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Chapter 429

Chapter 429: Sales Department .


Hong Ji and Ouyang De both lost consciousness and fainted as they fell to the ground . Xiao Luo grabbed both and subsequently, threw them against the gate of the Welfare Institute .


Ji Siying ran up and saw the two elders unconscious, with traces of anxiety still lingered on their faces .

Xiao Luo interrupted in a low voice, “They are fine . When they wake up, they will be two ordinary old men . ”

He just exchanged Hua Gong in the system mall, and directly erased the cultivation of Hong Ji and Ouyang De with his palms, turning them into two ordinary grumpy old men who couldn’t fight nor kill .

Ji Siying was stunned, but then the weight in her heart finally vanished . She smiled warmly at Xiao Luo,  “Mr . Xiao Luo, you are really a great man!”

Great man?

This was not the first time Xiao Luo heard others say this about himself . Although he knew that Ji Siying neither had other intentions nor trying to flatter him, these two words still made him feel a bit of irony .

Suddenly, there was a surge of qi and blood in his chest, and a bit of bronze sweetness rushed to his throat . He forcefully endured it, but eventually couldn’t suppress it as crimson blood overflowed from the corners of his mouth .

“Are you … are you hurt?”

Ji Siying busily tried to help him, her exquisite eyes were full of concern .

Xiao Luo smiled bitterly, glanced at Hong Ji and Ouyang De, and said, “These two old men are natural enemies, and they were really determined to decide who will live and die .   However, they have deep feelings between them . After seeing Hong Ji’s broken arm, Ouyang De showed deep pain in his eyes . When Hong Ji saw Ouyang De rushing towards him, he didn’t look like he’s clashing with an enemy, but more like welcoming an old friend . ”

However, Ji Siying had no time to pay attention to such things at the moment, and she instead asked again, “Is your injury alright?  Let me take you to the hospital . ”

“It’s nothing serious, I just need some rest . ” Xiao Luo smiled .

This kind of internal injury was really not a big problem . It could be healed in two or three days without leaving any hidden injuries .



Half an hour later, Xiao Luo and Ji Siying left while Hong Ji and Ouyang De slowly regained their consciousness . They were awakened by the children in the Welfare Institute .

“Ah, why do I feel like my body is hollowed out?”

Ouyang De shook his head and slowly sat up, he couldn’t recall what actually happened .

Hong Ji also sat up in a daze and subconsciously asked out loud, “Maybe your kidney was overworked? Use Shenbao tablets quickly, check if ‘he’ is still good or not!”

“You’re the one whose f*cking kidney is overworked . Believe it or not, this old man will slap you to death . ”  When Ouyang De found Hong Ji beside him, he immediately opened his eyes wide and shouted .

“Come on then, take a shot! Don’t hide in your little shell like a turtle . ” Hong Ji deliberately ‘served’ his head out for Ouyang De to slap .

“If you have the ability, then come at me first . ”

“Hah, you don’t have the guts to do it . ”

“Try me first, and see how this old man will chop you down!”

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“If YOU try me FIRST, I will smash you with my Dragon 18 Palms . ”

“What Dragon 18 Palms? That isn’t even as strong as a fart . This old man’s Frog style is invincible all over the world . ”

“Come at me then! Hit me! I ain’t afraid!”

“Hong you f*cking old ghost!”

“Huh, Old man, why are you suddenly calling me grandpa?”

The two people’s quarrel became more and more fierce, their beards seemed to be in danger of falling off, red in the face as they face-off the other, faces almost merged, just like two angry bulls huffing and puffing at each other .

“Motherf*cker, you all do it . If you can’t do it, then stop BB (bullsh*tting) . Do you want me to beat you two for you two?”

An impatient voice came down from the second floor of the inner room . He looks like a man from Northeast China . He was physically disabled, but he had a strong heart . He witnessed the process of the two quarreling, finally he couldn’t take it anymore and his lungs exploded (figuratively) .

“Who f*cking said that, why don’t you appear in front of this old man?”

“You’re in my turf eating and wearing what I’ve given and yet you dare to make a big fuss here, you son of a b*tch! I’ll kick your ass today!”

Hong Ji and Ouyang De instantly pointed their guns away from each other, and looked up toward the shout at the second floor . At the same time, they were about to use their skills to leap to the second floor . But the result was… They only jumped in place, and fell back to the ground instantly .

“How did this happen? Why is my internal force gone?” Hong Ji was horrified .

“This old man’s martial arts is gone!” Ouyang De was also frightened .

The two people looked at one another, they saw shock reflected in the other’s eyes .

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“It should be him, that boy, that f*cking boy!” Ouyang De’s tone was certain .

“The power to erase… Hua Gong . ”

Hong Ji’s eyes were wide open, his mind trembled .

“That’s a lost and an evil martial art . Where did he learn it?”

Ouyang De grabbed Hong Ji’s shoulders and shook it hard, “Old Hong, don’t talk nonsense here, tell this old man where he is, and I will kill him!”

“Calm down, you calm down!”

With a roar, Hong Ji pushed Ouyang De away .

“How can you tell this old man to calm down? I spent more than 50 years of arduous training, this is even more uncomfortable than killing me . ”

“You think I don’t feel bad? But… I don’t know where he lives!”

Ouyang De sneered, “Heh, you think that this old man doesn’t have eyes? I have already seen that your relationship is unusual and yet you still want to play dumb with me?”

“You’re the one lying you old b*stard . I said that I don’t know, so I don’t know!”

“Sh*t, say that again!”

“You old b*stard, old b*stard …”

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“F*ck your grandmother, this old man will kill you!”

Ouyang De took the lead in rolling up his sleeves, and the two soon scuffled and got entangled like two cocks (male chicken) fighting .

“Haiii, they are fighting, finally!”

Upstairs, the northeastern man finally felt comfortable in his heart . He knew that their bullsh*tting won’t stop if he didn’t interrupt them . His mood was in disorder and only when they started fighting did he feel comfortable .



After leaving the Welfare Institute, Xiao Luo asked Ji Siying to send him to Huayao Group .

If he was just a salesman, he would not appear in the company for ten days, but he was a team leader of a group . Although he hated to say it, he had to admit that this was a responsibility . His group only had two team members . Even if he didn’t care about his performance, he really couldn’t allow these two team members to be influenced by him and be bad employees .

Because he rarely appeared in the company, Xiao Luo, the team leader of group 3, was in name only, and thus his appearance in the sales department today caused quite a stir .

“Brother Luo, you have come!”

“Luo Ge, we’ve been nonstop looking at the stars and the moon for you!”

The two members of Group 3, Si Yueting and Liu Yiyao, burst into tears . They finally saw Xiao Luo . They were like children who were lost but finally saw their parents .

“Leader Xiao, I haven’t seen you since you first reported . Why did you suddenly have the leisure and elegance to come to the company today?”

Xu Le, the leader of group 2, came over to say hello, smiling . He then beckoned to Guan Tong, who was assigned to his group .   After Guan Tong ran up to him, he ordered Guan Tong very naturally, “Little Tong, go and help me pour a cup of water!”

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