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Chapter 382

Chapter 382: Personal Interview .


The third person who was interviewed was a man with glasses .

Guan Tong directly made the decision on the spot,  “You are unqualified!”

“Interviewer, I haven’t even introduced myself yet . How can I be disqualified?”  The man asked with his mouth wide . He was very unwilling .

“The glasses you are wearing have very thick lenses . Meaning you have severe myopia . It’s really not that I discriminate against myopia . But I just want to select the elite of the elite for our Huayao Group . ”  Guan Tong unhurriedly replied .

The man blushed, bit his teeth but finally said nothing . He took his resume and turned to leave .

Two other interviewers who were also in glasses also left together . They lamented and expressed their helplessness at such an interview .

Then the rest of them were all rejected due to ‘exotic’ reasons as they left in despair .

Guan Tong looked at his phone and breathed out a long sigh of relief, “It’s exactly 9 o’clock!”

In the room, only he and Xiao Luo remained .

Xiao Luo was just waiting to ask something . But Tong himself got up and walked over . He said triumphantly . “Now, the pressure is much less . I have driven out all our competitors, leaving us two alone . Huayao group will recruit two or three people this time . So we are basically secured, hehe …”

Xiao Luo’s mind turned quickly and suddenly understood that the guy was only acting at being the interviewer . That was to say, Guan Tong pretended to be the interviewer and drove all the other competitors who wanted to be interviewed for the position away!

If people were to ask him, ‘when you are most speechless?’ Xiao Luo will definitely not hesitate to answer that it was one of those situations . In other words, to borrow Zhang Dashan’s usual phrase, this was simply a devil’s work!

“Xiao Luo, I didn’t expect to meet you here . We are even interviewing for the same position, as if we had agreed in advance . This shows that we have a tacit understanding and fate . ”  The good brother Tong held Xiao Luo on the shoulder .

Xiao Luo was in distress and asked, “Didn’t you say you want to accumulate talents in university?  Why did you suddenly come out to look for a job?”

There was not a trace of sarcasm in this sentence, but it was full of pure curiosity .

“Because of you . ”  Guan Tong patted Xiao Luo on the shoulder .


Xiao Luo was very confused, how does this have anything to do with him?

“Yes, it’s because I’m too weak . ”

Guan Tong looked at Xiao Luo with admiring eyes . “Your performance during the class meeting made me sit up and take notice that day . I have to admit that you are a talented person . You are proficient in the history of the Three Kingdoms, and you have mastered the skills of your major very well . You are a genius . You gave me a blow and helped me sober up .   I realized that to be a talented person, staying in school alone is not enough . You must gain social experience . ”

Xiao Luo really didn’t know what to say . He was proficient in the history of the Three Kingdoms? That was because he integrated with the Peerless Genius System . The system was set up for him to automatically exchange a skill or an ability . When he needed some, he could exchange it autonomously on the premise that his points balance was sufficient . His balance now was currently at 2 . 1 million, which was extremely sufficient .

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“By the way, aren’t you the boss of Luo Fang, why did you come to the interview?”  Tong raised his own question .

Xiao Luo sighed softly, “It’s a long story . I had no choice but to attend it . I don’t want to pass the interview . I’ll just go through the formalities . ”

“Rich people are willful . Let me guess . You must be thinking about the beauty president of Huayao Group, Shen Qingyan . As her name implies, she is truly beautiful and graceful . You want to pursue her and get ahead of the others, right?”  Guan Tong made an obscene smile on his face .

Xiao Luo didn’t want to explain, nor could he say that he was married to Su Li, and she forced him to take the interview .   To explain something like this was ten times harder than being misunderstood, hence he just let it be .

“I guessed correctly…”

Guan Tong said to himself, “My soul is weak . I am so envious . When you win over Shen Qingyan, remember to give me a red envelope . ”

“…” Xiao Luo was speechless .

At this time, the glass door of the lounge was opened with a “hua”, and a tall fashionable woman wearing high heels walked in . She had freckles and her glasses weren’t so thin, which showed that she had myopia .

Seeing this, Guan Tong quickly took out his glasses inside his jacket and put them on .

“Why are you the only two?”

The tall woman was astonished, then turned over the information in her hand to confirm that the number of people supposed to be interviewed today was eight .   However, right now was already 9 o’clock, but only two people were waiting in the lounge . Of course, she was full of questions .

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“I don’t know . When I arrived, it was just the two of us . The others didn’t seem to come . ”  Tong stood up and said .

Xiao Luo couldn’t help but cough . He hadn’t discovered this guy’s ability to lie before . His expressions didn’t even fluctuate . If Xiao Luo hadn’t witnessed it himself, he wouldn’t have believed it .

“Didn’t come?  How is that possible!”

The doubt on the woman’s face turned even more serious . Their Huayao group was one of the largest enterprises in China and could rival the Chongshan Pavilion in the River city . Countless job seekers had been longing to join, so why didn’t they come?

At this moment, her phone rang .

She busily took it out and answered, when she saw the caller id, she immediately became respectful, “Oh, ok .   Understand . As you wish!”

After the call was over, she looked at Xiao Luo and Guan Tong in a very difficult way . Today, she didn’t know what was going on . Shen Qingyan would personally interview this group of job seekers? And also, another mystery . Originally, there were eight job seekers, but now there were only two?

“This beautiful interviewer, what happened?”  Guan Tong saw that she looked at them strangely and asked tentatively .

“Ms . Shen will interview the applicants personally . ”  The tall woman answered truthfully .

Guan Tong was shocked, “Ms . Shen?  President Shen Qingyan?”

The tall woman nodded subconsciously .

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“Oh my dear mother, Boss Shen wants to interview us in person, this …… this ……”

After confirmation, Guan Tong felt overwhelmed . It was like fighting against a landlord . He didn’t win any cards but as a result, the other party directly bombed him with a king . This made his brain buzz .

Xiao Luo frowned .   At this point, he was 100% sure that Su Li had already discussed it with Shen Qingyan, otherwise Shen Qingyan wouldn’t personally interview this batch of applicants for such a position .



A little while later, the tall woman led Xiao Luo and Guan Tong to knock on the office door at the end of the floor . Soon after, a sweet but dignified voice answered, “Come in . ”

The woman who led them there pushed open the door and disappeared inside .   She left them standing outside to wait for further instructions . Shen Qingyan was sitting in the office chair, dressed in a black suit, with a plump and undulating figure curve, her breasts were full . She had on light eyeshadow . Her eyes were as clear as water .

“Ms . Shen, today there are two interviewees, they are waiting outside the door . ”  The woman respectfully said .

“Two?  Why are there so few?  You go and find out what happened, and I want to know the result in five minutes . ”  Shen Qingyan raised her head, put down the pen, and puckered her eyebrow tightly .


The tall woman shuddered and retreated .

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