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Chapter 389

Chapter 389: Sales Department .


Himself as a team leader?

Xiao Luo frowned, he thought that the script shouldn’t be played out like this .

Before he could refuse the position, two women with enchanting figures and had on heavy perfume already greeted him and said hello .

“Hello, Xiao Luo . My name is Liu Yiyao and I am your team member . ”

The woman with long hair and delicate facial features introduced herself . She tucked her hair behind her ear, revealing its seductive shape .

The other woman’s hair was short but styled neatly, with a tall figure .   She also introduced herself, “My name is Si Yueting and I am also your team member . We are under Xiao Luo’s care in the future . ”

“Hello . ”

Xiao Luo nodded politely and turned to Mao Jianyi behind him . “Minister Mao, can I not be a team leader?”

The entire office staff were shaken when they heard this . The salary of a team leader had to be at least quadrupled . The better the performance of its team members, the higher the salary . This new person was promoted to a team leader . This was a great thing . How could anyone refuse such a good thing?

“Xiao Luo, there were originally more than a dozen people in the third group . But because of poor performance, they couldn’t bear the pressure . Even the group leader resigned a few days ago, leaving only Yiyao and Yueting . You were able to take the Princess order so I believe that you can definitely elevate the third group’s performance . I am waiting for the day when the third group regains their glory . ”

Mao Jianyi stated and before Xiao Luo could argue, he turned and left in the direction of his office . Xiao Luo was made into the third group’s leader, because apart from taking the princess’ order, this was also because he was favored by Shen Qingyan . Shen Qingyan herself made an exception and opened the back door for him, so how could he dare let Xiao Luo only be a small salesman?

Xiao Luo was now too tired to say anything at this point .   If they wanted him to be a team leader, then he would be a team leader .   Anyway, it was just a pseudo position .

He went to his seat and sat down . Liu Yiyao and Si Yueting helped him clean up the dust on his desk and poured him a cup of hot water .

He asked curiously, “The others left, why didn’t you two go?”

“We graduated from university not long ago . This is our first job . We haven’t even done it for a year . How dare we leave?”  Liu Yiyao sighed .

Si Yueting also echoed, “Yes, Luo Ge, we have to pay attention to work experience at the moment . We have to put two or three years of work experience on our resume for other companies to accept us . We don’t want to go, we can’t afford to . ”

Alas, they were two girls who just entered society not long ago!

Xiao Luo raised his eyebrows and smiled . He was their superior, but they were outspoken and gave out their real thoughts . In front of the superior, how could they mention the taboo topic of leaving the company?

At this time, the others took the initiative to come and say hello to Xiao Luo .

“Team Leader Xiao, I’m Xu Le, and I’m the team leader of the second Group . ”

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Just now Mao Jianyi called a man named Ah Le, it was this Xu Le . He introduced himself generously, he wore glasses and was gentle . His skin was white and pale because he had been sitting in the office for a long time . Although he was in his 30s, he still looked very young . “I welcome you on behalf of the second group . ”

“Thank you . ”

Xiao Luo replied with a smile, though his heart was a little depressed . He wanted to stay low key but due to circumstances, he became the focus of attention instead .

A gust of fragrant wind swept across his face . And a tall woman, about 31 years old, approached . Without any extra words, she held out her hand to Xiao Luo and said, “Ling Fei, group leader!”

“Xiao Luo . ”

Xiao Luo reached out and shook it . As soon as he shook it, she immediately took her hand back .

Then the tall woman didn’t say anything anymore, she turned and walked away in her high heels .

After everyone dispersed, Liu Yiyao told Xiao Luo about Ling Fei .

“Ling Fei is the first sister of our sales department . The team she leads always ranks first in performance, and leaves Xu Ge’s second team in the dust . Of course, our third group is even worse . Otherwise, the former team leader would not have resigned under the pressure . ”  Liu Yiyao said .

“Yes, Ling Fei is beautiful and great at work . She is really admirable . ”

Si Yueting was envious . Oh how she wished she could be a woman of such outstanding ability as Ling Fei .

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“Xiao Ge, since you are the leader now, you have to resist the pressure . Us two sisters are counting on you . Please cover (protect/guide) us . ”  Liu Yiyao turned the topic back to Xiao Luo .

“Yes, as long as elder brother is covering us, even if it’s to warm the bed for you, hee hee …” Si Yueting bluntly flirted . She deliberately switched the position of her crossed legs, showing a spring scenery within the fleeting miniskirt . It was an invitation .

“I’ll try my best . ”

Xiao Luo had a pondering smile . She didn’t only learn how to speak as a saleswoman, she also learned to use her body to tempt the boss . He was speechless .

Finished saying that, he stood up and walked out .

“Xiao Ge, where are you going?”  Liu Yiyao asked .

“Off duty . ”

Xiao Luo would rather idle aimlessly outside . He didn’t want to stay in this enclosed office . Previously, because of his years in Huahai group, he long had enough of this kind of working environment .

Everyone in the sales department looked up at him in disbelief and thought, “This Xiao Luo can really leave at will!”

Ling Fei continued to bury her head in the files sorting out customer information .

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Xu Le walked beside her at this moment, leaning on her desk, he jokingly asked, “Ling Fei, what is the relationship between this guy and Boss Shen?  I have never heard of anyone who can freely decide his own working hours . ”

“I don’t know, it shouldn’t matter either . Boss Shen gave him the privilege because he took the princess’ order . ”  Ling Fei raised her head .

“We haven’t seen whether he actually took the order himself . You can see that he has an extraordinary relationship with Boss Shen . It’s not certain that Boss Shen’s relatives are in our sales department . Sooner or later, they will rise . ”  Xu Le asserted .

Ling Fei typed on the computer keyboard: “Stop gossiping and do your own thing . ”

“You don’t feel unwilling?  We took the position of team leader one step at a time . Only we knew the bitterness of the period . But he is just a new hire and he instantly got the team leader position . I thought we Huayao group would never have such nepotism . I was naive for thinking so . ”  Xu Le helplessly laughed .

Ling Fei’s typing slowed down and shs then replied, “Xu Le, do your job well . These things are not our considerations . ”

“All right, I’m talkative . But are you not afraid that he’ll rob you of your number one title . If you work hard but your performance is put on someone else’s head, it’s not really worth it . ”  Xu Le said with profound meaning .

Ling Fei’s eyebrows wrinkled …

At this moment, Guan Tong came up and asked politely, “Brother Le, what do you think I should do or learn?”

Xu Le gave Guan Tong a light look and said, “You should grope yourself first and ask me what you don’t understand . ”

Compared to when Mao Jianyi was present, his attitude was very different to now . He was very impatient . He loathed guiding new people, especially those who would rely on nepotism to get in .

“Oh, okay . ”  Tong nodded and walked away .

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