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Chapter 406

Chapter 406: Business Director .


*Remember that MLM=Pyramid scheme

They officially headed out at ten o’clock .   In order not to be recognized, they drove an ordinary car, not a police car .

According to Qiu Yuanjie, the MLM gang was located in Yu County, the second-in-command to Xia Hai City .   According to the information provided by the insider, Yao Baishan, the MLM leader, was at the level of business director .

“In the MLM organization, from top to bottom, there are general managers, regional managers, business directors, business leaders, and intern salesmen, paying tribute one by one . This Yao Baishan is the business director, earning an average of 100,000 yuan per month . He is a big fish to catch . Of course, our goal is not only the business director, but also the regional managers, general managers, and lecturers involved in brainwashing, thus finally uprooting them . ”

In the car, Qiu Yuanjie explained his knowledge in detail . In fact, the main reason why he said these things was to introduce Xiao Luo to the basic structure of MLM organizations . After all, his team members were veterans in cracking down on MLM .

“There are many MLM organizations in Xia Hai?”  Xiao Luo asked while frowning .

“No, there are many MLM gangs, but there is only one MLM organization called ‘FOG’ . ”

Qiu Yuanjie spat out everything he knew, “A ‘Fog’ is also the head of this MLM organization (they are of the same name) . He is the mastermind behind all MLM activities . Our ultimate goal is to catch Fog . Otherwise, no matter how many general managers or regional managers are arrested, it will be useless . As long as this character ‘Fog’ is still there, he will continue to take root like a germinating seed .

He could just train more general managers, and before long, the MLM will make a comeback .   However, ‘Fog’ is too secretive, and never directly participates in the activities . Our insiders have entered this organization for many years now, but only the regional manager comes into contact with the highest leadership . The general manager is as secretive as ‘Fog’, and the general organization members have no right to see them . ”

After listening to Qiu Yuanjie’s introduction, Xiao Luo gradually felt that MLM was a well-disciplined and well-structured criminal gang . No wonder many people were deceived . Besides the victim’s psychology of getting rich overnight, the most important thing was that the criminal gang’s system was too perfect . Once a person fell into their hands, it would be difficult to keep their mind straight after a whole set of brainwashing activities .

And if he wanted to complete the task by the NSA, he must find and apprehend ‘Fog’!

“Do you have any clues about Fog?”  Xiao Luo asked .

Qiu Yuanjie smiled and helplessly shook his head, “So far, there has been no progress in this aspect . This behind-the-scenes schemer is too secretive and careful, not showing himself . I even suspect that he only keeps a single line of contact with the general manager . ”

“Secretive indeed …”  Xiao Luo agreed with a nod .

At this time, Luo Shuang spoke and pouted, “I heard that all of you in the NSA are great people . It seems that the arduous task of finding out the true identity of ‘Fog’ depends on you . Don’t smash your NSA’S signboard (reputation) . ”

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This sentence was very harsh, even with a strong sense of ridicule .

Xiao Luo was too lazy to justify it to her . He simply regarded her as air .

“This bastard …”

Being ignored, Luo Shuang was extremely angry, gnashing her teeth and cursing lowly .



Today’s highways were crammed with cars, just like a dense net covering China’s land .

From Xia Hai City to Yuxian County, originally it would take an hour and a half’s drive, but it took them an extra ten minutes of turbulence in the road to arrive at their destination-Yefeng Hotel .

Yefeng Hotel was a three-star hotel that was usually only used for banquets . It was luxuriously decorated and looked mighty .

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The MLM organization rented one of the banquet halls for so-called lectures, which was actually brainwashing . The magnificence of Yefeng Hotel and the MLM personnel wearing suits were a good combination, their aim was to feed “poison” to their targets, making them believe that this was a successful inspirational lecture . Alas, they didn’t know that it was all just a trap .

“According to inside information, there are more than 200 people attending the class . They are all young people who work hard at the grassroots level . They are eager to change the status quo . They are convinced that Yao Baishan, who will appear here, is saving them from poverty and bringing them wealth . ”

Qiu Yuanjie ordered the inspection of weapons and equipment, and was about to take action . He exchanged some opinions with Xiao Luo . “The more than 200 people are victims . Before arresting Yao Baishan’s gang, I want to enlighten them and make them realize that this is illegal . MLM, is not an actual business that they thought it was . ”

“Just do as you say . ”

Xiao Luo smiled .

There was no objection to this .

Qiu Yuanjie nodded and then said to Luo Shuang and others, “Tou Re and Wu Di, you two take people and control the entrances and exits of the hotel to prevent the MLM personnel from escaping . Bai Ying and Long Ye, you check each room . Yao Baishan should be in one of the rooms . Control this big fish first! The rest of you will follow me into the hall . If you meet a personnel, say that Wang Ruilin introduced you . ”

“Yes . ”

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At the command, everyone carried out their own tasks .

Xiao Luo naturally went into the hall with Qiu Yuanjie, which was on the first floor . The hall was very big, but at the moment it was filled with a sea of people . More than 200 seats were fully occupied with young faces . There were even people standing in the aisle with notebooks and were listening attentively . One could see that they were all around twenty years old .

A banner was stretched across the podium with the words, “Let your dreams come true . ” The lecturer who was making the speech at the podium was an old acquaintance .

Guo Qinghe!

He looked white and clean . He was in a suit and his voluminous and graceful speech made people feel and believe that he was very successful . This was because his image accords with the public’s cognition of successful people .

Qiu Yuanjie approached Guo Qinghe, his voice was full of passion when he said he was willing to ‘invest’ 10,000 yuan . But as soon as his own people (police members) positioned themselves in, he took out handcuffs and handcuffed Guo Qinghe . He then took the microphone and said amidst a crowd of surprised faces,

“Making money is very hard . After all, there are one billion people in China, there’s a lot of competitors . Hence you all decided to invest and venture such business . However, have you realized a very big problem here? You are all constantly investing expecting for the returns but what if all of your funds run out? What do you do? You invite more people in hopes of ranking up! You turn to your home; relatives and friends and persuade them to likewise join and venture in such business . However at that point, the poison is already too deep in your system .   By that time, you will completely collapse becoming a mindless zombie . Unless you’ve succeeded in raising your position, you’re always gonna be on the short end of the stick! And most of you will probably end up like this… Taking in debts, for the sake of investment, stack and pile upon each other . It is with no exaggeration that it will lead up to millions! How will you pay it then, your life?”

These words were from the bottom of his heart . It directly smashed the weak points of pyramid scheming, making these poor brainwashed people have a slight change in their eyes, which was obviously a sign of waking up from their dream .

Xiao Luo agreed with Qiu Yuanjie and his methods of countering the brainwashing . All was done in a few words . He was worthy of being in charge of cracking down the MLM organization .

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