down and sat up from the bed . "There are a lot of second-hand goods trading platforms on the Internet now . As long as you register an account and send a post, you can wait for interested buyers to find you . "

Xiao Luo raised his eyebrows, this is unexpected, now the Internet is so developed that looking for buyers on the Internet is undoubtedly the most economical and effective way . Immediately he turned on the computer, chose a second-hand goods trading platform, and passed on the information of the Swiss Omega galaxy watch, priced at 49,000 .

"There will be an interpreter in 15 minutes, Luo Ge, let's go . " Ding Kai looked at the time and hurried down from the bed .

Xiao Luo was really indifferent to class: "I won't go today, Zhu, please help me sell it . "

When he was in college, he didn't do such things .

When Xiao-fei Zhu heard these words, he immediately breathed and gasped, then stretched out three fingers .

"Elder brother, my good elder brother, we are the only three boys in our class, how can this help you to point to, look at the past, wouldn't the already tilting balance be disrupted more if we skip? They girls can skip class, we boys have no choice but to attend . "

Xiao Luo smiled and patted Xiao-Fei Zhu on the shoulder: "I'm joking with you, don't take it seriously, how can I skip class?"

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But in his heart, he wore a wry smile, this Zhu acting like a professional is not good . Wouldn't he be forced by him to go to every class at this point?


When she came to the classroom, the monitor Huang Ruoran was already there . She glanced at Xiao Luo and continued to wipe the platform and then the blackboard . Although college teachers almost always use multimedia in their classes, they sometimes use chalk to write and draw on the blackboard to better explain knowledge points .

As soon as Xiao Luo sat down, An Huan who just came into the classroom immediately ran up and sat down beside him without scruple .

"Luo Shen, can I sit here?"

Anhuan pursed her lips and smiled with a lovely and charming air .

"I think you can but you should sit a little farther and let's give each other a wider space . " Xiao Luo said with a smile .

"Luo Shen, don't do this . I really like boys of your type, not for fun . "

Anhuan drew closer and boldly gave Xiao Luo a sexy leer . Her watery eyes can lure away people's souls .

Although he had talked with Zhao Mengqi for four years, but for those four years Xiao Luo kept their agreement and did not touch her, so he is still a big boudoir male with yellow flowers, which is commonly known as a virgin . At the moment, his nose wafted the faint scent of An Huan . The two people are so close together . Xiao Luo couldn't help swallowing saliva and felt that his little brother has been valiantly raised .

What exactly does Anhuan want?

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Xiao Luo quickly shifted his attention and rcalled that a hero's weakness is a maiden's beauty . He did not believe it before, but now he believes it . When a delicate beauty approaches you and discharges at you, a normal man will have a physiological reaction .

"God, what's the matter with you, your face is red? Do you have a cold? "

AnHuan asked concerned, and then stretched out her hand to touch Xiao Luo's forehead .

Xiao Luo stood up as if he got an electric shock, motioning with his hand, "Don't touch me, An Huan, you have chosen the wrong guy for your boyfriend . "

With that, he fled in panic and took a seat .

Why did he panic?

Nonsense, his crotch is up, he can't take the time to change seats . Do you want to walk leisurely and let the other girls notice your bon*r?

Looking at the defeated and fleeing Xiao Luo, Xiao-fei Zhu and Ding Kai couldn't help laughing .

"Luo Ge, who made you look so handsome? Look, you can't get rid of this luck . " Xiao-fei Zhu gloated .

"What's wrong with being handsome, Zhu? I think you just envy him . You look so ugly that no girl likes you, so your heart is out of balance . " Ding Kai quipped .

Xiao-Fei Zhu was immediately displeased: "I don't think you look good either . You're two and a half catties . "He will never look like you, a fat pig . "

Brother, do you want to wrangle with me? You are as thin as a monkey . Did you really just say that?"

"Monkeys are smart animals . I am a monkey and I am proud!"

"What's wrong with Pigs? Pigs are covered in treasures . Pig loins, pig ears, pig whips . . . Are they not delicious?"

Xiao Luo looked at the two guys who were red in the face and said to himself, "These two goods are really . . . Theyre really fighting here?"

At this moment, An huan ran up again and sat down in front of him, exhaling like orchid: "Luo Shen, I'm sitting in front of you now . Is this all right with you?"

Xiao Luo was speechless, he really don't know how to handle this AnHuan, in the end he just have to depend on himself?

Not long after, Chu Yue and Bai Xeiwen also came to the classroom .

Although they were rescued by Gao Yang, they always felt something was wrong . The figure they saw when they passed out was really too similar to Xiao Luo .

"Bai Xeiwen, do you confirm what we saw last night?" Chu Yue has been staring at Xiao Luo, her pretty face is full of suspicions .

Bai Xeiwen shook her head: "I don't know, it may be our illusion . Last night's lighting was not very good, and we were under the influence of drugs . It is very likely that you mistook your bodyguard as Xiao Luo . "

"I think so, too . At that time, I was so angry that I just thought of his face . He certainly wished I had been kidnapped . How could he come out and save me?" Chu Yue guaranteed .

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