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Chapter 430

Chapter 430: Big Order .


Xu Le was considered a person with gentle disposition, wore  glasses,, and his skin was very light; but not to the point of morbidly white, but truly really light . He also had the temperament of a white-collared worker… For many women, he was a very appealing man .

“Okay . ”

Guan Tong ran to pour him water .

“Little Tong, pour me a cup also . ”

“And mine, please . ”

“I need to drink right now, but my cup is empty . Little Tong, please also pour me a cup . ”

The team members from Group 2 and Group 1 made use of Guan Tong as an errand boy . When they noticed that there was no water in their thermos cup, they would make Guan Tong go refill .

“Okay, it’s all on me . ”

Guan Tong bowed with a smile . His arms were burdened with a lot of empty thermos cups as he made his way to the water dispenser in the corner of the office .

Xiao Luo didn’t even get the chance to say hello to him . He had not seen Guan Tong for a while… Now, this old classmate of his already lost his high spirits and was more servile . He couldn’t help but feel a bit emotional . He remembered the scene when he just graduated and went to work for the first time back in Jiang City . What was the difference between the him from back then and Guan Tong now?

Why did Guan Tong stay in school for eight years?

Perhaps it was because he knew that society would wear away people’s edges and corners, hence he chose to escape, but it was inevitable in the end . He had to stand straight and face it . Xiao Luo really wanted to help Guan Tong, but this was a process, a process that must be experienced . Everyone had to start from being a grandson . No matter who the person was, he must adapt to it before he could become a grandfather .

“Leader Xiao, what are you thinking that you’re so absorbed? I’m talking to you . ” Xu Le waved his hand in front of Xiao Luo .

Although he couldn’t help Guan Tong, Xiao Luo was still very upset that Guan Tong was bullied by everyone . The reason why Guan Tong wass in such a low position was definitely directly related to this Xu Le . Furthermore, it was Xu Le who had initiated Guan Tong to pour him water, so Xiao Luo could safely conclude that Xu Le was adding fuel to the flames .

“This area belongs to Group 3, there’s yours!”

Xiao Luo said and pointed to Xu Le’s area in a cold manner .

Xu Le was stunned, he didn’t expect Xiao Luo to have such an attitude toward him .

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Si Yueting and Liu Yiyao were also stunned, they both thought: Did Luo Ge do this after seeing Guan Tong being bullied by Xu Le?

[T/N: I’m going to use Ge/leader/brother Xiao interchangeably . ]

“Group leader Xiao, what do you mean? I sincerely came over to make friends with you . ” Xu Le adjusted his glasses and asked .

Xiao Luo directly responded to him with the simplest words, “Get out!”

It was not loud, but it was heard by many people in this modest sized office with the Sales Department .

The originally busy sales staff raised their heads and looked over to their area . Everyone’s eyes were full of doubts . They didn’t know what happened between Xu Le and Xiao Luo . Why did it seem like they were having a quarrel?

After Xu Le thought for a bit, a cold smile appeared on his face, “Leader Xiao, you don’t dislike me so much because of Guan Tong, do you? If this is the reason, then I have to look down on you . It’s true that Guan Tong is your friend, but he is also a newcomer . Newcomers have things that newcomers should do . All walks of life are like this, it’s the unwritten rule . Leader Xiao, you must understand right?”

“I don’t need to understand, you can go back to your own area now . ” Xiao Luo ordered .

Xu Le sneered, “Hehe … You are a team leader, but I, Xu Le, am also one . Our statuses are equal . What qualifications do you have to ask me to leave? Not to mention that I am standing in a public area . I will stay here as long as I want . ”

Xiao Luo wanted to say a few words, but was dissuaded by Si Yueting and Liu Yiyao .

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“Luo Ge, the position where he stands right now is indeed a public area . ”

The two of them were frowning . Their eyes beckoned at Xiao Luo to not talk to Xu Le anymore . Plus, he was also their colleague, and if this ended up creating conflicts, there were only three of them in Group 3, they would be absolutely outnumbered . They would surely be ostracized and would have nowhere to go . For the sake of their work and future, they had to endure it .

Public area?!

Xiao Luo lost his temper . After he glanced at Xu Le once more, he sat down in his seat and asked Si Yueting and Liu Yiyao, “Why are group leader Ling Fei and the minister not here?”

“Answering to Luo Ge, they went to talk about a big order . ” Si Yueting replied enthusiastically .

“A big order?” Xiao Luo frowned .

Si Yueting nodded quickly, “Yes, the Municipal Maternal and Child Health Hospital will be relocated, and new medical equipment and medicinal materials will need to be purchased .

Equipment such as prenatal monitor, electrocardiograph, pelvic rehabilitation, B-ultrasound, X-ray machine, etc .   These are all the contents they want to purchase, with a total value of 170 million yuan, which is a really big order . Otherwise, our minister won’t go out in person, and Ling Jie is the sales sister of our department, so she naturally has to follow . ”

“Oh, I see . ” Xiao Luo nodded .

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“Luo Ge, it’s almost the end of the month . I’m afraid that the performance of our group 3 will be at the bottom again . At the summary meeting of the month, you may be pulled to the podium for criticism . You must be mentally prepared first . ” Liu Yiyao shifted the topic to the current problem that they would soon face .

Si Yueting held her fist and cheered for Xiao Luo, “Luo Ge, you have to withstand the pressure . We are grass . We need to enjoy the cool shade under your big tree, otherwise we will not be able to mix in the company anytime soon . ”

“Even if we know that our performance is expected to be poor, there are still many days left . We can still work hard to get customers . If it is possible, don’t give up any customers and work hard . Maybe our performance will not be worse than other groups by the end of the month . ” Xiao Luo deeply sighed, he was speechless to these two women, don’t they have confidence?

Si Yueting and Liu Yiyao looked at each other and stopped talking, they both wore wry smiles . They strongly disagreed with Xiao Luo’s statement . They even wanted to say, Luo Ge, you are too optimistic!

It was not the first time their Group 3 would be placed at the bottom, so they certainly had the motivation . But they were the only ones left . Even after graduating, and while they had been improving their performance,, no matter how hard they tried, it was still impossible to not to feel what was bound to happen and change the outcome of Group 3’s position at the bottom .

“Yueting, Yiyao, why not come to me . Group 3 has long existed in name only . In fact, there is no need for it to exist . If you are willing, I will tell the minister after he comes back . I fully recognize your work ability . Group 2 welcomes you . ”

At this time, Xu Le deliberately provoked Xiao Luo from the side and poached the two girls . As he said this, he also glanced at Xiao Luo from the corner of his eye from time to time . His hostility was self-evident .

Hearing this, the two women were overjoyed . This was a good thing . They were assigned to Group 3 as soon as they entered the company . And since they had no power to ask for a transfer, they could only hang on in Group 3 . But now that Xu Le took the initiative to extend an olive branch, this was really a good thing for them .

But this kind of joy was only fleeting . They were not the ignorant students who just graduated . They were soberly aware that Xu Le was deliberately angering Xiao Luo by saying these words . If it weren’t for Xiao Luo, Xu Le would never say such a thing . After all, one more person meant one more mouth to share the cake with . If Xu Le really recognized their working ability, he would have said these words long ago .

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