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Published at 14th of October 2020 10:52:15 AM
Chapter 404

Chapter 404: Before the Operation .


In the city hospital, VVIP ward …

A middle-aged man in a suit was sitting on the side of the hospital bed with a bowl of bird’s nest porridge in his hand and a spoon in his right hand . He kept reaching out to feed the person that was supposed to be on the hospital bed in front of him .

Yang Hongzhi, who was supposed to be lying on the sickbed, was like a child of only five or six years old . His mouth was dripping with saliva and he was skipping around in the ward in his hospital gown . His mouth kept saying, “I want to eat BaBa, I want to eat BaBa” .

There were also three people in the room, two bodyguards with grim expressions and Yang Hongzhi’s personal bodyguard Ah Si .

Ah Si stood trembling as he broke out in cold sweat . In front of him, however, was Yang Yuanzhong, one of Huangpu’s shareholders, one of the country’s ten largest brokerage companies .   Yang Yuanzhong was also the most powerful shareholder, and the father of his young master Yang Hongzhi . He had money and power, he was involved in both black and white businesses (shady or just) . Now that Yang Hongzhi had turned insane and became a fool . He felt the suffocating pressure before the storm .

Yang Yuanzhong put the spoon back into the bowl, and then gently placed the bowl on the bedside table beside the hospital bed . A pair of cold-lights glared at Ah Si and said coldly, “You didn’t protect the young master well . What should you do?”

Between his lines were strong underlying meanings .

“Pang ~”

Ah Si slumped and knelt on the ground, his face showing strong fear, “Sir, I … I …”

“You and Ah San were just two smelly beggars when you were young . When we found you, you were stealing food from dogs . I brought you back, gave you food and drink, and taught you martial arts . My request was very simple, that is, to protect my son . But look at Zhi’er . He is now a fool . A three-year-old child would still know how to eat and drink . But he is even worse than a three-year-old child . He sh*ts on himself and does not know how to eat when he’s hungry and thirsty . What ‘reward’ should I give for you and Ah San?”

Yang Yuanzhong’s voice was very cold . His body sent out a powerful force, pressing down on everyone’s heart in the room like a mountain, especially Ah Si, who could not even move .

Ah Si was bathed in cold sweat and his body was shaking uncontrollably . He raised his head and warbled, “Sir, he … he is very strong, he is not a human being, he is a monster …”

After his voice dropped, he started to cry .

“Whoosh ~”

A gust of wind swept up, Yang Yuanzhong came to him in a flash . He bent over and glared at him . His face was wrinkled, but his eyes were ice-cold and commanding, just like a demonic beast .

Ah Si gulped a mouthful of air, his eyes wide open in horror .

“Is this your excuse?”  Yang Yuanzhong coldly asked, his murderous look seemed to take form .

“I … I …”

Ah Si looked pale . He was like a cow pumped up by an electric baton and was heading for the slaughterhouse . He knew that he was going to be slaughtered and was desperate, frightened and anxious . Every piece of flesh on his body trembled with fear .

“Let’s give up our sins by death . ”

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With a light snort, Yang Yuanzhong clapped his hands on Ah Si’s crown .

“Peng ~”

A palm sent a strong force into Ah Si’s brain . It was like a fruit in the juicer . After the juicer was turned on, his brain pureed into a pool of paste . Before a cry could even be uttered, his eyes already widened and his upper body flopped to the ground .

A little while later, blood flowed out from his nose, ears and mouth . He was dead through and through .


Yang Hongzhi, who was originally happy and joyful, exclaimed in horror . He curled up in a corner and trembled as he looked at Ah Si’s body .

Yang Yuanzhong said indifferently to the two bodyguards at the door, “Bury his body with Ah San’s and clean up the mess, don’t leave any clues . ”


The two bodyguards immediately got to work . One of them took out a black bag from his pocket, while the other broke the corpse’s four limbs and squeezed them into a ball and stuffed them into the bag .

Their movements were very skilled, obviously, this was not the first time they had done this kind of thing .

Yang Yuanzhong turned and walked to Yang Hongzhi in the corner . His tight face relaxed and his eyes contained ‘fatherly love’, “Zhi’er, don’t be afraid . Father will find the best doctor in the world to treat you, and the person who hurt you… Father will never forgive him and will definitely make him pay a painful price!”

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Yang Hongzhi seemed to recognize his father and felt a little bit safer . Then he grabbed Yang Yuanzhong’s arm and said with a epileptic smile, “I want to eat BaBa, I want to eat BaBa, quick give me BaBa …”

He cried and begged like a child .

Yang Yuanzhong was bleeding in his heart . He clenched his fist in anger, looked up and growled, “Xiao Luo, I’ll cut you to pieces!!!”



At this moment, Xiao Luo arrived at the gate of the city bureau and stopped to take a look . In front of him was a building with more than ten floors . At the entrance were the words “Serve the People”, written in large letters . When the sun shone on them, these large letters looked like shimmering gold . Under these large letters was a five-star red flag as if it had been dyed red with blood .

Dignity .   Majesty . Justice!

Xiao Luo stepped into the city bureau compound, the courtyard parked a neat row of police cars .

The officer named Qiu Yuanjie was leading his team members to prepare for their operation at the moment . About 20 people, all of whom have received guns, were mobilizing .

“There you are . ”

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When Xiao Luo came, Qiu Yuanjie said hello politely, but not enthusiastically .

Xiao Luo nodded and said, “Here I am . ”  Looking at the time, he added, “It’s exactly 9 o’clock!”

“Team Leader Qiu, is he from the NSA? He looks just like us, he’s nothing special . One more or less person will not affect today’s operation . Why did the top authorities send him here? He is not from the same jurisdiction (party) . Isn’t he just here to take advantage and gain some meritorious military service so that he can be promoted?”

Standing at the head of the queue, a woman scrutinised Xiao Luo up and down . Her opposition was clear .

Though Xiao Luo was dressed in plain clothes, with his clear eyes and fine skin, he looked like a pampered young master .

Qiu Yuanjie gave a symbolic rebuke with a dry cough, “Luo Shuang, this is the arrangement from the higher ups, don’t gossip . ”

Luo Shuang wittily stuck out her tongue and did not speak again .

At this time, a bright and clear voice sounded .

“You are Mr . Xiao Luo? Hello, my name is Tian Zhenxing . I have heard of you for a long time now . The NSA really sent a good comrade . It is really an honor for you to crack down on pyramid scheming organizations…”

It was a chubby middle-aged man, warmly holding Xiao Luo’s hand .

Luo Shuang froze, then crooned softly, “Look, even the director came out to meet him personally . If this guy is not a white face, then I’ll take off my head and kick it . ”

The others also had the same idea as her . Even if he was a member of the NSA, would their director act like so? Surely the guy’s (Xiao Luo) background was the thing that was special .

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