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Chapter 40

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When Chu Yue and Bai Xeiwen was ready to open the door to get on the car, a dry voice suddenly sounded behind them .

"Ladies, please stay!"

Without warning, it sounded extremely harsh in this empty street .

Chu Yue and Bai Xeiwen twisted their heads to look, they're involuntarily shuddering . At the moment behind them, they don't know when there was one more person other than them . The man was wearing a large black windbreaker and a black hat . He's fom head to foot in black . The light of the street lamp just from above his head was oblique, letting them can't see the person's face .

Just now, they looked at the front and back of the street again, but there was not a figure at all, and this strange person came behind them . They did not even hear the slightest footsteps, which inevitably makes people feel gloomy and creepy .

"Who are you? What can I do for you? "

Chu Yue looked at the man warily, she put her hands into the bag and grasped the pepper spray inside . If this man dare to plot, she would not hesitate to spray it into his eyes .

"Are you Miss Chu Yue?" The man in black asked .

Chu Yue nodded subconsciously, then immediately shook her head . In fact, she knew very well that she would not be safe for this period of time .

"He he . . . there seems to be no mistake!"

A triumphant, grinning voice like the devil sounded, it came from the black man's shaded face .

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Seeing the situation was not good, Chu Yue made a decision and decided to act first, but when she was just about to take out the pepper spray, the man in black waved his hand and she and Bai Xeiwen only felt a colorless and tasteless powder floating into their noses along with the gust of wind . Then, a strong sense of fatigue immediately swam all over their body .

They felt dizzy and their vision blurred .

The two people stumbled, like two pools of soft mud falling .

"What have you . . . what have you done to us?" Cried Bai Xeiwen weakly .

"Don't worry, it's not poison, it's just a kind of drug that makes you fall asleep quickly . " The man in black went up to them and smiled like he enjoyed two artworks .

Chu Yue's arm supported the ground with difficulty: "Who are you . . . exactly?"

"It doesn't matter who I am . What matters is that you are Chu Yunxiong's daughter . I only receive money and help others to eliminate 'disasters,' you can only consider yourselves unlucky . " The man in black said .

"Let go . . . let go of my friend, it has nothing to do with her . . . "

As the daughter of Chu YunXiong, although ChuYue has a big miss temper, nonetheless she also inherited some of Chu YunXiong's characteristics . Encountering this kind of thing, she did not panic unlike other girls . She's rather calm, and of course she certainly can't bring trouble to her good friend .

"I'm sorry, I like beautiful women besides money, especially female students like you who haven't developed very much yet . "

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The man in black took a gulp of air and was intoxicated . "It's really wonderful to have a virgin scent on her . "

Chu Yue was "pale" white, Bai Xeiwen was also very desperate . For girls, their body is precious . If this person decides to violate them, they might as well die .

"Don't resist, darling come with me, he he . . . "

The black man was grinning, his two big hands were like a ghost's claws aiming towards Chu Yue and Bai Xeiwen laying on the ground .

But at this time, out of the corner of his eye, he found a figure standing not far from his right . As an assassin who was specially engaged in catching preys for his employer, his long life and death experiences had enabled him to develop a keen sense of smell .

Threat, it's a threat directly born from the heart!

However, just as he turned to look at the figure clearly, his heart suddenly tightened .

Where? It was there just now!

Just as this thought flashed through his mind, a roar of strength suddenly came from his behind .

His pupil shrunk . It's ready too late to think about anything, he immediately stepped on the pace, trying to dodge .

However, it was too late . The man in black felt a huge quiver in his body and a mouthful blood gushed out . He was like a dog eating excrement when a speeding car hit his back and flew out uncontrollably .

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Chu Yue and Bai Xeiwen were shocked, they don't know who hit the black man . They only saw a fuzzy line of a slender figure . In the next second, in their minds emerged a name - Xiao Luo, both of this fuzziness' height and size, are about the same as his .

But under the influence of the drugs, they couldn't say a word, their eyes finally closed and they passed out .

The man in black cannot hide his horror as he slowly climb up from the ground . Looking at this young man wearing a white T-shirt, with horrifying power . If it weren't for his quick reaction just now, the boys palm must have blown his back to pieces .

Who the hell is this guy?

From the employer's intelligence, it does not show that there is such a person . The two bodyguards who have been closely protecting Chu Yue have been separated by him . Where did this guy come from? Is he also here to protect Chu Yue?

"Who are you?" The man in black asked loudly .

"Just like you, I received money to help my employer, but your task is to capture Chu Yue, while mine task is to protect her from harm . " Xiao Luo coldly hummed .

What happened tonight made him hate Chu Yue unspeakably, but now that he has promised Chu YunXiong, then he will not break his word . This is his principle of life . Not to mention that he also accepted the two million reward .

"It's useless to say more . Come on!"

His words just fell and Xiao Luo's eyes were full of coldness, and his steps were swishing . He came at the man in black like a cheetah . His right palm turned into claws, and the strong wind hissed . He took a sharp and biting track like a swimming snake to the throat of the man in black .

What the fuck is this speed?

The man in black turned pale .

Having no time to think about it, he turned and fled . He was sure that this was a figure he could not afford to provoke .

"Want to escape?"

Xiao Luo's eyes slightly narrowed, he quickly followed up . Now that the harm of Chu Yue has appeared, he didn't want to miss such a good chance to give the other side a blow . As long as he seize this chance it will greatly benefit him . It appears that he always have to pay attention to Chu Yue from here on out too .

At the moment, he caught up with the man in black . The man in black turned around, with a wave of his hand, the powdery mist ecstacy-like dust rushed towards Xiao Luo's face enveloping him .

Xiao Luo instinctively avoided, and when his body was set, the man in black had already escaped 20 meters away . He was nimble and jumped into a big tree . He turned into the wall of a residential area and disappeared .

"Is he a rabbit? He sure runs fast!"

Xiao Luo didn't continue to chase, who knows if there are any other assassins . If he had just left the front foot, at the back foot, someone might ran out and take away the fainted Chu Yue and Bai Xeiwen, it would be bad .

Turning around, he walked back to Chu Yue and Bai Xeiwen . Looking at the two girls on the ground, he can't help but frown .

At this time, two urgent footsteps came .

Xiao Luo eyes sharpened, in his heart: indeed there are others .

Listening, when he sensed the other side coming behind him, Xiao Luo didn't want to think no further . His backhand turned into a sharp claw with his five fingers like a knife, swinging out with a whistle, seemingly tearing the space .

"Mr . Xiao, we are the bodyguards arranged by Mr . Chu beside the young lady!" A male voice sounded .

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