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Published at 28th of October 2020 10:50:15 AM
Chapter 419

Chapter 419: Amazing!


Just as Lei Shijian’s Porsche began to drift, Xiao Luo’s Chuanqi from the rear rushed forward from the left . Instead of going into the drift, the Chuanqi took advantage of the moment the Porsche’s speed slowed down when it drifted .   It used the left lane to overtake the Porsche, making a clean pass .

“God, what did I just see? The Chuanqi surpassed Wolf King! It overtook Wolf King by not drifting and going to the left lane . But it has missed the best opportunity to drift for this turn . Will it be able to start drifting after such a decision? Will its rear end hit the outer guardrail?”

The commentator’s tone took a sudden rise, his face showed a frightened expression .

While watching the competition, the people prayed for the Chuanqi . The location where Wolf King drifted was undoubtedly excellent . If a car drifted in the wrong location, not to mention passing through the turn, one would get into an accident and crash . This Chuanqi precisely did the latter . Would there be major problems?

“If this time, it still won’t roll over, I’ll take his last name!”

At first, Shen Qingyan was amazed and surprised .   However, her feeling now was pure anger, because Xiao Luo’s behavior challenged her cognition of every racing technique . Just moments before, he executed the drift at the Devil’s corner smoothly, and now he was attempting another ‘miracle play’ again!

Seconds after her words came out, the Chuanqi began to drift! Most importantly, its speed did not decrease . It was like a hockey puck gliding on ice . Because of the centrifugal force, the car slid outward, and the distance between the rear of the car and the guardrail was getting closer and closer .

1 meter, 0 . 5 meter, 0 . 3 meter …

“20 cm … 15 cm … 10 cm … 5 cm …”

The commentator’s grip on the microphone tightened as he stared at the huge screen while also nervously ‘reciting’ the distance between the Chuanqi’s rear and the guardrail . If it hit at that speed, the consequences would be unimaginable, and the Chuanqi could be obliterated into tiny parts spreading all over the ground in a flash .

They didn’t dare to blink their eyes, for fear of missing this thrilling scene . There was a suffocating breath amidst the audience .

Lei Shijian, while controlling his Porsche to drift, also did not forget to glance at the Chuanqi, who drifted on his left . He was a racer, and he knew what kind of situation the Chuanqi was in . This was a deciding moment of life and death, he was dancing with the grim reaper .

“Mooooom! I swear I will never race again!!!”

In the Chuanqi, Su Canye closed his eyes and cried without a care to his image . It was thrilling for others to race, but if it was his brother-in-law Xiao Luo’s racing, it was like suicide . He experienced the previous drift (at the Devil’s corner) personally, despite being used to high speed racing, the feeling where it made him feel that the world was tethering on its axis was terrifying . And, it only got worse as time progressed, challenging his psychological endurance again and again . He felt that if he stayed any longer, he would be so traumatized that he would turn retarded .

Xiao Luo ‘s eyes were focused on the front, and his hands and feet were coordinating with each other as he maneuvered the Chuanqi .

“It’ll hit, the Chuanqi’s rear will hit the guardrail!!!”

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The loud voice of the commentator sounded at this time, and made everyone’s heart skip a beat . Some people even closed their eyes and did not dare to look at the huge screen anymore . The scene of the Chuanqi crashing appeared in their minds .

However, reality was different . There was no such occurrence of the said car . Instead, the Chuanqi drew a beautiful arc in the turn and drifted tightly and firmly, solidifying first place!

“It didn’t hit, my God, it’s unbelievable . The Chuanqi didn’t hit the guardrail, the margin of error was a mere few centimeters . Is ‘God’ driving that Chuanqi?” The commentator shouted loudly and excitedly .

Bursts of shouts and cheers rang among the audience . As if they took stimulants, they were in a state of indescribable excitement .

On the huge screen, the black Chuanqi was like a phantom in the night; drifting, sliding, turning… It was as fast as flowing water in the river, steady but fast . It was like a fish successfully turning into a dragon . It was quickly putting distance between the Porsche and the Maserati in every turn .

At this moment, it suddenly dawned on everyone that the Chuanqi caught up because of the turns! It passed every turn smoothly, steadily and without a change in speed hence why it eventually caught up . From henceforth, the Chuanqi would just continue to increase its advantages .

“Car God, that guy is the car god!”

“Sure enough, one cannot judge the book by its cover, and the sea can’t be measured by mere eyes . Who would have thought that that person would be so powerful; overtaking Wolf King and Queen . This kind of skill is reaching the sky!”

“Who can tell me the name of the man? Imma make him my sensei (teacher) . ”

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The beautiful parabolas left by the Chuanqi on the continuous turns were deeply imprinted in people’s minds .

Everyone developed a deep interest and curiosity in Xiao Luo, and some people even offered up huge sums of money to learn from him .

Lei Shijian and Shen Qingyan were utterly shocked . Their supercars became so small and insignificant in front of a Chuanqi!

“We’re finished, we have to pay 5 million!”

Inside the Porsche, the man sitting with Wolf King lost his vigor . “That boy dressed as a pig and ate a tiger . He can outrun us even with a Chuanqi . This is a defeat…”

“You know nothing . The roads in Wolf Mountain are not all bends and turns . There are two kilometers of straight roads . Those two kilometers are enough for me to surpass him . ”

Lei Shijian shouted in rebuke, but in fact, his heart was also dying inside . It was an indisputable fact that Xiao Luo’s driving skills were obviously better than his and Shen Qingyan’s . If Xiao Luo was also driving a supercar, he would definitely lose this competition, but Xiao Luo was driving a Chuanqi, so it was still not certain whether he would actually win or not .

He looked at the tail lights of the Chuanqi, which were almost out of sight, and cursed, “Damn, who is that boy? Too evil!”

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Shen Qingyan was also swearing regardless of her image, “Damn, now I have to take his last name . ”

Meanwhile, Su Li sat quietly, still looking cold . But her eyes were shining with some light, she seemed to be in shock . Her contracted husband had such high attainments in racing, unbelievable . Didn’t he only work as a part-time worker in Jiang City before? Many questions came to her mind!

“Forget it, nevermind that bastard, I can’t lose to Lei Shijian!”

Shen Qingyan withdrew her thoughts from Xiao Luo and looked in the front seriously . She must find opportunities to surpass Lei Shijian .



“Wow, the Chuanqi’s performance on the turns was really amazing . It has put a distance to Wolf King at a miraculous speed . But the rule of the competition was two laps . Can it keep its advantage? Next, it is a straight two kilometer road . Can the Chuanqi’s domestic engine withstand the pressure brought by the horse-powered supercars in pure speed?” The commentator had now calmed down to a degree and was watching the huge screen and giving high-quality comments .

“Car God! Car God!! Car God!!!”

There was only one phrase echoing at the foot of Wolf Mountain . Everyone held their fists to cheer for the Chuanqi . They were completely conquered by the Chuanqi’s great performance . Many people were clamoring to buy a Chuanqi themselves and drive it on Wolf Mountain after they got home .

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