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Chapter 409

Chapter 409: His Past .


When Xiao Luo opened the door of Room 808 and walked out in a calm demeanor, Qiu Yuanjie and his party, who had been waiting outside were utterly surprised that they couldn’t say a word . All of them looked at him stupidly . He dropped from the hotel’s rooftop to the eighth floor using only his bare hands . Such a guy was simply a man of god, and no one dared to underestimate him .

“Yao Baishan resisted with a gun . I knocked him out . I questioned the woman inside, she’s not a prostitute, she’s also a victim poisoned by the MLM organization . ”  Xiao Luo blandly said to Qiu Yuanjie .

“Are you hurt?”  Qiu Yuanjie asked with a hint of concern .

“No!”  Xiao Luo shook his head, and then walked away without a backward glance .

Qiu Yuanjie hurriedly brought people into Room 808 . When they saw Yao Baishan’s lower body got crushed and an unknown liquid permeated his crotch, everyone felt their scalps tingle .

“That NSA bastard must have done this intentionally!”

Luo Shuang asserted, there are many ways to knock out a person, but it happened this way!

Bai Ying and Long Ye also shuddered . Yao Baishan was gonna be childless from now on . Too cruel .

Qiu Yuanjie looked thoughtfully at Zhao Mengqi, who was already decently dressed in the room, and said, “Take him away . ”



Eleven MLM personnel were captured in this operation . When he saw Xiao Luo, Guo Qinghe couldn’t believe his eyes . At Kendo Hall, he saw him breaking people’s bones, and even cut off Wang Tangyun’s arm . This guy who committed such monstrous sins got off unpunished, which really made him unwilling to the extreme .

After Qiu Yuanjie came out, he pointed to Xiao Luo and shouted loudly, “Police officer, arrest him quickly . He is a criminal . He brutally rampaged in Nebula Sword Pavilion . He is an anti-human devil . Arrest him quickly . Arrest him and send him to jail!”

At this point, he was screaming, he very much wished Xiao Luo to be arrested .

“Guo Qinghe, you are a big lecturer of the MLM organization, don’t point fingers here . ”  Qiu Yuanjie sneered .

“Police officer, please believe me, he is really a criminal, and he escaped from the detention center back then . Come on …”

“Shut up, he is a member of our police force! Slandering a police personnel… Do you want to make your case worse?”

Before Guo Qinghe finished speaking, Bai Ying snapped and interrupted . The reason why the MLM organization brainwashed people deeply was because of the contributions of these great lecturers . He hated this great lecturer who controlled the victims mentally . If there were no great lecturers, the MLM organization could not make any waves of belief at all .

Police officer?

Guo Qinghe was startled, his mouth opening . He looked at Xiao Luo as if he was an alien, and at that time he couldn’t process a single thought .

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Xiao Luo walked over to him with a deadpan look, “You even set your classmate up into the MLM organization, aren’t you feeling guilty at all?”

Guo Qinghe immediately laughed like a madman,  “You mean Zhao Mengqi . I heard that she has long abandoned you and went into the arms of a rich second generation . That kind of woman is a b*tch . She came to Xia Hai and found me . So I thought why won’t I help you get back at her, and conveniently let her fulfill riding a herd of horses . Why, you are distressed?  Shouldn’t you be thanking me? Such a b*tch, this is what she deserves . ”

He always felt that he had been defeated by Xiao Luo, but now that he found that he had won in this aspect, that Zhao Mengqi, he trampled and humiliated her as it was equivalent to trampling and humiliating Xiao Luo . At this moment, he felt an unprecedented amount of satisfaction .

Zhao Mengqi, who happened to be escorted out by the police, heard these words . Her face turned pale and her eyes trembled . Both her body and her soul suffered a heavy blow . If the police wasn’t holding onto her, she would be sitting on the ground already because her legs were weak .

Was everything karma?

When she thought she had chosen a sunshine avenue and would welcome her brand-new life, the reality slapped her face severely, as it was instead a road to hell . Since the moment she abandoned Xiao Luo, she has fallen to hell deeper and deeper .

Xiao Luo looked at Guo Qinghe as if he was a clown, “Wearing a suit can’t change the fact that you are a scum . In fact, no matter how scummy you are, it’s none of my business, but one thing is for sure, don’t insult Zhao Mengqi . She is my past, and is a part of me . If you insult her, you’re insulting me . ”

“Hahahaha … Of course I know that I am insulting you . I want to insult you! You know, that b*tch has been riding by more than a dozen men by now, I am one of them . She is your past, and I can’t wait to turn her into a b*tch . Let all the men in the world play her at will . ”  Guo Qinghe laughed arrogantly, his face twisted and ferocious, like a man losing his logic .

“This pervert!”

Luo Shuang and the others were quite disgusted .

“These lecturers are not even conscious of their own brains anymore, they are completely mentally ill . ”

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Qiu Yuanjie frowned and commented, with his understanding with the MLM organization, lecturers who brainwash others are generally mental fanatics, suffering from mental illness, resulting in their own brains being brainwashed .

Guo Qinghe laughed, but Xiao Luo laughed too .

“What are you laughing at?”

Guo Qinghe stopped laughing, but Xiao Luo was still laughing with a grim smile, giving Guo Qinghe the chills .

“I’m laughing at your stupidity to the point that it irritates me . ”

Xiao Luo kicked Guo Qinghe in the stomach .

Guo Qinghe was directly hurled back four meters away and fell to the ground . Before he could react, Xiao Luo caught up to him like high wind, raised his right foot, and stepped on his left calf overbearingly .


The crisp sound of bone splitting sounded, Guo Qinghe’s whole left leg suddenly broke from the middle and viscous blood splashed . A harsh bone stubble penetrated his flesh and protruded out . The bloody scene eclipsed everyone present .

Guo Qinghe stared at his broken left leg like it was not his, his brain was devoid of thoughts, and his world collapsed instantly .

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Was this his leg?  How was that possible?

Who could accept the fact that his leg was broken?

After a brief pause, severe pain and unutterable panic swept through his body .


A pain infused shriek suddenly escaped, like a wounded beast helplessly roaring . Guo Qinghe’s eyes fixed on the fountain of blood gushing out from his leg with thick panic . His body was shaking violently on the ground .

Qiu Yuanjie didn’t expect such a thing to happen . Although none liked Guo Qinghe, they rushed up at this time .

He shouted, “Xiao Luo, stop it!”

“It’s none of your business, back off!”  Xiao Luo turned his head and rebuked coldly .

Qiu Yuanjie froze as Xiao Luo’s eyes instantly became like that of an evil spirit, it made him stop subconsciously .

Xiao Luo stepped forward, swinging his right leg, and suddenly slamming it into Guo Qinghe’s chest . A great penetrating force kicked Guo Qinghe’s chest; it was bloody, several of his ribs broke, and his mouth was spewing out a flood of blood .

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