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Chapter 405

Chapter 405: Capable .


How could Xiao Luo not hear Luo Shuang’s whispering words? His hearing was superior from that of ordinary people . He could hear clearly the sound of mosquitoes flapping their wings three meters away .   With no expression on his face, he greeted Tian Zhenxing in front of him, “Hello, Director Tian!”

“Yes, humble and not supercilious . People from the NSA are indeed different, with extraordinary temperaments . ”

Tian Zhenxing’s eyes were filled with admiration . He turned to Qiu Yuanjie and said cheerfully, “Yuanjie, this is a joint operation between our police and NSA . It is a cooperative relationship . There is no superior or inferior . Mr . Xiao and you are on the same footing . In case of emergency, everything will be headed by Mr . Xiao, do you hear?”


The rest of the team thought they had misheard him . For no reason at all, they arranged for someone from NSA to join . This already made them upset . But now, in case of emergency, they had to obey his command . Was the director crazy?

Qiu Yuanjie’s expression was not natural either . He had been working in Xia Hai for about three years now and had planted some spies . He had a deep understanding of the pyramid scheming organization in Xia Hai . The bureau should firmly acknowledge his command position . But now, how did his position become ambiguous?

“Director Tian, I think your arrangement is biased . ”

Luo Shuang took a step forward then expressed her dissatisfaction .

Qiu Yuanjie looked at this scene and quickly reprimanded, “Director Tian’s arrangement has its own purpose and reason . Luo Shuang, don’t talk nonsense!”

Although he too had some dissatisfaction, since it was Tian Zhenxing’s arrangement, then he would unconditionally carry it out, even if there were objections, he could only bury them in his heart .

But Luo Shuang was stubborn, “The arrangement is inherently biased . ”  She pointed to Xiao Luo, “It’s already trouble to bring him in, and yet you also want him to head the operation? If there is indeed an emergency, I’m afraid all of us will die because of his wrong judgement . ”

“Luo Shuang …”

Qiu Yuanjie prepared to rebuke her several times, but was interrupted by Tian Zhenxing as he waved .

Tian Zhenxing glanced at the other members and asked, “Is that what you all think?”

Due to his majesty as director, others dared not admit it and shook their heads .

“What I want now is what you really think . ”  Tian Zhenxing added .

Everyone looked at each other, then nodded and admitted that their thoughts were the same as Luo Shuang’s .

Luo Shuang became even more confident, she puffed up her chest and said righteously, “Director Tian, we all know that he is from the NSA, but none of us know what he is capable of . In other words, whether he IS capable or not is still questionable . How can he lead us?”

In her eyes, Xiao Luo was just a white face . He had no real skills . He was just here to take credit . Giving him the command was impossible!

Tian Zhenxing nodded with profound meaning, “Well, what you said is very reasonable . Let’s do it this way, if you can answer a question, I will let Mr . Xiao fully obey your command . How about that?”

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These words stimulated the morale of the team, they were all engaged in criminal investigation, so logical reasonings were their strength .   Why would this be difficult?

Luo Shuang said confidently, “Yes, no problem . ”

Tian Zhenxing, holding both hands, said slowly, “A jewelry store was robbed of a valuable piece of DIA . After investigation, it was found that the perpetrators must be among Party A, Party B and Party C . Therefore, the four major suspects were interrogated, and the confessions obtained from the interrogation are as follows .

“Party A: ‘I didn’t commit the crime . ’  Party B: ‘D is the criminal . ’ C said: ‘B is the criminal who stole this piece of DIA . ’  D said: ‘I didn’t commit the crime . ’ After verification, only one of the four confessions is false, so … ”

“A did it!”

Luo Shuang answered quickly, and told her own reasoning process, “Assuming that A is telling the truth, then the other three are all lies, and those few words can be presumed respectively, A No, D No, B No, D Yes .   The second sentence contradicts the fourth sentence, so the assumption is not true, and if B is telling the truth, it can be presumed …”

“No, no, no, no, I’m not asking who committed the crime . What I’m asking is, what are the 21st word and the 35th word that I said in the narration just now?”  Tian Zhenxing motioned with his hand .

This… The whole team was stunned, including Qiu Yuanjie . He also didn’t expect Tian Zhenxing to ask this question .

Luo Shuang was dumbfounded and her mind was completely stunned . She was only focused on parts of Tian Zhenzing’s riddle . How could she remember the complete description? What were the 21st word and the 35th word? Her brain carefully tried to recall them several times but could not determine them .

“Answer in five seconds . ”  Tian Zhenxing said .


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“Five …”

“Four …”

“Three …”

“Director Tian, you are deliberately making things difficult . This problem is wrong . ”  Luo Shuang rebuked .

“Do you think no one can answer?”  Tian Zhenxing pondered, looking at her .

Luo Shuang felt a little guilty and said after thinking, “It is absolutely impossible for anyone to answer . ”

Just as her voice dropped, a faint voice came lightly, “The 21st and 35th words are “among” and “interrogated”, respectively . ”


They all looked at Xiao Luo .

Xiao Luo went on to say, ” ‘A jewelry store has stolen a valuable piece of DIA . After investigation, it was found that the perpetrators must be among Party A, Party B and Party C . Therefore, the four major suspects were interrogated . ’ This is what Director Tian said just now . ”

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Hiss …

Everyone’s eyes widened as if they were watching a monster . He could remember the original and exact words . This was too abnormal .

Luo Shuang felt her face burning as if she had been slapped . She could not accept the fact that Xiao Luo had slapped her face just like that, she sneered, “Who can prove that this is what Director Tian said?  It doesn’t mean he’s correct . He can say whatever he wants and we won’t notice . ”

“Luo Shuang, Mr . Xiao really reiterated everything I said . ”

Tian Zhenxing took out a recording equipment in his pocket and turned it on in front of everyone . The content was the problem he had just described . Then he compared it with Xiao Luo’s words . He took out the 21st word and the 35th word separately .   They were really the words “among” and “interrogated” . In other words, Xiao Luo remembered his description, word for word just now .

Did this guy have an eidetic memory?

The team members looked at Xiao Luo with different eyes, Qiu Yuanjie was also afraid to underestimate Xiao Luo . Now, letting Xiao Luo have the command, it wasn’t so bitter tasting anymore . Who would’ve thought that when everyone was focused on finding out who the criminal was, the director would ask such a completely different question .

Luo Shuang was severely beaten in the face, she dared not speak again as she angrily returned to her position .

“Mr . Xiao, they’re a lot of trouble, please . ”  Tian Zhenxing patted Xiao Luo on the shoulder and said sincerely .

“With captain Qiu here, there should be nothing for me to do . ”

Xiao Luo shirked this responsibility . His task was to eradicate pyramid scheming . There was no need to be responsible for these people . This would just be a constraint for him .

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