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Chapter 407

Chapter 407


Just as Qiu Yuanjie generously and vigorously ‘enlightened’ the two hundred plus people at the moment, Bai Ying, who was originally responsible for arresting Yao Baishan, ran to him in a flurry and told him that something had happened . He never thought that Yao Baishan would have a gun, and when they broke into his room, they found that there was a prostitute with him in which he had taken as hostage . He threatened that he would kill her .

“Damn, they even dare to carry guns . This MLM organization is becoming more and more rampant . ”

Qiu Yuanjie was furious after hearing it . “Contact our brothers and let them dispatch a special force to help us, and make sure the hostage is safe!”

“Yes . ”

Bai Ying nodded, turned around and hurriedly left to carry out Qiu Yuanjie’s orders .

“Team Leader Qiu, we have to avoid any mishaps this time . Yao Baishan is a big fish, we can’t let him slip away . ”  Luo Shuang said worriedly while frowning .

“Unless he has the ability to fly, he will never escape!”

Qiu Yuanjie whispered softly . He deeply hated the MLM organization . He looked around and couldn’t help but ask, “Where is Xiao Luo?”

Luo Shuang also searched carefully, but likewise did not find Xiao Luo’s figure . She said with displeasure, “What NSA? That bastard is not reliable at all . Clearly he’s just here to take credit . ”

“Don’t talk nonsense . You couldn’t even answer the question of the director before, but he did . This is enough to show his capability . ”

“That’s because the director doesn’t play the cards according to common sense . ”  Luo Shuang defyingly rebuked .

“A lot of things don’t happen according to common sense . If you encounter such a thing, do you always have to blame your failure on it?”  Qiu Yuanjie fumed .

“I …”

Luo Shuang immediately stumped . She had no words to refute .

“Don’t think too much, just do your job well . ”

Qiu Yuanjie patted her on the shoulder . After scolding her, he quickly walked out of the hall and rushed to where Yao Baishan’s location .

Yao Baishan was on the eighth floor . Qui Yuanjie’s subordinates were stalled in the hallway, guns in hand, staring at Room 808 . There was a bullet hole on the door panel of the room, it was obvious that Yao Baishan had taken a shot at them .

“Team Leader Qiu, Yao Baishan’s emotions are out of control . We must take action quickly and not drag it on longer . I am afraid that he will hurt the hostage . ” Long Ye reported the situation to him truthfully .

Actually, Long Ye doesn’t need to explain it to Qiu Yuanjie as he can hear Yao Baishan shouting from inside, saying that if they did not withdraw, he would shoot the woman, and would commit suicide by jumping off the balcony . They won’t even be able to touch a thread of his hair .

“How long before the special force arrives?”  Qiu Yuanjie turned to Bai Ying who was tasked to contact the special force .

Bai Ying replied, “It will take ten minutes at the earliest . ”

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“Long Ye, you do your best to stabilize his emotions from here, and you can try to meet his demands within our scope . Without my order, you are not allowed to act without authorization, let alone forcibly break the door and arrest him . ”  Qiu Yuanjie ordered .

“Yes . ”

Long Ye nodded and respectfully followed his order .

After the order was given, Qiu Yuanjie hurriedly left the floors with Luo Shuang following him . Standing at the entrance of the back door of the hotel, they looked up and could clearly see a balcony protruding from each of the rooms, with more than a meter of distance between .

“We can break through there . ”  Qiu Yuanjie pointed to the balcony of Room 808 .

“The balcony?”  Luo Shuang suspiciously asked .

Qiu Yuanjie nodded, “Yes, all of Yao Baishan’s attention is at the door . When the special force team arrives, we can send someone to quietly sneak in to Room 808 using the balcony . With that, Yao Baishan would be subdued easily through surprise . ”

“Good idea, the Special Force usually is trained in rappelling . This is a piece of cake for them, and even if there were two Yao Baishan with guns, they can easily knock him down in close range . ”  Luo Shuang agreed .

Qiu Yuanjie didn’t speak again, and was calculating about all kinds of possible problems that may arise .

“Team Leader Qiu, look, there is a person on the roof . ”  At this moment, Luo Shuang pointed to the roof of the hotel and exclaimed .

Qiu Yuanjie looked up, and couldn’t help but freeze . He indeed saw a figure on the top of the building!

“It’s that bastard from the NSA . What is he going to do, jump off?”  Luo Shuang was the first to identify the figure .

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Bai Ying and the others also stared at the figure . What is going on here?  Is he really going to commit suicide?  Is being in the NSA put him under so much pressure?

Qiu Yuanjie busily took out his com and dialed a number …

At the same time,

Standing on the roof of the hotel, Xiao Luo’s cell phone rang, he took it out and answered .

“Xiao Luo, what are you doing standing on the roof?  It’s dangerous, come down!” Qiu Yuanjie’s voice was very loud, it showed that he really couldn’t understand Xiao Luo’s purpose .

“I’m helping you catch the criminal!”

Xiao Luo lightly replied and ended the call . He then put the phone back in his pocket .

The next second, Qiu Yuanjie and others saw him jump off the roof under their surprised and shocked gazes .

He jumped… Jumped!!!

Everyone’s heart almost jumped out of their throat, but their eyes soon changed, because Xiao Luo didn’t fall straight from the roof to the ground, but instead fell down floor by floor . Could this even be considered falling? Amazingly, he was using his hands to grab onto the rail of each balcony as he descended .


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Qiu Yuanjie, Luo Shuang, Bai Ying and the others were shocked to their cores . They couldn’t believe that this was happening . Was he even a human being?  Were his arms and fingers that strong?

“God, what am I seeing?”

“Are they making a movie, but why don’t I see any safety ropes? What about the cameras?”

“Damn, this is a real-life Hollywood action blockbuster . ”

People passing by in the distance also stopped in their tracks, they each took out their mobile phones as they captured photos of Xiao Luo’s freehand descent on the high-rise building . Everyone’s face was filled with shock .

“Daring, this guy is too daring!”

Qiu Yuanjie was pinched with cold sweat as he kept his eyes on Xiao Luo who had no safety ropes on . By only relying on his hands, if there was a single mistake, wouldn’t he fall to death?

“He is a madman!”

Bai Ying and the others commented in horror, their foreheads were drenched with cold sweat . Only a madman would dare to descend using his bare hands from a high-rise building, dozens of floors off the ground without any safety protection measures .

Luo Shuang didn’t speak, but her eyes trembled violently . At first, she thought that Xiao Luo just came with them to take credit, but now he was currently as fearless as those police in Hong Kong movies . At the moment, he was on the way to catch a criminal in the most unusual way . It was like a bare and naked slap on her face, making her eat her own words .

She thought to herself, How did this bastard dare to jump?  How did he have the courage to jump?  This is a tall building with more than ten floors!

Suddenly, the image of NSA, which was originally in a very low position, instantly became gigantic in her mind . Such skills were beyond the reach of their ability .

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