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Chapter 428

Chapter 428: Confrontation .


Xiao Luo did not take back the bank card, but asked instead, “Who is he?”

“Ouyang De, the current master of the Ouyang family!”

Hong Ji told the truth, “Ever since the time of our ancestors to the present, our Hong’s and Ouyang’s families have always been inharmonious with each other for generations . I have been battling against this old man since childhood . Every time we fought, I would suppress him . But now, he must have heard that I lost an arm and rushed here in a hurry . ”

“F*ck, you old bastard, stop talking nonsense and tarnish the image of this old man . Young man, don’t listen to him . Every time we fought, he could barely win, and only through trickery . As for his broken arm, this old man swears to God that I don’t know anything about it . If I am lying, then let this old man be struck by thunder . ” Ouyang De immediately rebuked Hong Ji’s claims .

“Hah, thunders again! Old man, you better make less oaths . Maybe God will actually send thunder to collect you from this earth one day . ”

“It’s none of your business, talk less and just fight!” Ouyang De exclaimed .

Hong Ji smiled and did not back down, “Fine, let’s just fight . I’m afraid you still won’t win . ”

He then turned around and walked back into the house . When he came back out, he was holding his dog-beating stick, made from bamboo and cyan-colored . Its surface was covered with traces of sword battle-scars against it . It also gave off the feeling of time transcended, it seemed to have gone through the vicissitudes of life .

Xiao Luo stopped him, “Do you really want to fight him?”

“Of course! It is time for our two families to settle this . ” Hong Ji seriously answered .

“I will help you . ”

Xiao Luo put forward this suggestion . After all, Hong Ji’s left arm was cut off by him, and since he was remorseful, he offered to help .

“Mr . Xiao Luo…”

Ji Siying now had one more reason to appreciate this man! She couldn’t help but whisper his name .

Hong Ji waved his hand and said resolutely, “I appreciate it, but this is a matter between our two families . I don’t want outsiders to intervene . ”

Immediately right after he said that, he rushed towards Ouyang De without hesitation .

“Hong Ji, this old man doesn’t want to take advantage of you, so I’ll also fight with only an arm!”

Ouyang De then put his left arm behind his back while his right hand held a snake-headed staff .

As soon as the two men came into contact, they engaged in a fierce battle, and their vigorous internal force burst out . The strong breeze swept around the Welfare Institute, and the cracks formed under the solid ground due to their fierce footfalls .

This kind of battle was much more exciting than those in martial arts movies!

Ji Siying was dumbfounded . She was only a C-rank fighter, while Hong Ji and Ouyang De definitely had the strength of an Rank fighter, even possibly S-rank . She wondered how such powerful characters, who weren’t associated with the NSA, could appear in front of her in this urban area . Were there more reclusive masters in the country?

Xiao Luo looked solemn . He could see that Hong Ji and Ouyang De were both giving their best to fight each other to the death, but they were obviously friends and confidants . The bickering just now already explained everything . In addition, Ouyang De chose to fight fairly by not using his left arm .

Inside the Welfare Institute, the children were still slowly eating the porridge from their bowls, however, their expressions were hard to describe as they observed the scene .

“Hong Ji, eat this old man!”

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Ouyang De’s eyes flashed a cruel and evil glint . His wrist shook and rotated .

Hong Ji’s old eyes slightly narrowed, and he twisted his body mid-air with all his might . He narrowly avoided Ouyang De’s best attack . At the same time, his dog-beating stick struck like a sharp spear, piercing towards Ouyang De’s abdomen .

Ouyang De whirled rapidly, whipping the staff . His movements were smooth and overbearing . The Yin (evil) breath it exuded, showed the terrifying lethality of the staff .

“Old man, you almost mean it!”

(talking about actually going for the kill)

Hongji sneered and greeted him with a stick .


The stick and the staff collided with each other . The ground under Hong Ji’s feet immediately collapsed . His face became ugly . The next second, his right foot retreated to resist this force while his left foot kicked towards Ouyang De’s chest .

Ouyang De also used the same moves, at the same time, his feet also struck out .


The two people managed to hit each other on their chests, and they both got hurled back five to six steps before they could regain their footing .

The two of them were panting, whilst intensely staring at each other . Both of them were dripping hot sweat .

“Hong Ji, your broken arm seems to be bleeding . ” Ouyang De pointed out, despite being nonchalant .

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“I just have too much blood, can’t I let some go?” Hong Ji didn’t even look at his bleeding arm, but the pain there made his forehead sweat .

Ouyang De shouted in a loud voice, “Why don’t you milk a f*cking cow to death instead? Come on, don’t fight like this . If you continue to fight like this, I’m afraid that I’ll tire (blood loss) you out to death . How about we use our strongest tricks? You use your Dragon 18 Palms, and this old man will use my frog style technique to clear up the grievances of our generations . ”

“Good idea, good idea, come!” Hong Ji’s eyes sparkled with furious fighting spirit .

“OK, come!”

With a heavy roar, Ouyang De threw away the staff, and fell straight forward to the ground . He presumed a toad-like posture with four limbs on the ground .

As he breathed in and out, the air around him became stirred and turned into ripples as it spread around him, his chest started to swell resulting in his clothes being ripped into tatters .

Hong Ji also threw his dog-beating stick aside . He took a deep breath, and then condensed and held the power of Dragon 18 Palms in his hand .

In a flash, the atmosphere in the welfare home became heavy, as if the air itself had solidified!

Ji Siying’s heart felt the weight, and her nervousness spiked to the extreme . This was a life and death confrontation, but ‘who lived and who died’ was not something she wanted to see .

She turned to Xiao Luo, “Mr . Xiao Luo, can you stop them?”

Xiao Luo didn’t reply to her words, his eyes just stared at the scene unblinkingly with unspeakable peace .

Just then, Hong Ji and Ouyang De had finished their preparations .

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“Toad, bare your mouth!”

“Dragon’s repentance!”

The two shouted at the top of their lungs, and boom, their strongest moves stormed toward each other . A strong breeze gathered like a tornado . The whole Welfare Institute started to shake under the immense pressure of these two forces .

Ji Siying made a loud exclamation and used her hand to cover her eyes, she didn’t dare to witness what would happen next .

“Boom ~”

The two forces clashed, the solid ground was slowly inching (brought broken) apart, and the vast power undulated around like angry waves .

Hong Ji and Ouyang De were stuck in a stalemate because they dared not fully engage (with intent to kill) against each other . But now… They unleashed their all without holding back . But suddenly, a person appeared between them, as if from thin air, and blocked their attacks with his chest and back correspondingly .

“What the… What’s happening?” Ouyang De was frightened to disgrace .

Hong Ji’s face also changed dramatically: “Young man, you … you …”

There was deep concern in his words .

Ji Siying put her hand down, and opened her eyes . Immediately, her mouth widened to an O-shaped . It was Xiao Luo who blocked Hong Ji’s and Ouyang De’s attacks .

Xiao Luo coldly swept his eyes and commented faintly, “You two bad old men are too bored and just have nothing to do!”

As his words sounded, he suddenly struck, slapping a palm on each person’s crown .

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