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Published at 18th of October 2020 01:23:17 PM
Chapter 408

Chapter 408: You are worthless .


Xiao Luo’s hands were like grappling hooks, with extremely strong grip and endurance . Of course, he had no problem withstanding the force of his body’s during every,one-story, free fall . He descended floor by floor, and his movements were light without making much noise .

Almost to the eighth floor!

Unblinkingly, Qiu Yuanjie and the others looked on at the scene, their hearts almost jumping out of their throats . It was so thrilling . Every time Xiao Luo dropped to a floor, their hearts would clench up . They were afraid that Xiao Luo would miss his grip and fall at such heights . After all, he was only flesh and blood, if he fell, he would be smashed into a pile of mud-flesh on the spot . Just thinking about such a thing happening made their scalps tingle .



When Xiao Luo came to the balcony on the ninth floor, he swung into the balcony of the eighth floor as if he was on a swing . He then landed on one knee, quietly, like a weightless ghost .

“Listen to me! You better get out of my way quickly, and prepare an off-road vehicle for me, otherwise I will shoot this woman, don’t doubt what I said, I mean it!”

As soon as he came to Room 808, he heard a crazy voice screaming from inside . It was vigorous and powerful, signaling that the owner of that voice was on the verge of losing control and reason .

Xiao Luo got up, stretched out his hand and gently lifted the curtain . One glance inside the room revealed the current situation . The air was filled with the smell of erosion . The carpet was covered with men’s and women’s clothes, along with a used condom . Obviously, not long ago, there was a raging battle between a man and a woman here .

A man wearing nothing but a pair of shorts sat facing the door, holding a black handgun, with his right arm hooked tightly around a woman’s neck, and the muzzle was pressed against the woman’s temple . His focus was on the hotel door as he was staring at it . Once the police dared to break in, he would shoot and kill the woman in his arms .

The woman was naked . She had an exquisite figure, and her bumps and curves were all in the right places . Although only her back could be seen, she could still make people daydream . Because she was frightened, the woman did not dare to move . Perhaps she didn’t expect her guest to suddenly take out a gun and hold her hostage against the police .

Needless to say, this man was Yao Baishan, and that woman was the prostitute he had just ‘gone to war’ with!

Seemingly sensing something behind him, Yao Baishan suddenly turned back to look, but alas Xiao Luo had already taken advantage of the situation . His speed was as fast as lightning . Yao Baishan did not even see anything clearly, he only felt a heavy punch land on his face . The power was fierce, and his body flew out to one side like a ragdoll . Along with him were two bloody teeth dislodging from his mouth .

“Bang ~”

With a loud rumble, Yao Baishan and his big beer belly slammed hard on the floor . The gun in his hand fell and slid to a corner of the room . When he finally cleared his vision, he saw a young man dressed in black pants standing not far away, looking at him with an indifferent expression on his face .

Bright and clean white face, dark and deep eyes, there was an elegance and handsome coldness emanating from the youth’s body!

“You … Who are you?  How did you get in?” Yao Baishan was shocked . He didn’t know when there was another person in his room . It was scary as hell even, in broad daylight .

Xiao Luo did not answer his question, but said quietly, “You are under arrest!”


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Yao Baishan’s pupils shrunk sharply, as he now realized Xiao Luo’s identity . He endured the iron taste in his mouth and climbed up from the ground . He then desperately tried to run towards the gun in the corner . He knew that having the gun in his hand was the only way he would be qualified to demand those conditions from the police .

Three meters … Two meters … One meter …

He was very close, the gun was within reach!

Yao Baishan’s eyes could see nothing but the gun, it was within his reach! But at the moment when his fingertips managed to graze at it, a foot came down, stomping the gun under its soles . Yao Baishan raised his head, only to meet Xiao Luo’s cold face .

Xiao Luo smiled contemptuously at him, and then kicked him in the waist .

Yao Baishan’s body slid on the ground, and came to a stop after a violent collision with the wall . His bones felt like they were falling apart, it was very painful as he couldn’t stop crying out .

Xiao Luo sighed lightly and bent down to pick up Yao Baishan’s gun . Such an opponent was too weak for him, and he didn’t even have the interest to abuse him any longer .

“Luo, is … is that you?”

Just as he was about to open the door and let Qiu Yuanjie’s subordinates come in to deal with the aftermath, the woman spoke .

A familiar voice!

Xiao Luo turned around and instantly recognized the woman . The woman turned out to be an old acquaintance of his-Zhao Mengqi .

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Zhao Mengqi was naked, and she became very shy under his gaze, she curled up her legs and held her chest with her arms, blocking her vital parts .

After the slight hesitation, Xiao Luo opened his mouth, “It’s you . How did you get into this business?”  His tone was indifferent, as if he’s talking to a stranger .

Zhao Mengqi bowed her head in shame and did not dare to look directly at Xiao Luo .

“I know that this society is cruel, but it does not prevent hard-working people from succeeding . Where are your morals?”  Xiao Luo couldn’t help but say a few words .

After all, this woman was his first love and college classmate . Seeing that she had fallen to the present situation, it was impossible to say that it did not affect him . If he was her family, he would not hesitate to slap her right now .

He asked in a self-deprecating tone, “Zhao Mengqi, why do you think I used to have a crush on you?”

Chills! This sentence was like a thorn, piercing deep into Zhao Mengqi’s heart . Bitter tears couldn’t help but flow out from her eyes . She looked at the man in front of her with a tearful gaze .   He was as high as a god, but she was as dirty as sewage in a gutter .

She wanted to leave the sad place in Jiang City, so she returned to Xia Hai, and the monitor, Guo Qinghe, threw an olive branch to her . She thought she could get a good job in Xia Hai, but she never imagined that she had stepped into a pyramid scheme and became a victim! Paying tribute to her superiors . If her body was still pure and clean, she would have resisted till the end .

But in fact, she was no longer pure . She was just a lowly woman who had been mercilessly abandoned by a rich second generation bastard, so she chose to sink and fall . In her spare time, her only happiness was to walk on the streets and alleys of Xia Hai to reminisce about the past, and the bits and pieces of her time with Xiao Luo . In reality, she didn’t expect to get back with Xiao Luo again . But she still wanted to enjoy the good memories that were still replying in her mind .

At this moment, the man himself stood in front of her and knew what she was doing now (being a prostitute) .

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She feels that she had no face to see him again, and she was no longer qualified to recall the little things between them …

“I … I …” She hesitated and didn’t know what to say .

“There are police outside, put on your clothes and go with them later . ”

Xiao Luo didn’t want to look at her longer, he turned and walked to Yao Baishan . He looked at him condescendingly and asked indifferently, “Yao Baishan, do you know ‘Fog’?”

Yao Baishan shook his head, “I … I don’t know …”

“Oh, then you are worthless . ”

Xiao Luo replied, deadpan . He then stepped on his crotch .

“Kaka ~” His eggs were ‘scrambled’ thoroughly .


Yao Baishan’s shrieks were particularly high-pitched, his face became distorted from his lower body being squished . Before he knew it, he had fainted out of pain .

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