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Published at 26th of October 2020 11:12:52 AM
Chapter 417

Chapter 417: Devil’s Corner .


“Wow, the competition between Queen and Wolf King is too intense . We can see that the two supercars are neck to neck . Just like two ghosts in the night, they had raised their speed and passion to the extreme . Wolf Mountain is a cliff on one side and a mountain wall on the other . It is simply thrilling to race on such a road . Every minute and every second is closely filled with excitement down to the depth of one’s soul . ”

The commentator said in a passion-filled voice . His high-pitched voice was amplified by the stereo, echoing throughout the whole Wolf Mountain Valley . The sound traveled far and wide within this space, filling the quiet night with his voice .

“Come on, Queen, keep your advantage!”

“Go Wolf King, press down Queen tonight and conquer her, hahaha …”

At the foot of the mountain and on the live stream chat, voices offering support to Shen Qingyan and Lei Shijian came forth one after another akin to waves .

At this moment, everyone had already forgotten that there was also a Chuanqi competing in the race . They pretty much didn’t put the Chuanqi in their thoughts at all .

The drones from the video team didn’t give the Chuanqi any screen time from beginning to now . For them, a car that fell behind by several hundred meters was not of any worth to air . It was not like it would change the situation, right? Hence it was better to just command the drones to film the blood-boiling competition between Queen and Wolf King .


The red Maserati sped along the mountain road of Wolf Mountain like a phantom . Its chassis sat very low, which made its grip on the road under it extremely strong . At that high velocity, the air resistance didn’t seem to affect it as it raced forward . On the other hand, Lei Shijian’s Porsche was right behind it, like a shadow constantly tailing behind the Maserati consistently . Together, these two formed a steel framed snake, slithering uniformly .

Upon arriving at an acute turn, the commentator immediately explained, “This is a nightmare for countless racers . This turn has already taken the precious lives of three racers! This is the Devil’s corner! If Wolf King wants to surpass Queen . The Devil’s corner is an excellent opportunity, but it is also very dangerous . Can the Wolf King withstand the fear take this chance to get ahead Queen? Let us wait and see!”



Lei Shijian’s mouth showed a proud smile, “Queen baby, I’m coming!!!”

As soon as his voice ended, he jerked the steering wheel, and the Porsche immediately shifted from the outer lane to the inner lane . Generally speaking, in this acute turn, only by taking the outer lane can one minimize the curve of the turn to the maximum extent and minimize the possibility of an accident .

“What is he going to do? Does he want to surpass me from the inside lane? Isn’t that looking for death?”

Shen Qingyan turned her gaze at the Porsche behind her in the rearview mirror . Her face was full of doubts . As a veteran racer, she knew very well that she could only take the outer lane when passing this turn, otherwise the car would easily roll out of control and fall off the cliff . Unless one slowed down, using the inner lane would do more harm than good . If it wasn’t for this reason, why would she choose to take the outer lane?

“Maybe, he has another way to prevent a rollover . ”  Su Li was indifferent to Shen Qingyan’s question as she lightly said those words .

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“Whatever, if he wants to beat me, it is unrealistic to rely solely on this turn . ”

Shen Qingyan calmed down, her eyes glazed over with craziness .

In the next second, she controlled the Maserati to drift in a wide curve, swinging its tail like a whip . She was naturally skilled for this . The Maserati was like skating on the ice, it was smooth and pleasing . At the same time, Lei Shijian’s Porsche drifted and overtook from the inner lane, but because of insufficient centripetal force, the left side of the car left the ground and was about to roll over .

At this time, however, a blue flame from Porsche’s tail exerted a strong driving force akin to that of a rocket ejector, and the centripetal force was supplemented . The Porsche’s body returned to its stable state and continued to drift along the inner lane .

“This bastard actually installed a nitro (turbo) for his car . No wonder he dared to overtake me from the inner lane!” Shen Qingyan gnashed her teeth .

When the commentator saw the ranking change of the two cars drifting in the screen, he immediately shouted excitedly, “He surpassed her, the Wolf King made a decisive call at the Devil’s corner, overtaking Queen! That was too awesome . Am I going crazy?”

“Come on, Wolf King, Wolf King is the best!”

“Wolf King used the nitro to stabilize the car while he drifted . It seems that Wolf King has long planned to overtake Queen in the Devil’s Corner . ”

“The Wolf King has made so much preparation! The winner of this game must belong to him, ha ha ha … . . ”

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The audience at the foot of the mountain and those who were viewing the live streams were as excited as children at a party .

When the Porsche was about to overtake the Maserati, Lei Shijian showed a proud smile to Shen Qingyan through the window . His smile looked obscene, and seemed to be saying: Get ready to ‘sing’ the Maiden’s chorus under me tonight for this emperor’s conquest .

Suddenly, there was a shrill sound of friction between tires and the ground …

Lei Shijian and Shen Qingyan couldn’t help but glance back . Both were shocked from what they saw .

“Motherf*cker, am I hallucinating? Is that the… Chuanqi?” Lei Shijian blinked as if he could not believe what he was seeing .

Shen Qingyan’s eyes also widened in shock, her mouth slightly opened . This was because in her mind, Xiao Luo’s Chuanqi had long been left in the dust, so how was he still able to catch up to her?

What happened?

It appeared out of thin air, didn’t it?

Apart from this possibility, she couldn’t think of other explanations .

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The commentator looked as if he saw a ghost in broad daylight . His voice was obviously shaken as he said into the microphone, “God … God, what am I seeing? Is that … Is that the Chuanqi? It … . . How did it catch up? Like Wolf King, it chose the inner lane to drift in the Devil’s corner . But Wolf King has nitro installed . Does it also have one? If not, how could dare it choose the inner lane to drift and not slow down, this is tantamount to suicide!”

It was not only him, but also the viewers of the stream were shocked . The Chuanqi, who had already been forgotten in their minds, actually caught up like a ghost . This is a paranormal phenomenon!

“How did it catch up?”

“No, it should be, ‘how can it catch up?!’ ”

“Is that Chuanqi also a modified supercar? And the Chuanqi was only a shell for camouflage?”

“Impossible, listen to its engine (sound) and you’ll know that it is a domestic engine . Also it pick-up speed is very slow . How can it be a modified car?”

“Then f*cking explain to me how it caught up with Wolf King and Queen?”

“Hell, absolutely hell!”

Fried!  Their brains were completely fried trying to figure it out . Whether it was the live audience at the foot of the Wolf Mountain or the viewers of the live stream . They were all stunned and speechless . Everyone wanted to know what had just happened just now . How could the Chuanqi catch up? Did ghosts and gods help it to teleport to Devil’s corner?

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