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Published at 28th of October 2020 10:50:15 AM
Chapter 418

Chapter 418: Magic Car .


The sudden appearance of the Chuanqi was puzzling and surprising . At the same time, it also made the people watching hugged the huge screen, because the Chuanqi was about to ‘drift’ in the inner lane of Devil’s Corner . It was just like what Wolf King’s Porsche did, just that its speed was obviously much faster . This was asking for a quicker way to die if there was no nitro installed on it like the porsche . The Chuanqi would undoubtedly lose control and roll over because of insufficient centripetal force .

At this speed, if it did lose control, there was a 100% chance that the car would be destroyed!

“What does this madman want to do? Suicide?”

Lei Shijian was horrified as he looked from inside the Porsche, he was frightened by Xiao Luo’s bold actions .

Shen Qingyan steered the Maserati to drift as she screamed in her heart, Xiao Luo, you fool, slow down!

“Xiao Luo!!!”

Su Li on the other hand couldn’t help but verbally shouted out his name . She couldn’t keep her indifferent face from staying calm anymore, because she knew that her own brother was also in the car .

However, their cry did not change the series of events . The Chuanqi entered the turn at a speed of over 200 mph, it then drifted similarly like Lei Shijian’s Porsche . The only difference was that it was closer to the inside than Lei Shijian . The distance between the front of the car and the inside guardrail was less than 15 cm .

Extreme inner lane drift!

“I-it drifted? It drifted at the Devil’s corner at 210 mph! The distance between the front of the car and the inside guardrail was miniscule . My God, this is too extreme! And, it didn’t lose control . Yes, everyone was right . It’s not equipped with nitro modification . However, it still succeeded in drifting at the Devil’s corner at a speed higher than that of Wolf King’s . Is this … Is this really real?”

The commentator exclaimed in a trembling voice . Such a performance gave him a shock all the way down his soul .

Entering the Devil’s Corner at this speed would definitely result in an accident because of insufficient centripetal force, but how did the opposite happen to this Chuanqi? This was a violation of common sense .   Was this car a monster?

The racing enthusiasts at the foot of the mountain and on the live stream watched in horror . Stillness enveloped the air, so quiet that one could hear a pin drop . They all looked at the black Chuanqi on the huge screen with wide eyes . It was like a dark horse that suddenly got equipped with deus ex machina . Everyone’s attention was locked on it .

The Devil’s corner was more than 200 meters long, and this thrilling drift was just a flash in reality, but it provided enough shock!

When passing the turn, the ranking order changed dramatically . Queen, who was ranked first, suddenly fell to last place, while the Chuanqi, who was ranked last, was ranked second .   At this moment, it was right behind Wolf King, who was in the lead .

Unbelievable .   This was a miracle!

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After only two seconds of silence, the audience on both live and virtual boiled up again . This time the reaction was more intense than the previous two times . Everyone changed their prior opinions about the Chuanqi, and there were even a handful of people started cheering for the Chuanqi .

“It’s amazing, this domestic car is amazing . It’s going against the sky!”

“Is it against the sky or stepping over an ant?”

“Phantom-like Chuanqi, I decided to cheer for the Chuanqi from now on . Cheers for Chuanqi!”

The sound of cheering for Xiao Luo’s Chuanqi rang out repeatedly, and various messages about the Chuanqi were sent in the chat . This Chuanqi was regarded as a miracle car .

Lei Shijian and Shen Qingyan’s expressions were almost wooden . Their supercar was overtaken by a domestic car . This was a hard slap to their faces . Wasn’t this saying that if Xiao Luo’s car was a supercar instead of the Chuanqi, they would be left to rot?

“This guy really came out of nowhere? Too abnormal!”

Lei Shijian had a bad feeling in his heart . An uneasy expression creeped on his face . The other party could catch up with him even with a Chuanqi . If he didn’t see it with his own eyes, he wouldn’t believe that such a thing could happen even if he died .

“Boss, if you lose, it will be a 5 million compensation . ” The man in the passenger seat said worriedly .

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“Shut your godd*mn mouth and don’t bring bad luck, otherwise I will kick you out!”

Lei Shijian scolded . He believed in superstitions, hence he felt uncomfortable hearing such ominous words .

The man immediately shut his mouth .

In the Maserati, Shen Qingyan looked at the Chuanqi in the front .

She said, “I underestimated this bastard again . Li, your man is not simple . If you have a chance, you have to investigate him thoroughly . When I first saw him, I felt that he was very different . Moreover, I heard that the reason Yang Hongzhi turned insane was unclear . Maybe it is related to him . ”

Su Li didn’t speak but her beautiful eyes stared unblinkingly, looking at the car in front thoughtfully . He possessed superb basketball skills, mastered four foreign languages, and now, he was showing incredible driving skills . No matter how she looked at it, Xiao Luo was not an ordinary person . She felt that she didn’t know this man well at all . She was afraid that her cognition of him now was just the tip of the iceberg .

Su Canye currently looked pale . He was a racer, and he had long adapted to drifting and ultrfast speeds . However, as he sat inside this Chuanqi during this race, he found that even he couldn’t stand the feeling . No, it should be said that his brother-in-law Xiao Luo’s driving and the Chuanqi drifting gave him an inexplicable feeling, just like his head spinning from dizziness or confusion .

In a straight lane, he couldn’t catch up with Lei Shijian and Shen Qingyan . But this was Wolf Mountain that was full of turns and curves . Like a dragon entering the sea, he broke all his previous beliefs . There was no change to his speed when passing the turns . He stayed in full control, completely ignoring centripetal force and frictional resistance .

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Su Canye endured a strong vomiting feeling and looked at Xiao Luo in horror: “Brother-in-law, you are a monster!”

“Shut up!”

Xiao Luo lightly rebuked him . He looked ahead and focused on driving .



“Here we come to the continuous S-shaped turn . Let’s see how this dark horse will perform . Ladies and gentlemen, please don’t blink, because the S-shaped turn right ahead may reveal the mystery why the Chuanqi can catch up . Come on, let’s hype up and watch carefully . ”

The commentator’s topic completely addressed the Chuanqi . Like others, he was very curious about this Chuanqi, wondering why it could still catch up after falling behind so much .

Everyone paid close attention to the competition, they even did not dare to take a deep breath, and only looked at the huge screen unblinkingly . They had a strong feeling that the Chuanqi would show its fangs and bravely rush to the first place .

“Hah keep on dreaming! As long as I drift in the inner lane every time, he can’t surpass me!”

Lei Shijian learned the people’s expectations from his companion’s mobile phone that was sitting with him in the car . He immediately became furious and looked intently on the road in front . He immediately occupied the right lane to drift and eradicate the Chuanqi’s dream of overtaking him .

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