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Chapter 410

Chapter 410: Su Canye’s Hidden Ace .


Guo Qinghe was lying on the ground crying in pain, his nose and mouth were bleeding profusely, and only half of his life was left . Qiu Yuanjie and his subordinates looked at Xiao Luo in horror . This was not a human being . This was clearly a killing machine trained by the NSA . Before they met Xiao Luo, they had never thought it was so easy to waste a person .

Was he trying to get justice for me?

Zhao Mengqi was stunned, and then burst into tears; she was very truly regretful .

Xiao Luo glanced at her and then turned to leave .

“Luo, thank you!”  Zhao Mengqi looked at his departing back and whispered softly . She made up her mind silently . She would start over, and live well with dignity! It was all because Xiao Luo had said that she was a part of his past! For her, it was life changing, it was his acknowledgement .



Back at Star Moon Bay Hotel, Xiao Luo was a little tired and fell asleep .

In the evening, a phone call from Zhang Dashan woke him up .

“Zhang Dashan, you’d better get down to business, or I’ll give you a kick the next time I see you . ”  Xiao Luo impatiently said .

“Don’t be like this, Old Xiao . Us brothers have good feelings . It’s not like if you call a few more times, people would suspect that you are leaning to the other side (gender) . Besides, there is no doubt that we are just brothers . There’s nothing more . ”  Zhang Dashan said shamelessly .

Xiao Luo rolled his eyes, “I’m hanging up . ”

“Hang up your sister, don’t you dare, I have business for you . ”  Zhang Dashan said in a hurry .

“Say it quickly, can’t you put aside your fart?”

Xiao Luo was still a little sleepy, and Zhao Mengqi’s experience made him feel a little depressed, so he had no leisure and elegance to argue with Zhang Dashan .

“Alright, alright, let’s get down to business now . You hurry up and open ‘Excellent Rabbit Network’ with the computer, and then search the keywords ‘God man’s freehand Descend’, and a video will appear . Although the distance is far away, and it has not captured your face, I still know that it is you, right?”  Zhang Dashan said .

Xiao Luo’s eyebrows slightly wrinkled, and ran to the hall to turn on the computer . He searched the video according to the steps Zhang Dashan had said . When he saw this, his sleepiness suddenly dissipated . That was when he arrested Yao Baishan in the morning, he descended down from the roof of the hotel with his bare hands . His act was not only recorded, but also posted on the Internet . In just one afternoon, the number of clicks reached more than 800 .

He then opened the system mall and looked at his points . The points that were only a little over two million were now at three million, and it was still rising .   There was no doubt that these were the benefits brought by this video .

“How did you know it was me?”

Xiao Luo was curious . This distance was far enough . One shouldn’t be able to see clearly in the video at all . No one should recognize him .

“What do you mean? Not to mention your back, even if it’s just a body part, I would recognize you . ”  Zhang Dashan boasted .

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Xiao Luo was speechless .

He scrolled to the bottom, and checked the netizens’ comments . Many people were astounded, but most of them stated their disbeliefs, saying that there were steel wires attached .

One netizen commented, ‘Because of the long distance and the video processing, you can’t see the steel wire attached to the person . ’ One netizen commented . Such a comment gained approval and was tagged and re-posted many times . Everyone said that it was a  professional video

Xiao Luo laughed, and then silently liked the post .

“In addition to this ‘business,’ is there any other business? If not, I’ll hang up . ”

“Your sister, why are you so eager to hang up, are you that impatient to chat with me?”

Zhang Dashan’s temper flared up, he was very unhappy . “There is a pure sister looking for you . Do you want to listen?”

Xiao Luo was helpless and gave a long breath, “Who?”

“A policewoman named Gu Qianxue came to the company . She also stormed into my office and asked me where you were . I didn’t tell her since I was thinking that she may be looking for revenge . But who would’ve thought that she immediately pulled out a knife and put it on my neck, which scared this laozi to death . ”

“Then did you tell her?”  Xiao Luo asked .

Before he came to Xia Hai, he specially told Zhang Gu not to reveal his whereabouts to Gu Qianxue . She was as pure as snow, but his hands were tainted with blood . Even he could smell its scent of himself . He didn’t want to have any interweaving with Gu Qianxue .

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“Then what can I do? The knife was incredibly cold . You don’t know how dangerous the situation was at that time . If you knew it, you wouldn’t blame me for telling her your whereabouts . Besides, why do you blame me? You’re the one who owed that fart-love debts . And yet I have to take care of it for you . Do you have any public morality?”  Zhang Dashan said in an aggrieved tone .

Then he added, “Tell me the truth, did you give her a little ‘present’ in the womb? Otherwise, how could she use a knife?”

Xiao Luo was speechless . His virgin status was ended by another woman just not long ago, okay?

Of course, these words could only stay in his heart, and he would never declare them out loud .

“I’ll hang up, I don’t want to talk nonsense with you!” He grated into the phone and harshly ended the call, he then threw the phone to the side .

Gu Qianxue was coming to see him, which would prove to be a bit of a headache .

Ahhh, come on then!

Xiao Luo had such a thought, his crunched up brows slowly relaxing .

At this moment, the doorbell rang .

When he got up and opened the door, a man with non-mainstream yellow hair, earrings and black eyeliner stood at the door . His clothes were very fashionable and expressed his personality . He had on a pair of ripped jeans . The older generation wouldn’t appreciate this type of fashion, they would definitely say: How poor this child is, he can’t even afford a new pair of pants, these are already in tattered .

“Brother-in-law, you are indeed at home . I was just about to call you . ”  Su Canye said with a smile .

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Xiao Luo’s impression of this guy was not so good, so his tone was indifferent .

“Brother-in-law, you’re too healthy to have already forgotten . It was just a few days, and you already forgot what you promised me . ”

“What did I promise you?”

“You promised to help me go to Wolf Mountain and win back my Bentley . ”

“Did I promise?”

“Brother-in-law, you promised, you can’t back out . A man should keep his words . Beibei was there as a witness . ”  Su Canye patted his chest .

Xiao Luo carefully thought about it . At that time, when they were in the car, Su Bei indeed asked him to help Su Canye win back the car . Sigh, in order to keep his ears clean from further nonsense, he made a strategic choice . He really didn’t want to go…

“I won’t admit what I didn’t promise . ”

“Hey, brother-in-law, don’t force me to use my tricks . ”  Su Canye straightened his chest with a hint of threat .

Xiao Luo glanced at him contemptuously, which meant ‘who are you to threaten me’?, he then ignored him and went straight back into his apartment .

“Brother-in-law, I know your identity is not ordinary .   Otherwise, how can you own a desert eagle? Am I right?” At this moment, Su Canye was leaning on the door frame and with his  hands across his chest, feeling as confident as a detective who had discovered a terrible crime .

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