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Chapter 381

Chapter 381: Interviewer .

Next day, Xiao Luo took Ding Zhenyun to the railway station early in the morning, and personally helped him board . Only after seeing the train leave did Xiao Luo felt relieved .

His cousin’s ‘eventful experiences’ had finally come to an end . At the same time, he also gave his elder sister-in-law a call, to let her know that Ding Zhenyun on his way .   Ji Siying was waiting for him when he got out of the train station .

She was graceful, and as beautiful and intellectual as the heroine in a TV play!

“Mr . Xiao Luo, those people last night have been dealt with . ”  Ji Siying’s voice was very soft, and held a hint of secret .

Xiao Luo nodded and answered, “Thank you . ”  After looking at the time, it was already 8:30 A . M . He needed to get to Shen Qingyan’s Huayao Group before 9:00 A . M . It was something that couldn’t be helped since that woman, Su Li, forced his hand .

“I have something to do, so I’ll go first . ”

At this point, he made to get in the car to leave .

“Mr . Xiao Luo …” Ji Siying stopped him .

“What’s the matter?”

Xiao Luo stopped and looked back at her .

Ji Siying’s eyes shifted and hesitated . After a long pause, she looked up at Xiao Luo and said, “Mr Xiao Luo, can you please stop killing people at will in the future?”

Xiao Luo was stunned, he asked, “Is that their order?”

“No . ”

Ji Siying shook her head, and bit her lips, “It’s … It’s myself …”

Killing people was always not recommended . She knew very well that she had developed feelings for this man . So she didn’t want him to be a devil who could kill people so easily .

Xiao Luo looked at her quietly . After a long time, he then smiled gently, “I will try my best!”

After saying this, he got in the car and drove off in the black SUV .



At about 8:50 A . M, he arrived at the interview place of Huayao group .

Xiao Luo sat in the lounge waiting for his turn . In addition to him, there were also other prospective employees, about seven or eight people in the lounge . They were all dressed very appropriately in western suits, trousers and ties, giving people a feeling of considerable confidence . It was only him that was wearing casual clothes, which was out of place in the current setting .

Of course, he did it on purpose . He didn’t want the job, so he did his best to be the worst . He needed to be as worse as he could be so that the interviewer would just kick him out .

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It may be because they were competitors, but everyone was measuring the other person .   No one said a word .

The interview time was set at 9 o’clock .   So, definitely, the company’s interview would absolutely start on time . The eight people ahead of him were half an hour ahead of schedule, and Xiao Luo should be the one who was last to arrive .

Suddenly, the glass door was pulled open with a crash .

The people waiting for the interview were startled enough to jump out of their seats . They subconsciously straightened their backs . A man with a round figure, a plump face and no neck came in . His hair was combed and parted in the middle, and his straight suit made him look like an office Buddha . He was holding a briefcase in his right hand and walked leisurely towards the main room .

Xiao Luo was shocked, because this guy was none other than Guan Tong, an old classmate of his who had been studying for eight years but still attended university . This guy also came for an interview?

After glancing at the crowd, Guan Tong also saw Xiao Luo, but he didn’t come and say hello . On the contrary, he gave Xiao Luo an extremely incomprehensible look, as if to say: Don’t talk to me!

Then he cleared his throat and said simply and succinctly, “Good morning, everyone . I’m the manager, Guan Tong . Many of you will hate me because I am today’s interviewer . ”


Xiao Luo was stunned and confused, countless doubts emerged in his mind . Why was it that all of a sudden, Guan Tong was the interviewer from Huayao Group?

He wanted to find out these things very much, but Guan Tong’s eyes just made him abruptly put these problems at the back of mind at the moment, and sat up .

Hearing this, the rest of the interviewees put on their most friendly smile and nodded in greeting .

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“In my opinion, there is only one rule: Those who pass the interview will stay, and those who fail… Sorry, I will ask you to leave immediately . ”

Guan Tong was unsmiling and was very serious . He sat down and pointed to a man sitting on the far left . “Starting with you, let’s briefly introduce ourselves . ”

The man stood up and said with mirth, “Hello, Mr . Guan Tong . My name is Shao Cailiang . I graduated from Ninghe University with a master’s degree …”


Before Shao Cailiang’s self-introduction was finished, Guan Tong waved his hand rudely and interrupted, “What we want in Huayao group is not people with high academic qualifications, but people who can really do things . As soon as you came up, you immediately informed me of your degree . Obviously, this is your proudest thing, and it is also the capital you can get the most out of . So, you can go . ”

“Mr . Guan Tong, I …”

Shao Cailiang was shocked and thought to himself: I have never seen such an interviewer before .

Guan Tong interrupted again with a wave of his hand . “Don’t say I didn’t give you a chance . It’s 3,500 a month . Will you do it or not?”

Three thousand five hundred?!

Shao Cailiang immediately said nothing and turned to leave . The newly graduated master’s degree student absolutely won’t accept 3500 for a month . He could not accept this kind of salary .


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Tong leaned his back against the chair . His heavy-weight made the chair creaked, as if it would fall apart at any time because it could not support him .

“Good Morning Mr . Interviewer . ”

The second was a woman with a graceful figure, delicate facial features .   A flattering smile was on her face . “My name is Qin Qiaoli . I have four years of work experience and can get started quickly . I hope the interviewer will give me a chance . ”

“I’m sorry, I really can’t give you the chance . ”  Guan Tong’s eyes were fixed on the woman’s thigh in silk stockings . His small eyes were rather obscene .


Qin Qiaoli was in a trance . Many companies needed to recruit people with work experience, didn’t they? With four years of sales experience under her belt, she was definitely considered a veteran in this field . Why didn’t he accept her? She needed a reasonable explanation .

Guan Tong said slowly, “Four years of work experience, your thinking has been fixed by your original company . Enterprises, especially large enterprises such as our Huayao Group, have a deep corporate culture . Your work experience makes your thinking different from ours and is bound to lead to corporate culture conflicts . So I’m sorry, please find another job…”

Qin Qiaoli was speechless, but she was arrogant, at least she thought she had the capital to be arrogant . So she turned to leave with a light snort . Before she left, she did not forget to scold Guan Tong, “You can’t write but sh*t . ”

Guan Tong was unmoved and played with his signature pen with ease .

The rest of the people were uneasy . They did not want top students and they also didn’t want work experience, then what kind of talent was Huayao group looking to hire?

However, Xiao Luo frowned and looked at Guan Ton, who was sitting in his chair, like a king sitting in his ‘throne’ .   He was surprised, and thought to himself: Is this guy really an interviewer of Huayao group?

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