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Chapter 390

Chapter 390: Luo Fang’s Manager .


As soon as Xiao Luo walked out of the building, his phone started to ring .

When he looked at who it was, it was an unknown number . He thought for a moment before answering .

“Hello, is this Mr . Xiao Luo?”  A sweet, pleasing to the ear female voice sounded .

“I am, who are you?”  Xiao Luo answered and asked back .

“Mr . Xiao, I am Ning Fu, Tan Ning Fu . ”  The other party sounded a little excited .

Tan Ning Fu?

Xiao Luo carefully tried to remember such a name, he seemed to have no impression of her before .

Tan Ning Fu sensed his doubts and said, “We were on the same plane when you came to Xia Hai . ”

Xiao Luo suddenly remembered, “Are you the flight attendant?”

“Ah, yes, yes, Mr Xiao finally remembered . ”  Tan Ning Fu was delighted .

“What’s the matter?”

“It’s… my grandma …”

Tan Ning Fu said with some embarrassment, “My grandmother often faints without warning . We took her to the hospital but they did not find any problems, so I wanted to ask Mr . Xiao for help . ”

Hearing this, Xiao Luo remembered everything . This Tan Ning Fu did ask him for this one thing at that time, and he also seemed to promise to go and see it when he had the time .

“Mr . Xiao, do you have time now?”  Tan Ning Fu asked carefully .

Xiao Luo wore a wry smile, wryly thought to himself: you really just have to find some things for you to do, don’t you?

“You send me a location and I’ll be right over . ”

Since he had already promised, he would do it . This was his principle .

Tan Ning Fu was overjoyed, “Thank you Mr . Xiao . ”

She hung up the phone .   Not long after, Xiao Luo received Tan Ning Fu’s location information .

About half an hour later, Xiao Luo drove to Tan Ning Fu’s house, which was a middle-grade residential area with a somewhat partial location, it was quiet and green .

There was a Porsche parked downstairs, worth about 2 million .

Xiao Luo didn’t look at it much though, he got out of his car with a set of acupuncture and moxibustion tools in hand . What he exchanged was the ability of traditional Chinese medicine and western medicine; with traditional Chinese medicine as the mainstay and western medicine as the supplement . Apart from diagnosing and cutting, traditional Chinese medicine was best at acupuncture and moxibustion therapy .

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“Mr . Xiao, there you are . Please come in!”

Tan Ning Fu waited at the bottom of the building early . Her black hair was in a high ponytail with wavy strands, revealing her white neck . The hair roots and some strands of hair made her look attractive . A wisp of oblique bangs gently draped over her smooth and full forehead .

She had a cherry-like mouth, and her curves made her chest more attractive . She wore an orange T-shirt with a pair of slim jeans . Her feet had on a pair of white board shoes with a high bottom, which perfectly illustrated a lovely and pure feeling that accentuated with her ponytail .

Xiao Luo nodded and followed her into the building .

Stopping on the third floor, they entered the living room . There he saw a young man and a middle-aged man playing chess . A middle-aged woman watching them play . She was smiling and was saying something .

“Dad, mom, Mr Xiao is here . ”  Tan Ning Fu said .

Hearing this, the three of them stopped and greeted him with a smile .

The middle-aged woman greeted him and said, “Come, Mr . Xiao, please sit down, I’ll pour you a glass of water . ”

“No need to bother . ”

Xiao Luo refused politely, then turned to Tan Ning Fu, “Where is your grandmother?”

He just wanted to finish what he promised quickly and then leave without too much interweaving with Tan Ning Fu, let alone with her family .

“Mr . Xiao, you’d better have a drink and rest first . ”  Tan Ning Fu said .

“No, I have other things to do . ”  Xiao Luo said .

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“Well … Okay, this way . ”

Tan Ning Fu felt slightly lost, she didn’t expect Xiao Luo to reject her with a distant attitude . She thought she and Xiao Luo were friends, after all, the two of them did fly a plane together and made the plane land safely during that emergency .

Xiao Luo followed her to the innermost room, pushed open the door, and saw an old woman lying on the bed, covered with a thick quilt and her eyes closed . She looked very peaceful .

“My grandmother is in a coma again . She normally wakes up not long after, but this time it is different . She has already been in this state for a day and a night now but she still hasn’t woken up . I am especially worried about her . ”  Tan Ning Fu sadly narrated the problem .

In a coma for a day and a night?

Xiao Luo couldn’t help but glance at Tan Ning Fu’s parents . The old mother in their family was in a coma for a day and a night now . And yet they still had the leisure to play chess . What was this?

The middle-aged woman came up at this moment and said dismissively, “Xiao Fu, don’t worry about it . Your grandmother has been in a coma many times by now . Isn’t it the same every time? It’s okay . She will wake up soon . Even if she can’t wake up, at such an age, she will have a good end . ”

“Mom, how can you say such a thing? Grandma will definitely wake up . She can live a long life, a long life!”

Tan Ning Fu responded by biting her red lips . Grandma brought her up since her childhood . She kissed her grandmother more times than her parents . Her eyes immediately turned with tears at the thought that grandma might leave forever .

“Yes, yes, grandma will live a thousand years . ”

At that time, the young man came up and chimed in .

He was wearing a short sleeve decorated with white flowers and a white background . His hair was neatly combed and his face was white and clean . He was about 1 . 8 meters tall . He looked like a rich male model .

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Tan Ning Fu did not respond to him, but turned her head and looked at her grandmother lying in bed in a coma with great anxiety .

Xiao Luo went in, sat down at the edge of the bed and held out his hand to feel the pulse of the old woman . Sometimes the diseases that could not be resolved by Western medicine could be resolved by traditional Chinese medicine .

“Xiao Fu, are you sure he can do it?  Does he even know how to feel the pulse? He’s too young . Isn’t this kind of pulse-taking skill something old Chinese doctors are good at? ”  The Middle-aged woman questioned Xiao Luo’s ability .

Tan Ning Fu said with an unyielding spirit, “Mom, how many times have I said that Mr . Xiao saved an old man who fell unconscious on the plane? His ability is absolutely without any questions . ”

“Xiao Fu, this society is too complicated . I’m afraid you’ve been cheated . I don’t even know what to do in case he deliberately tries to get close to you . This is a necessary precaution . ”  The middle-aged woman whispered .

Tan Ning Fu was too lazy to talk to her mother anymore and angrily pressed her lips into a straight line .

“Ahem …”

The middle-aged man coughed a few times to remind his wife to pay attention to her surroundings .   After all, the one she was talking about was here with them now .

The middle-aged woman turned away from the topic and looked at the young man with a smile . “Xiao Fu, your father and I are both very satisfied with Xiao Li . You two are high school classmates . This is fate . You see, Xiao Li has a lot of promise and has bought a Porsche . Now he works as a manager in a company in Jiang city and has his own successful career . By the way, Xiao Li, which company in Jiang city did you work as a manager?”

The young man proudly straightened his chest, “Replying to Auntie, it’s Luo Fang . ”

“Yes, yes, it’s Luo Fang . Look at your aunt’s memory . I forgot that you already said that . ”

The middle-aged woman slapped her forehead and then preached to Tan Ning Fu, “Luo Fang is one of the biggest companies in Jiang City . Last year, it made the headlines several times . Luo Fang’s total assets are as high as more than 50 billion yuan . As a store manager in Luo Fang, the salary and treatment compared to others are incomparable . Also Xiao Li likes you so much, he has come to our house several times now . You two make a nice pair . ”

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