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Chapter 41

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Xiao Luo immediately stopped, his eagle claw hand immediately stopped in the person's face, the distance between them is not more than 5 cm .

The newcomers are two men of about 30 years old, both with flat heads and capable strength . Although their heads are not high, their muscular lines are very beautiful .

The two people did not dare to move at the moment, they looked horrified at Xiao Luo's paw . Just now, they felt as if they had just come out from the gates of hell . They are very glad to report their identity early, if they were a second later, even them . . .

At the thought of this, both of them shuddered involuntarily, and said to themselves: Where did the boss invite such a beast?

Yes, it is a beast!

This is their impression of Xiao Luo, although this guy looked not that strong, and his skin color is white with no signs of rigid training, his facial features ere delicate and pretty, like a helpless scholar, but in reality, he is unprecedented strong .

"Gao Yang? Gao Jian?"

Xiao Luo withdrew his hand and carefully examined the two men in front of him .

Before he came to Hua Ye, Chu YunXiong introduced him people and saw the photos of the two men, in order to prevent miscommunication and avoid disaster just because they do not know each other .

The slightly capable man saluted and replied respectfully, "It's us!"

The other followed: "Mr . Xiao, thanks to you, the Miss is safe this time . . . "

"Don't be too polite with me . I am here to protect Miss Chu just like you two . "

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Xiao Luo is not used to people older than himself saluting to him, "Since you are here, Miss Chu and her friend will be handed over to you . "

"Well, okay . "

"By the way, just say you saved them and don't expose me . " Xiao Luo specifically reminded them .

"Don't worry, Mr . Xiao, we know what to say . " Nodded Gao Yang .

"Please . "

Xiao Luo then turned to leave, the one hundred and fifty thousand inside of the three cards in his pocket are still waiting to be transferred to his account .


During the day, inside the headquarters building of Chongshan Pavilion .

Chu Yunxiong, dressed in casual clothes and a cap, struck the white ball in front of the huge screen simulating golf . Every swing, he could see the curve of the white ball flying out, just like in a real golf course, which was very lifelike .

Leng You, dressed in a black suit, stood respectfully aside .

Leng Zuo gave a vivid report: "Last night, it was our little-known hunter in China, the evil ghost, whose real name is unknown, who attacked the young miss . Because he has to re-establish a new identity for himself every once in a while . His latest name is Ma Zhengfeng . "

"He have hired someone like this to deal with me, so it seems that old Jiang ghost was forced by me this time . "

Chu YunXiong hit a hard shot, the ball flew out at high speed, drew a graceful curve, and finally landed on the grass less than three meters away from the hole .

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Leng Zuo nodded: "This time its thanks to Xiao Luo, otherwise the young miss would've had . . . "

The following words did not come out, but the meaning was very obvious .

"The value of these 2 million flowers!" Chu YunXiong smiled .

He with quite embarrassed, because he had doubted the ability of Xiao Luo before, even in front he said that Xiao Luo's skill is better, but he still thought that it's not strong in the ability to protect people .

"Gao Yang and Gao Jian were very negligent this time . The enemy tricked them out of their Miss' side by a few small tricks . Tell them that I don't want this to repeat another time . " Chu YunXiong's old eyes flashed a cold light .

Leng Zuo and Leng You shuddered and nodded in response: "Yes!"

At this time, the gate was pushed open and Chu Yue, dressed in white as snow, she came in . Last night's experience was like a nightmare to her, which made her feel a little scared when she remembered it .


She threw herself into Chu YunXiong's arms in spite of everything . Only in her father's arms could her restless heart calm down .

"It's okay, it's all over, it's okay!"

Chu YunXiong put down the club and patted Chu Yue on the back, his face is full of love .

After calming down, Chu Yue loosened her grip on Chu Yunxiong, with red eyes and a loud voice, she asked, "I said you are an old fool . Why have you provoked so many people? As your daughter, I have to live in fear every day . Can't you stop for me?"

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Leng Zuo and Leng You are in distress . Since the their birth, they have never seen a daughter call her father an old fool .

"Buisiness is like a battlefield, either the enemy die or I die . Little Yue, you can't ask me to lose Chongshan Pavilion and stay at home and do nothing every day . " Chu YunXiong sighed .

"If you lose it, just lose it . You are not getting enough sleep every day because of it . Look at you, you have dark circles under your eyes . " Chu Yue curled her mouth .

Chu YunXiong said: "If I lose it, then as your dad, what do I do to feed and clothe you?"

"Then I will provide!"

Chu Yue took a sip, her cheeks like drum . She said in a very confident way, "Every day I make time to play games, in a month I can earn 20,000 to 30,000, excluding my own expenses because of it . This is more than enough . Besides, you are an old man and don't need much to spend a lot of money, you can be at ease and enjoy family happiness, is it not good?

When you're at ease, you can just play chess with other old men or go to the square to hook up with some grandmothers dancing in the square . Anyway, my mother has been dead for many years now . Even if you hook up with the grandmothers, I won't say anything about you . As long as you like it, you can marry them back and let them be your wife . I will be filial to her just like I am to you . "

Hook up with an aunt?!

Leng Zuo and Leng You almost fell down . The young miss really dares to say anything, but is the boss an ordinary person? Playing chess, and hooking up with aunts? The boss is a fierce man who built a business empire himself .

Chu YunXiong who was always calm, at the moment choked and coughed up: "Little Yue, I really spoiled you . You really dare to say anything . What hooking up with aunts? With the charm of your father, the aunts will take the initiative themselves to hook up with me . "

"Bahhh, stinky old man, are you not afraid to blow the cowhide to death . " Chu Yue pouted and lifted her head high .

"Well, you've led me astray, anyways, let's get down to business . I heard you bullied your classmate last night?" Chu YunXiong dry coughed, he hurriedly changed the topic .

"What kind of bullying? He bullied me . He scolded me in front of so many people, which made me lose face . You don't know how hateful he is . " When it comes to Xiao Luo, Chu Yue gets worked up .

"I've heard what happened from Gao Yang . You were in the wrong . Remember this, 'Insult people, and people will insult you back . ' So don't do this anymore . . . "

"Well, you're going to lecture me once I get back . Speaking of which, I also want to ask you, an old fool, why did you break your word when you promised me not to arrange bodyguards beside me?"

Chu Yunxiong also got unreasonable and said with a straight face: "The rest is up to me . There is no need to talk about this . You are my precious daughter . Your safety is greater than the sky . "

"You are not only an old fool, but also a thick skin!" Chu Yue fired back .

"Cheeky lass . "

Chu YunXiong also reminded, "By the way, play less games in the future, although you can earn money, but that is not a serious protege after all . If the time comes, it is better to come to your Dad's company and manage his accounts . Because, when your Dad gets old, this restaurant will be handed over to you sooner or later . "

"I don't want to, you can give the company to whoever you like . "

Chu Yue did not turn her head . "I'm not talking to you anymore . I'm going back to school . I still have two classes in the afternoon . "

Finished saying that, before Chu YunXiong could talk, she already ran out .

She stopped at the door, turned around and shouted to Chu YunXiong: "And oh, old fool!"

Chu Yunxiong raised his head: "What's the matter?"

"You should take good care of yourself . You'd better go out and run every day . Don't stay in your room all day long . I want you to live like a turtle for tens of thousands of years . "

Chu Yunxiong's heart was warm, and tears were streaming down his face . He responded with a cry of emotion: "I will!"

Then he thought that if he lived like a turtle for tens of thousands of years, wouldn't he be withered by then? This girl, she really knows how to speak .

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