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Chapter 388

Chapter 388: Third Team Leader .


After going through the new hire formalities, Xiao Luo and Guan Tong were taken to the sales department by Xiao He . At this moment, all the sales people were talking about Princess of Dubai’s order . The whole department was celebrating, the atmosphere was warm, and the excitement was very high .

Xiao He gently knocked on the door of the sales department minister’s office . After she heard a voice saying “come in”, she pushed the door and entered the room .

Sitting behind the desk is a middle-aged man with a bald head, dressed in a suit and tie, wearing glasses, and looking gentle .

“Minister Mao!”  Xiao He politely addressed the middle-aged man .

“Boss Zhao, I have something to do . I’ll talk to you next time . ”

The middle-aged man put down the phone, then got up and smiled . “Miss Wu, what brings you here? Please sit down, please sit down . ”

“I don’t have time to sit down . There are still many things to do in the ministry . I will talk about them . These two people will work in your department in the future . This is Xiao Luo and that is Guan Tong . In addition, Xiao Luo’s working hours are to be arranged by himself . ”  Wu He said simply and clearly .

Mao Jianyi froze, then asked, “What does it mean that he arranges his own working hour?”

“He comes and goes when he wants to, his hours are not controlled by the company’s schedule . ”  Tong interjected .

Wu He nodded her head in confirmation, then added, “This is approved by Boss Shen . ”

Boss Shen approved?!

Mao Jianyi thought he was hearing it wrong . They had a perfect system in Huayao Group, let alone a small sales consultant, even those ministers had to work on time, otherwise they would be punished . How could such behavior be allowed? It was really irrational .

Seemingly seeing Mao Jianyi’s doubts, Wu He explained, “He was the one who has just taken the order from Dubai’s Princess . ”


Mao Jianyi felt as if he had received an electric shock . He was in a state of half delusion and half stupor . He looked at Xiao Luo with wide eyes and warbled, “He … Did he really?”

His words held some underlying shock . Although the incident took place just half an hour ago, the news had already spread . Not only him, but the entire sales department was talking and guessing about who did it . But now, he was actually standing in front of him .

Wu He gave a very positive answer . “Yes . ”

Then, without saying much more, she turned and left .

Mao Jianyi came out from behind the desk and warmly took Xiao Luo’s hand . “Xiao Luo, welcome to our sales department . My name is Mao Jianyi . You can call me Lao Mao in the future . ”

Old Mao?

Xiao Luo frowned, because the name had him speechless, it really made people think…

After caring and attending to Xiao Luo for a while, Mao Jianyi then asked about Guan Tong . His lines were similar and he tried not to treat them differently so that his subordinates would feel balanced and equal .

“Come, I’ll take you to the office area and introduce you . ”  Mao Jianyi said .

“Please, Minister Mao . ”

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Guan Tong enthusiastically replied . He was already convinced that he would lose (friendly way) to Xiao Luo as soon as they came in .   However, he would work hard to do the job well .

Mao Jianyi led the two men to the outer office area, with a large area of about 100 square meters and 30 to 40 tables . They were all discussing the order of Dubai’s Princess that had happened not long ago .

“Everyone stop, I’ll introduce two new colleagues . ”

Mao Jianyi clapped his hands a few times, and when all eyes were turned towards him, he continued, “This is Guan Tong, an Aviation University graduate . He is one of us from now on . ”

However, most people were not very enthusiastic .

For the female sales consultants, Guan Tong was not handsome and fat, which made them lose interest in him .   For male sales consultants, the event of Dubai’s Princess was a hot topic just now, so the arrival of new colleagues was not enough to knock them out of the aftertaste of the topic .

Guan Tong stepped forward and loudly introduced himself, “Hello everyone, my name is Guan Tong, please take care of me!”

The applause was sparse and not very intense .

“Ah Le, Guan Tong will be assigned to your team . You will bring along Guan Tong to familiarize him with the business . ”  Mao Jianyi ordered .

“Understood . ”

The man named Ah Le came to shake hands with Guan Tong . “Hello, Xiao Guan . If you have any questions, please ask me . I will help you as much as I can . ”

Guan Tong shook hands with him with both hands, “Brother Ah Le, I appreciate your help . ”

“You are my team member now, this is what I should do . ”  Ah Le patted him on the shoulder .

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Then Guan Tong followed him to their prospective station .

There happened to be an empty table reserved for him .

Mao Jianyi coughed a few times to clear his throat and began to introduce Xiao Luo emphatically, “This is Xiao Luo, who is also a graduate of Aviation University . He stayed in Huahai Group and Luo Fang of Jiang City . He came to our Huayao Group since he was developing in Xia Hai at the beginning of this year . Everyone please welcome him . ”

Another trickle of applause busted, but the enthusiasm was still lukewarm .

But Xiao Luo’s face was handsome, and the women couldn’t help themselves . One asked curiously, “Xiao Luo, you have been in Huahai group and Luo Fang . What did you do in those two companies respectively?”

“I am just a product engineer!”  Xiao Luo answered with the description on his resume .

“Engineer?  That should be a kind of technical job, why suddenly switch to sales?”

“Sales is not as simple as eating and chatting with customers . There is a lot of knowledge to glean from it . ”

“Yes, you have to learn from the beginning, explore with the customers, develop relationships with customers and stabilize it . You have to learn numerous skills at each stage . ”

The women in the sales department said one after the other . They were very interested in training a handsome male colleague .

Xiao Luo kept silent . If it weren’t for Su Li, how could he have come to Huayao group? Since it didn’t matter anyways, then he wouldn’t care what others say, and he would just let them say what they want .

Mao Jianyi coughed a few times at this time, “Xiao Li, you guys are out of your mind . Do you know who took the Dubai’s Princess’s order half an hour ago?”

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“Who is it?  Minister, are you saying it’s him?”  The woman who spoke half joked . Obviously she did not believe Xiao Luo had this ability .

The other people’s faces also wore smiles of amusement .

“You’re right, it is him . The Dubai’s Princess order was taken by Xiao Luo . Believe it or not, this is the truth . Because of this credit, Boss Shen specially approved his unrestricted working hours .   He is not bound by the company’s system . ” Mao Jianyi looked at the woman named Xiao Li .

Uh . .

The smile on everyone’s face froze . The joke became the truth, it was too startling .

“Minister is joking . It is not funny . ”  Xiao Li was embarrassed .

Mao Jianyi did not continue on this topic . He turned to Xiao Luo and said, “Xiao Luo, that space will be yours . ”

Looking in the direction he pointed out, the crowd was startled because the space was that of the former team leader, who had just resigned .

“You will be the leader of the third group in the future . Do a good job, Xiao Luo . ”  Mao Jianyi smiled and said to Xiao Luo .

As soon as he got here, he became a team leader .

This … This …

Everyone was shocked, and at the same time it was confirmed that this person indeed took the Dubai’s princess’ order . Otherwise it would not have been so unusual . Xiao Luo’s image instantly became significant in their minds, and no one was being lazy anymore . They all sat up and looked at Xiao Luo with vigor .


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