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Published at 25th of September 2020 10:39:44 AM
Chapter 383

Chapter 383: Ups and Downs .


“Xiao Luo, we meet again!”

Shen Qingyan stood up from her seat and looked at Xiao Luo, who was invited into the office by her alone, with a charming smile .

Xiao Luo laughed, “Miss Shen has a good memory .   You even remember idle people like me . ”

“At first, I couldn’t remember .   But you are my best friend’s husband . I must remember, don’t I?”

Shen Qingyan came out from behind the desk . Her tall figure showed a noble temperament . She looked up and down at Xiao Luo and then said, “At first, I had a good impression of you and even admired you . But now, I hate you very much, for no other reason than because you slept with my good friend . ”

Xiao Luo felt a burst of shame, this woman had a beautiful face, but her language was so direct, simple, and crude .

“The ‘combination’ of you and Li was an accident . Although you are not to blame, a mistake is ultimately a mistake . With your identity and status, you are not worthy of Li . What I said may hurt your self-esteem, but it is a fact . You and Li are as opposite as heaven and earth . If Beibei were not attached to you, the two of you would never have known each other . ”  Shen Qingyan fired her shots .

“Pa pa pa pa …”

Xiao Luo was smiling as his hands clapped . His monotonous applause rang out in the office .

Shen Qingyan cast an inquiring look, “What are you doing?”

“You said it eloquently . I think there should be an ovation here . ”  Xiao Luo simply replied .

“Aren’t you angry?”  Shen Qingyan was very surprised .

What she said just now was harsh but it was reality! If the other party was a prominent figure, even if it was only a small achievement, she wouldn’t feel any injustice .   However, the other party was just a poor boy who came to Xia Hai from the countryside, to work hard for his career . She really couldn’t accept it .

Xiao Luo shook his head .   “Everything you said is reasonable . I really don’t deserve her . I hope you can talk some sense into her when you have time .   End this fake relationship between me and her as soon as possible . If it succeeds, I will thank you very much . ”

Shen Qingyan was stunned, she didn’t expect Xiao Luo to hold such an attitude, shouldn’t he feel lucky to have a great beauty as a wife?

“Don’t you feel a little conceited?” She asked .

“Is a little conceit bad?”  Xiao Luo continued, “It’s better than being humble like a worm in front of people . ”

Shen Qingyan looked at him for a while, then smiled obsequiously, “I hope you can keep this attitude . ”

She was unable read this guy in front of her .   Obviously, he was not a successful person or a person with much experience, but his eyes were deep and hard to decipher .

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Xiao Luo smiled and changed the topic, “I just came for the formalities today . I don’t want to work in your Huayao group . If Su Li asks, you say that I am not qualified in all aspects and not suitable for this job . ”

After hearing this, Shen Qingyan felt her lungs about to explode . How many people would love to come to work in their Huayao Group?  Even if they had to start at the bottom-most level, the threshold would be trampled on by mere number of applications . But what this guy said meant that he was just here to go through formalities? He never thought of getting the position?  And with that kind of indifferent tone, listening to it, it was as if he disliked her Huayao Group .

At this time, the office door was pushed open and the tall woman came in .

She pointed at Guan Tong, who was anxiously waiting outside the office and said, “Ms . Shen, we have made a clear investigation . The others were all turned away by this fake interviewer named Guan Tong . ”

She was gnashing her teeth as she said this . He was pretending to be an interviewer and disrupted the recruitment process of their Huayao Group . This was a bad move that could be sued in court for tarnishing the reputation of the enterprise .   He could be made to compensate for the company’s losses .

“Call him in . ”

Shen Qingyan returned to her seat and sat down again . There was no sadness nor happiness on her face .

Xiao Luo was sweating for Guan Tong . If such an incident happened to his Luo Fang when recruiting employees, even he would not let it go easily .

“Guan Tong, come in!”

The tall woman rushed outside and shouted, making no secret of her displeasure . He dared to be clever with their Huayao group . He was really brave!

Hearing that she was calling for him, Tong pushed the door and came in with his face full of smile

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“Ms . Shen deserves her reputation, she is good . My name is Guan Tong . I’m …… Hahaha”

Guan Tong introduced himself generously as soon as he came in . But as a result, he was too nervous and made a slip of the tongue . Finally, he ended up with an awkward, simple, and honest smile .

“I’m not good!”

Shen Qingyan said with a smile, “You drove all the other interviewers away . I’m in a very bad mood now because of you playing a little trick in my Huayao Group . ”


Guan Tong froze and looked at the tall woman . He found that she was looking at him with hostility . Cold sweat broke out all over his body, “Ms . Shen, I …”

Shen Qingyan raised her hand and interrupted, “Tell me how you drove them away . The more detailed you say, the better .   Xiao He, bring me a glass of water . ”


The tall woman walked to the water dispenser in the corner of the office .

Guan Tong wiped the cold sweat from his forehead . When Shen Qingyan took the glass of water from the tall woman and drank it slowly, he did not dare to talk nonsense . He organized his words and narrated what had just happened in the lounge .

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When she heard that Guan Tong, as an interviewer, rejected the interviewees with some strange excuses, Shen Qingyan couldn’t help but laugh . Then she stood up and looked at Guan Tong fervently and said, “Talent, really a talent . You are very suitable for the position of sales consultant!  You actually got rid of your competitors using this small trick . ”

Hearing this, Guan Tong was overjoyed, “Ms . Shen, do you mean that I can come to work in Huayao Group after passing the interview?”

Shen Qingyan shook her head and smiled, “No . ” She then looked at the tall woman, “Xiao He, immediately notify the legal department to sue him for damages of 5 million yuan for disrupting the normal recruitment procedures of the company, and damaging the reputation of the company . ”


Guan Tong opened his eyes wide . At this moment, he experienced the ups and downs of life in a matter of seconds . He rushed to Shen Qingyan and pleaded, “Ms . Shen, why don’t you play according to the script?”

“Peng ~”

Shen Qingyan slapped her hands on the desk, she said coldly, “You are a job-seeker who has made an opportunistic move .   You faked being an interviewer and drove away other interviewees . Your behavior is extremel unprofessional . If we can forgive this, then how would people take my Huayao Group seriously?”

The tall woman listened with great pleasure . Such people are abominable and must be severely punished .

“Ms .   Shen, you can’t do this, I … I just want to enter Huayo group very much, I … I …”

Guan Tong felt that this was terribly bad . He never thought that he would get into a lawsuit . And was going to be sued by a company as big as Huayao Group . He felt that the sky was falling apart .

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